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Video review of the trip in Khao Sok (Khao Sok) Cheo Lan Lake (Cheow Lan). See moreThailand videos on our website

Khao Sok National Park (Khao Sok), one of the largest national parks in Thailand with an area of ​​739 square. km., is located on the isthmus that separates the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.

Distance Khao Sok to the nearest point of the Andaman coast of Takua Pa, approximately 50 km to the nearest point of the Gulf of Thailand, Surat Thani -. approximately 120 km. Distance from Khao Sok to Khao Lak and Phuket is 80 km. and 160 km., distance to Krabi (Krabi Town) ~ 180 km.

The most famous and the most unusual attraction Khao Sok is a mountain lake Cheow Lan, A place of extraordinary beauty and dazzling. No less impressive are other attractions Khao Sok: strange and bizarre karst cliffs, intricate caves, extensive bamboo forests, vast 50-meter trees, and, of course, the mountain rivers with numerous creeks, rapids and waterfalls.

Videos Khao Sok (Khao Sok) lake Cheo Lan (Cheow Lan)

The best beaches of Phuket

The beaches of Phuket Beaches Phuket - Review of Phuket's beaches. On the island of Phuket many great beaches and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Every tourist can choose the beach that meets his requirements and wishes. Since the rest of the island mostly beach, on the correct choice will depend on the overall impression of the whole holiday. Here are ... Details

Car Rentals in Phuket - Car Rental in Thailand

Every tourist, goes to Thailand, should know about the features of car rental in Phuket (Car Rentals in Phuket - Car Rental in Thailand) In this country: the necessary documents, cost, traffic, insurance, the amount of tax for the use of roads and the companies involved in this activity. We offer a wide range of Car rental on the island of Phuket. Full insurance when renting a car in Phuket. Just rent motorbike in Phuket! PRICES in our SITE !!!!

The cost of car rental in Phuket

Rental atomobtlya Phuket

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Car Rentals in Phuket

You can select and pre-book a car you like on our website. Park of our company cars includes models such as: Toyota Vios, Toyota Yaris, Toyota Camry, Toyota Fortuner, Honda City, Honda Jazz, Honda Civic, Honda Inspire


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Also, there are some models of brands Chevrolet, Ford и Nissan.

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Car brandApril 1 - 31 OctoberNovember 1 - 19 December; March 1 - 31 MarchDecember 20 - 28 February
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Vios 201280070055012001000750150014001000
Vios 2013100080060013001100800160015001100
  • Deposit at car rental in Phuket - By rented car is 10 000 baht.
  • Car Rental in Phuket - Machines have insurance Buisness class.
  • Possible delivery to the client when car rental in Phuket, The cost of services is 500 baht.
  • For reservations cars in Phuket in the period from December to March prepayment of 50%.
  • Clients hiring the Andaman Villa, A discount on car rental in Phuket.


Rent a bike in Phuket

Bike Honda PCX 150, black and red color

  • Low season - 250 Baht / night
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 Our companycan rent a car, car, bike, bicycle. We provide Only new bikes for our customers. The price of bicycle rental in Phuket It depends on the bike model and the lease term. Specify the details of our online operators.

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Prices for rental cars in Phuket - Our company has a policy of low prices, if you manage to find cheaper car, report it to our operators and get an additional discount.

car rental in Phuket



Phones in Thailand:

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Traveling across Thailand on foot threatens with deprivation of pleasure of survey of set of the most interesting places and attachment only to one resort. Renting a bike or a car during the rest can travel around the country, visit Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, a lot of provinces and protected parks. Moving on a rented car will be much cheaper in comparison with taxi services. For free movement around the country and getting a full rest you can hire a car with a driver. Usually the staff of large rental firms, at least on a conversational level, but still knows Russian. A variety of cars and bikes offered by landlords will please connoisseurs of "mechanics" and amateurs of automatic box.

Rent a car like Chevrolet Aveo will cost about 1000 baht per day. The cost of jeeps and cars of higher class - more expensive. Motobike, depending on the model, can be rented for a minimum of 100 baht per day. At the rate of Baht 1 almost equal to the ruble, allowing the currency to consider convenient. Remember that you can always bargain and save a little.

