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  1. Vinnitsa81
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    Buses in Bangkok - the cheapest form of transport. There were thousands of routes, I did not see the maps (schemes) of their movement in Russian (they explained that the routes often change, depending on everything: the time of the year, holidays, weekends, etc.), used English. So the plus of the city bus is that it has its own band and in traffic jams it is almost not worth it. The buses themselves are different in color: green, red, orange, pink and others. It means green for suicide bombers - the economists (it drives fast, travel about 20 cents, not that there are no conditioners - the windows do not open). Reds and a couple of colors are the same for the service, only more people are transported and more prices in them are different. I still did not understand the meaning of a surcharge 5 cents to different colors. If you go not far away then you can sit down in them. But if over 10 minutes, then as residents of Ukraine we went in blue-yellow buses (or in orange or pink-white, which first came to this and sat down). There are air-conditioners, the price from kilometer 30 - 80 cents. Pink and white is the coolest in Bangkok, the passage 85 cents, all seats are sessile, televisions, headphones, it can be ordered for large groups.
    Metro there and replaces overhead trams (track and bridges 4-20 meters above the ground), if more than 3-4 stations go about 1 the price of the dollar (a travel day 4 bucks), it is mainly for Thais and those who live with him . But the subway is required to pass a couple of times, once in the first and the second in the last car, exclusively for sightseeing.

  2. Buses in Phuket
    12.06.2014 at 12:19

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