Documents and insurance at car rental in Phuket

You can make a reservation of the car by staying at home on the Internet, or directly at the airport to contact the rental company, or upon arrival at the hotel. You can also use the car rental service during your holiday, by contacting any company. However, for security reasons it is advisable to give preference to firms that are recommended by a guide or former travelers. At registration of hire the presence of the international passport, driver's license with a category In (international), medical insurance and photocopies of these documents is required. There are situations that tourists are asked to pay by bank transfer and must leave a deposit, the amount of which varies within 1000-2000 baht. It will be returned after the delivery of the vehicle to the owners in the proper form. Before leaving the parking area, it is advisable to carefully inspect the car for scratches, since fraud in the tourist sphere is common, so a cat should not be bought in a sack. On the insurance against theft and other troubles, you should not save. In Thailand, the key rule of the road: a Thai is always right, and a foreigner is never. The police usually take the side of a compatriot when considering the causes of an accident.

Features car rental in Thailand - car rental in Phuket

Hire and Vehicle Rental in Thailand through our system on-line booking is a very simple procedure.

To rent a vehicle you need to have a driver's license, a credit card, a few cash (when you hire a vehicle you often take a cash deposit) and international insurance. You should not choose the cheapest car, because their technical condition will not stand any criticism. The cost of fuel in Thailand is insignificant. To drive a car in the unimaginable chaos of Bangkok streets, one must acquire incredible patience, experience and gift to see in the dark, because at night the streets are not illuminated. The movement in Thailand is left-handed, besides it provides for compliance with some ultramodern rules that have to be met. Extreme caution - the main requirement when driving a car in this country, because in the event of an accident all the blame for it falls on the tourist. The total length of motorways in Thailand is 180,053

Our company you can rent Cars

Toyota Altis - Car Review Toyota Altis

Toyota Altis / Toyota Altis

Toyota Altis (Toyota Altis) - version of the popular model Toyota Corolla for the market of Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia. In fact, Toyota Altis is almost a complete copy of the "Corolla", with the exception of some minor changes. Toyota Altis belongs to class C. The model debuted at the end of 2007 year in the Asian market, while its analogue Corolla (10-th generation) appeared a little earlier - in 2006 year. The car has a conservative appearance. The model resembles a smaller copy of the Toyota Camry sedan. On such a wide popularity of Toyota Altis, as well as the "Corollas", influenced by many factors: affordable price, modern appearance, excellent driving performance, reliability and comfort. The model is offered with a wide range of options: climate control, stereo system, electric windows, mirrors and many other equipment. According to the results of the crash tests, Toyota Altis received 5 stars, which is a high result in terms of safety.
Toyota Altis is offered to customers in versions with 1.6-liter, 124-horsepower gasoline engine Dual VVT-i. You can choose from 5-speed manual or 4-step "automatic". Toyota Altis - the car in which carefully considered all the details. The model was able to combine the most valuable qualities of a modern car: the design of high-tech, stylish design and comfort
Engine: 1600 CC.
Korbka Transmission: Automatic, CVT, mechanical.
Color: orange, white, gray, black.
Drive: Front.
Year: 2015.
Audio: CD, USB, AUX, MP3, DVD.
Length-3980 mm;
width-1695 mm;
height -1475 mm;
wheelbase-2510 mm;
ground clearance - 155 mm.

Honda HRV - Car Review Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V / Honda HSBC Ayr Wee. In 2015, the HR-V model debuted, combining incompatible characteristics: an off-road and comfortable car. Externally, the new Honda HR-V (2015-2016) almost completely repeats the design of the Japanese Vezel, and the latter, in turn, came from a prototype Urban SUV, first shown to the public at the beginning of the 2013 at the Auto Show in Detroit. A distinctive feature of the Honda HR-V 2 generation is a complex grille, raised side walls, sloping roof and hidden in the racks of the rear door handles. The overall length of the SUV is 4 295 mm, and the width and height data are not specified. In the design of the exterior everywhere there are elements that I want to draw attention to. This is the original performance of the front of the body, and strong fenders, and the "sharp" line of the side windows. The car is produced in the front-drive version. Equipped with an 5-speed manual transmission or a Honda branded transmission called the Multi Matic S. The HR-V is equipped with an 2-type engine of the LEV series: 1.8-liter in-line 4-cylinder, 16-valve SOHC and 1.8-liter in-line 4-cylinder, 16 Valve DOHC VTEC. According to its driving characteristics, this very stylish and fashionable car is close to sporty. Even if you skillfully use the 5-speed manual transmission on the most inexpensive front-wheel drive modification, you can achieve a movement similar to the movement of a front-wheel-drive sports car.
Engine: 1800 CC.
Korbka Transmission: Automatic, CVT, mechanical.
Color: White, gray, black.
Drive: Front.
Year: 2015.
Audio: CD, USB, AUX, MP3, DVD.
Length - 4.295 meters;
Width - 1.770 meters;
Height - 1.605 Meir;
The length of the wheelbase - 2.610 meters;
Min. turning radius - 5.3 meters

Mazda 3 sedan - Car Review Mazda 3 Sedan

Mazda 3 Sedan / Sedan Mazda 3.A week after the official premiere of the Mazda 3 hatchback, photos of the sedan Mazda 3 appeared on the network. Both models are made within the overall concept of the new Mazda design. Sedan Mazda 3 2013 model year is a successful continuation of the 3-series Mazda. The car has acquired a strong and bold sporty style. Narrow headlights of a head light in pair with the big chromeplated lattice of a radiator create a unique and recognizable image. The body lines of the Mazda 3 Sedan form a bright athletic silhouette. The car has excellent aerodynamics: the coefficient of aerodynamic resistance of the sedan is 0,258, whereas in the hatchback this figure is slightly higher - 0.275.
The interior of the new Mazda 3 Sedan III generation stands comfort and attention to detail. The center console has a comfortable layout, and 7-inch touch screen display perfectly emphasizes the functionality of the interior. Volume Mazda 3 Sedan luggage compartment is 408 l that 22 liters less than the previous generation. Gamma powertrain sedan borrowed from the hatchback: 1.5 liter Skyactiv-G (120 hp), 1.6 l (104 hp) and 2.0 (150 hp).

Mazda CX 5 - Car Review Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5 / Mazda TSX-5 -2011 autumn at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Mazda has introduced a new compact crossover - Mazda CX-5. The prototype of this model was shown in the spring of the same year at the Geneva Motor Show under the name Mazda Minagi. Crossover CX-5 took most compact niche among the "big brothers" in the line of CX: CX-7 models and CX-9. The car has received a stylish exterior, designed in the spirit of corporate companies. The design concept of «KODO - Soul of Motion" gives the new product even more expressive and dynamic, and several color versions available underline individuality.
On the Russian market, Mazda CX-5 crossover is available in several versions, is equipped with petrol power unit capacity 2.0 l. A choice is offered as a "machine", and manual transmission. Somewhat later we joined the line of motors two modifications: 2.2 D (175 hp) and 2.5 (192 hp). SKYACTIV technologies provide excellent driving dynamics and efficient fuel consumption. In 2015 the Japanese company has brought to Russia restyled CX-5. Crossover combines precise handling, comfort, safety and high environmental protection performance.
Engine: 2000, 2500 CC.
Korbka Transmission: Automatic, CVT ,.
Color: White, gray, black, blue.
Drive: Front, 4WD.
Year: 2015.
Audio: CD, USB, AUX, MP3, DVD.
4540 mm in length;
1840 mm width:
1705 mm height.
All this, while clearance in 210 mm wheelbase mm in 2700, says the classic compact crossover.

Toyota Camry - Car Review Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry / Toyota Camry.Toyota Camry seventh generation can be called the most anticipated model 2011 year. The world premiere of the new "Camry" took place 23 August 2011 year. Sedan received a new, more expressive and solid design, as well as a spacious interior and a wide range of on-board equipment. The Toyota Camry is equipped with modern active and passive safety systems. The sedan is equipped with nine airbags, including side airbags for the rear seats, adaptive headlights (AFS), a parking aid and a rear-view camera. Luxury salon of the new "Camry" has excellent noise insulation, which was achieved due to the fine acoustic tuning, as well as complex measures of the company's engineers to combat vibration and noise. Increased comfort in the car for passengers in the rear row provide climate control with a unique air purification system, adjustable sun blinds, sound quality JBL speaker system.
In the Russian market, the new Toyota Camry is offered with one of two power units: 4-cylinder in-line, 2.5 l and 6-cylinder, V-shaped, 3.5 l. A bit later a modification was presented with a more economical 2-liter petrol engine. There is only an automatic transmission with the possibility of manual gear shift. The steering wheel is equipped with an EPS electric booster, which makes driving even lighter and more sensitive. 1 November 2014 year, Russian customers have access to an upgraded version of the popular business sedan. Toyota Camry 2015 model year has acquired an updated design, as well as a number of useful options.

Honda Jazz - Car Review Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz / Honda Jazz -Honda Jazz - a stylish hatchback from the company Honda, whose debut took place in 2011 year at the Geneva Motor Show. In the history of production, the Jazz model has managed to win about 30-European awards. Honda Jazz is a worthy competitor to the rest of the compact car segment. The hatchback has an elegant body made in the style of "cab forward", or in translation "a cab shifted to the front of the body". This part, as well as a large area of ​​the glazing body provide excellent visibility from the interior of the car. The body structure, engineered by Honda engineers for advanced technology, provides a high level of safety in an accident. The new model Honda Jazz finalized the transmission, resulting in improved performance and dynamics of the car.
The updated Honda Jazz is equipped with a strong-100, 4-cylinder power unit. There are two versions, which differ in the type of transmissions: manual transmission and a continuously variable transmission (CVT). In December 2009, the Honda Jazz has won the title of "Car of the Decade in Japan" in the competition "Car of the Year." Russian buyers of Honda Jazz has not officially offered.

Toyota Hilux Revo - Toyota Vigo - Car Review Toyota Hilux Revo

NEW VEHICLE TOYOTA HILUX REVO.The machine is able to overcome difficulties on rough terrain, and the interior is comfortable and comfortable. Toyota Hilux Revo has a diesel engine family GD, which has a volume of 2,4 liters and power 162 hp. The engine with a six-speed automatic transmission. A larger engine with a volume of 2,8 liters develops power up to 179 hp. Buyers will also be offered a sample with an 2,7 liter gas engine. In the teaser, a new grille is shown, the front bumper is changed, new xenon headlights with headlights on the LED-elements. Inside Toyota Hilux has placed a new central panel with a widescreen display with a touchscreen, a dashboard has been changed, and the steering wheel has been modernized. The cost of the new Toyota Hilux Revo from 585,000 to 1,139,000 baht.

Toyota Vios - Toyota Vios car review

Toyota Vios / Toyota ODSs.25 March 2013 year in Bangkok, the official presentation of the new generation of Toyota Vios. This compact budget-class sedan is designed specifically for the markets of developing countries in Thailand and southeast Asia. The car is built on a platform B-class company Toyota, which is successfully used by models such as Corolla Axio and Vitz. In terms of size, the new Toyota Vios turned out to be a bit bigger than the previous generation. The car has a nice design, made in the company's corporate style. The interior has acquired a more traditional and somewhat more rigorous design - the dashboard is now moved to its familiar place.
For Toyota Vios proposed time-tested and reliable enough gasoline engine series 1NZ-FE, volume 1.5 l. Two options are available transmissions - a classic 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic. You can choose from several options for complete sets. Audio system with four speakers and MP3 included in the basic equipment Toyota Vios, as well as two airbags and ABS with brake assist. The price for the base model Toyota Vios in Thailand as of year is 2013 559000 baht (about 590 thousand. Rub.). The top version is estimated at 734 thousand. Baht.

Review Mazda 3 Hatchback - Car Review Mazda 3

Mazda 3 / 3 Mazda.26 June 2013, Mazda held a presentation of the third-generation Mazda 3 Hatchback in several cities around the world: London, Melbourne, New York, Istanbul and St. Petersburg. "Three" 2013-th model year has acquired a new design, executed in the spirit of Mazda 6 and Mazda CX-5 (concept Kodo). Looking at the body line of the new Mazda and its sporty silhouette, we can say that this model has radically changed in everything. The novelty has acquired insignificant changes in dimensions, in comparison with its predecessor. The wheelbase has grown the most - by 60 mm. In the interior of the new Mazda 3 appeared multi-functional touch screen. In addition, for hatchback, the option of reading SMS and MMS messages when connecting a smartphone is optionally offered.
Home sales model in the fall took place in the Russian market 2013 years. The basic version of the Mazda model year 3 2013 1.6 offered with-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 104 hp modifications are also available on the HP 120 (Skyactiv-G engine) and 150 hp "Top" version with a strong 150-2-liter engine is equipped with a brake energy recovery system, i-ELOOP. For Mazda 3 provided 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission.

Toyota Yaris - Car Review Toyota Yaris

Toyota Corolla / Toyota Corolla.In July 2013 year launched the official Russian sales of Toyota Yaris XI generation. World premiere of new items was held a month ago in Santa Monica (USA, California). The design is made in the style of Furia concept car, shown in Detroit. In addition, the sedan Toyota Yaris has increased in size - the European version on 75 mm longer and wider than its predecessor 15 mm. By increasing the wheelbase, passengers will appreciate the Toyota Yaris beneficial amount of free space in the back row. The interior of the sedan has changed quite seriously, although, as before, is sustained in quiet style.
For Russian buyers Toyota Yaris is available in a wide range of trim levels. The basic version is equipped with 99-strong engine, the volume of 1.2 l. The most affordable equipment includes driver and passenger airbags, ABS, EBD, EBA, HHC, LED daylight, electric front windows and mirrors, heated mirrors and front seats, air conditioning, CD player, alarm. The top version in the Prestige Plus package with the 1.8-liter 140-strong engine is completed with ESP and ASR systems, alloy wheels, fog lamps, keyless entry system, parking sensors, 2-zone climate control and leather upholstery, as well as a full electropackage.

Nissan Juke - Car Review Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke / Nissan Beetle. Nissan Juke - a compact crossover, which premiered at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2010. "Beetle" is built on the basis of the concept Quazana, shown to the public in 2009 year. The car is produced at two factories of Nissan Motors: in England (Sunderland) and Japan (Oppama). Nissan Juke has a drive either to the front wheels, or is equipped with the latest development of the leading engineers of Nissan company - the electronic all-drive system All-Mode4x4-I, which allows to regulate the vector of thrust. If necessary, this system distributes the torque between the axles. Suspension at the Juke in front - Macpherson, from behind on more budgetary versions install a torsion bar. The all-wheel-drive Nissan Juke uses a multi-link suspension type.
In 2014 was presented restyling Nissan Juke. Crossover acquired adjust the bumper, radiator grille and optics. For the car is offered several variations 1.6-liter powertrains: 94 hp, hp 117, 190 hp Nissan Juke comes with a manual gearbox or a CVT. Crossover has a good basic equipment, which are available options like LED running lights audio system, heated front seats. As optional equipment offered climate and cruise control, a multimedia system with a color display.

Video Review MG6 - MG 6 - Car Review MG 6 2015 - 2016

Car Review MG 6 - MG 6 / 6 mJ

MG 6 (mJ 6) - a stylish novelty from Chinese engineers, whose debut was held in 2009-th year. The brand MG for the time of its existence was able to win a name. But in 2005, MG survived bankruptcy. Thanks to the investors from the DPRK - Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, the brand was successfully revived. The MG 6 is a striking example. The exterior of the model has a dynamic and unsurpassed style. The exterior of the MG 6 stands out with sweeping body lines and small overhangs. The interior is made in a sporty style. The three-spoke, multifunction steering wheel is decorated with silver inserts and trimmed with perforated leather. The MG 6 instrument panel is optronic. In the basic configuration MG 6 is equipped with climate control, audio system, BC, electric package. In a more expensive version, the interior of the model is trimmed with high-quality leather, and the equipment is expanded.

6 1.8 equipped with the MG-liter engine capable of producing up to 160 hp Acceleration to 100 km / h is a 9.4. The choice presented 6-speed manual gearbox or 5-speed automatic transmission.

Rent a car Nissan X Trail 2015 2016 - A detailed review of Nissan X-Trail 3 generation

A new generation of Japanese can already be officially bought in 2015 year. This car is very popular all over the world and it's no wonder that new Nissan Trail after restyling attracts additional attention. Recently, in the automotive forums around the world, virtual battles dedicated to the updated exterior of Hreil do not stop - the appearance of the novelty has its fans and detractors who believe that the designers of the company simply copied Nissan Qashqai, turning the features of the off-road exterior X Trail T32 into a pop version of another well-known model. The reason for such changes was a large gap in time between the release of the third generation and its predecessor, the operation of which was actively conducted since 2007. The car is morally obsolete, and during this period the Japanese managed to develop a special corporate style, which must adhere to all the new models. The appearance of the updated model is really unusual, in comparison with the previous generation: the front part of Xxt-2015 2016 is decorated with stylish head lights with LED bezel located under the ribbed hood, the grille is decorated with a chrome insert with stylization under the letter "V", the front bumper has a rather complicated Form with harmonically arranged on the sides fog lights. Interestingly, the new Japanese looks and sideways: its features are clearly dedicated to the aerodynamic shape, the wheels of the car received a new design of wheel disks installed on tires of several sizes, and the doors, although compact in appearance, are nevertheless convenient enough for passengers to enter the Japanese crossover. The feed will please fans of modern technologies by the original design of parking lights, simultaneously located on the body and the boot lid of the updated model. Spoiler, rapids and roof rails add to the impetuousness of the car, while increasing its aerodynamic characteristics. Undoubtedly, the dimensions of the novelty for Russian buyers are very important, so we can not but tell them: the length of the updated Japanese is 4640 mm, the width is 1820 mm, the height is 1715 mm, the distance between the axles of the wheels is 2705 mm.

The engines of the new Extreme will have the following characteristics: diesel with a volume of 1.6 liters, an output of 130 horses and a torque of 320 Nm. The transmission is only a six-speed manual transmission. Acceleration to hundreds with the standard car weight (1580-1610 kg) is possible in 11.0 seconds. The maximum possible speed on the speedometer - 186 km / h, fuel consumption - up to 6.2 liters; the base gasoline engine has a volume of 2.0 liters, the power of 144 horsepower and the torque 200 Nm. This option is available both with mechanics, and with a six-step machine. Maximum speed - 183 km / h, fuel consumption - up to 11.2 liters, acceleration to 100 km / h is possible in 11.1 seconds; the main four-cylinder engine running on gasoline, has a volume of 2.5 liters, the power of 171 hp. and the torque 233 Nm. Gearbox - automatic transmission (CVT variator) and only four-wheel drive. The car is capable of accelerating to 100 km / h in 10.5 seconds, has a maximum speed of 190 km / h and fuel consumption of 11.3 liters of fuel.

Rental pickup Mitsubishi L200 2015 - 2016
Mitsubishi L200 - a very popular representative of the company's lineup. Statistics show that about 1,3 million. 4 generation of pickup trucks were sold around the world. The car is available in 150 countries.
Dimensions of the new Mitsubishi L200:
length - 5280 mm;
width - 1815 mm;
height - 1780 mm;
wheelbase - 3000 mm.
Clearance of Mitsubishi L200 2015 205 millimeters. Another interesting point is the value of the cargo compartment:

length - 1520 mm;
width - 1470 mm;
height sides - 475 mm.
Specifications Mitsubishi L200 in a new body (2015-2016) are based on the fourth generation of a pickup - Available frame design, front independent suspension with double wishbones (suspended on springs and shock absorbers), the rear axle suspension with beam axle (suspended on springs) , power steering, front disc and rear drum brakes. But ... suspension pickup has become more smooth and comfortable, steering more informative (the steering wheel is now doing 3,7 turns from lock to lock).
For sure the movement of a pickup on the road two options-wheel-drive transmission - Easy-Select 4WD and Super Select 4WD.
In Russia, the Japanese Mitsubishi pickup L200 come with the new turbo-diesel (engine model 4N15) is 2,4-liter Mivec (181 430 hp Nm) that can be paired with a manual transmission or 6 5 automatic transmission. Japanese motorists have assured that the new engine is quieter and a whopping 20% and more economical 2,5-liter brother (model 4D56).
Depending on the commodity market under the hood of the new generation Mitsubishi L200 can also be set on the fourth generation of the familiar model of engines: naturally aspirated petrol 2,4-liter (128 194 Nm hp) and turbocharged diesel 2,5-liter (178 400 hp Nm).

Rent a car Ford Ranger 2015-2016 years

Overview Ford Ranger 2015 years will be interesting to fans of large SUVs and pickups. This is a typical American car, which is endowed with unmatched capabilities for fast off-road terrain. In America, the Ranger was named the best pickup 2013 years. That is why we decided to make a detailed review, which will tell about all the details.
The car was created on a strong frame that retains its position even under heavy load. The front axle is now using an independent lever suspension. The highlight of the review, the Ford Ranger 2016 will check engine range. It offers a choice of engine options 3.

The first acts of diesel engines to 2,2 liter capacity in 150 hp
His fellow is a diesel unit at 3,2 liter capacity on 300 hp
And finally, the petrol variant on 2,5 liter capacity on 166 horses.
You can choose from mechanics on 5 speeds, which comes bundled only with the gasoline version of the engine.
Also available is a manual gearbox on 6 speeds.
Automatic Gearbox presented at 5 gear.
At Ford Ranger 2015 specifications are impressive. He is able to pull loads of up to 8 tons. Those who need a secure and strong pick-up - can easily acquire such iron friend. Naturally Ford Ranger 2015 feedback is positive. Tom contributed:

new design;
a new line of engines;
interior design;
new options;
comfort of the ride.

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Spa in Phuket

SPA-industry in Phuket - a harmonious combination of ancient techniques and modern science. In the salons and spas of the island you will fully enjoy the high level of service, warmth and hospitality will feel respected and honored guest. It offers: a modern high quality equipment and experienced professional instructors, beauticians and masseurs, the unique program of recovery ... Details


Thailand (in Thai. - ประเทศไทย) Relief of Thailand. Regions of Thailand. Climate conditions of Thailand. The population of Thailand. Religion in Thailand. Culture of Thailand. Thailand (in Thai. - ประเทศไทย). Also known as the Kingdom of Thailand (in Thai - ราช อาณาจักร ไทย [râ: tɕʰa ʔa: na: tɕɑk tʰɑj]) and Siam (before 1939 year) - a state located in Southeast Asia, the northern part of the peninsula of Malacca, the western part of the peninsula Indochina. The eastern part of Thailand is adjacent to the territory of Laos and Cambodia, the southern part - with Malaysia, the western part - with Myanmar. The very name of the state (from the Thai word "thai" (ไทย) - "freedom")

Trips to Thailand

Trips to Thailand. Route: Bangkok - Koh Phi Phi - Phuket. So, the journey begins with Bangkok. Arriving here, you can not miss this opportunity, as a visit to Safari World. What is there so wonderful? First, it is worth noting the work of landscape designers and specialists who designed this marvel. Everywhere huge amount of lush greenery and has a pond, and the territory of the park ... Details

Farang - an insult or not?

Farang - an insult or not? Arriving in a foreign country on holiday and not knowing its language, sometimes you can get into a ridiculous situation. And it is not always clear, and therefore, it would seem insulting. Farang. For example, the word "farang" (or Thai pronunciation "Farang") is often perceived by people is inadequate, well, it is clear that in other countries is ... Details

Excursions in Phuket

Excursions in Phuket: Excursions offers in Phuket. A complete overview of tours in Phuket: What, where and at what? Excursions in Phuket can be divided into 2 type: Boat tours, land and evening excursions. Phuket is famous for its perfect combination of beach and sightseeing holiday, so you can not only spend time on the beach under the rays of the golden ... Details

Top 10 the most amazing facts about Thailand

Top 10 the most amazing facts about Thailand. Thailand - an extraordinary country with its own, its specific characteristics, traditions and trappings. Let's get acquainted with top-10 facts about Thailand, which distinguish it from other countries. 1. Every nation since ancient times is the most distinctive feature - the national language. Worldwide, there are ... Details

Thais do not want to believe that tourists have no money

Thais do not want to believe that tourists have no money. Many experienced tourists notice an interesting fact, traveling to Thailand. Thai people would not believe that Russian tourists have no money. For some reason, many Russians are afraid to honestly say that there is no money, and often also try to show off and brag to their state, even if ... Details

Thai Songkran - New Year in a different way

Thai Songkran - New Year in a different way: Perhaps we all have the same idea of ​​the New Year's meeting with 31 1 December January: a glittering Christmas tree dressed, good old Santa Claus, gifts, chiming clock, the traditional speech of the president on the television screens. Well, and, preferably, the snow, but not always. Songkran Thai New Year -In Thailand ... Details

Signs, Superstition in Thailand

Signs, Superstition in Thailand The fact that the official religion of the Kingdom of Thailand is Buddhism, is known to every educated person. Almost all locals Buddhists. All significant events in the life of Thais (wedding, birth, funeral, birthdays, moving to a new house or apartment) is closely related to the Buddhist religious traditions and customs. Buddhism in the ... Details

Northern Thailand - Mesalong

Northern Thailand - mountains and tea plantations - Mesalong. About Thailand tell in great detail, but you can try to tell a different story Thailand. So we take a walk along the Northern Thailand, and in particular the little town Mesalong. Direction: North of Thailand. With Bass Station Pattaya bus going in the direction of Chiang Rai. The trip will cost 1500 baht ... Details

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