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Rental villas, apartments in Phuket

Rent a villa, apartment in Phuket. If you decide rent a villa or apartment in PhuketIf you do not want to villas for rent or apartments in Phuket turned into a stressful situation, please contact our specialists with any questions rental villas or apartments in Phuket.

Company Siam International It is the main company in the group SIAM INTERNATIONAL GROUP Company and carries a wide range of services in the territory of Thailand. The head office of SIAM INTERNATIONAL is located in Phuket and several branches in other cities of Thailand. All our employees are highly qualified and certificates of the established sample.

Ocnovnye areas of work our company:


The main feature of our company - an individual approach to each client, offering each client the maximum range of services. If we talk about rental property, There are several stages of work with the client.

Real estate for rent in SI Group - reliable and secure!

The first step is to form a clear request for rental property in Phuket (Link e), which must contain rental dates (Indicating the arrival time) property type (apartment, villa, hotel, Bungalow, house, room in Phuket), Number of beds, the estimated area of ​​residence or wishes to areas far from the beach, and indicate a real budget for rental housing. In addition, better to write in advance of the need for lease road transport in Phuket, The need for a transfer from the airport and the personal wishes to you necessary housing.
More experienced managers of our company will offer you a choice several options for real estate, Telling about the advantages of this or that object. You'll get real photo of property, description of the house, the location, the exact price and description of the area in which the object is selected.

After selecting the lease object our specialists will make contract rental property and bill you for payment. Usually Reservation property in Phuket a prepayment in the amount of 50 percent of the cost rentalThe second part is due on arrival or one month prior to arrival (depending on the property. It is important to remember that in most cases the check is carried out after 2 pm and check-out until 12 am, therefore leaving an application for rental property be sure to specify the date of arrival, time of arrival and your number flight).

Arrival and settlement. For your safety, a few days before departure, we offer you to arrange medical insurance (citizens traveling abroad) - perhaps this will help you save a large amount of money. To save your time and comfortable arrival to the villa we can send a car for you, our driver will meet you at the airport with a sign, help with luggage, if necessary bring it to the exchange office or shop, and most importantly safely and without unnecessary searches will take you to the necessary a place. When you arrive at the villa you will meet with our manager, inspect the whole house, sign a contract and inventory sheet, make an additional payment for renting a house and make a deposit for the security of property (this amount is returned to you before departure, after you pay all utilities. ). If necessary, you can ask our employee to go with you and show you where the shops, banks, good restaurants and the nearest beach are. Of course, if you pre-booked a car rental, he will wait for you around the house, dressed and clean.


Throughout your location on the island you will maintain your personal assistant. You can contact us with any questions: book tours, call the minibus, enjoy a massage, you can even book a tour by helicopter or boat hire, VIP yacht or catamaran. We can arrange for you to train at the best factories, pharmacies and shops in Phuket, we tell you about all the attractions, beaches and nearby islands you can visit. We are ready to support you 24 7 hours a day days a week!

Departure from home. On the day before your departure we will meet with you and make all final calculations, check the meter readings, check the house and order a transfer. Before leaving our staff will escort you and return the security deposit. We are always happy to give our customers a memorable gifts and certificates coupon!

RENT A CAR in Phuket

Arriving on the island of Phuket, anyone eager to see and to try as much as possible. Beaches, museums, shopping malls, islands, national parks, waterfalls and lakes, sea fishing, diving, zoo, aquarium, restaurants - it's not the whole list of excursions and attractions that you can visit in Phuket.


Rent without intermediaries - we have our own car and motorcycle park!

Most of these places you can visit on your own, at the same time using a personal car, you will be able to well save money and get the most comfortable stay. At first glance, traffic in Thailand can seem chaotic and messy, but the Thais tidy drivers, so to drive a car in Phuket, it is easy and safe.

Almost all modern phones can use the mobile Internet and the use of maps with GPS in the phone enables you to find any place in Phuket or vice versa to return home. In other words, given the cost of the local taxi and tuk-Took, a car hire in Siam International is very effective and convenient way to travel. For your convenience, we can deliver the car in any point of the island and equip his child seat if necessary.

Rental motorbike in Phuket


Rent motorbike in SIAM INTERNATIONAL - is the fastest and cheapest way to travel around the island, you are not afraid of no traffic jams and you can always easily find a place in the parking lot! You will be able to visit shopping centers, clubs and all attractions, the main drive motorbikes carefully and wear special helmets. If suddenly it starts to rain, we advise you to wait it out in a cafe or shop, the rains here are usually short-term, and to manage the bike in the rain harder.

Finally, we note that a trip to the shopping mall Central Festival with Patong beachIt costs as motorbike rental for a week! The main part of our motorbikes up Honda PCX 150 CC, these powerful and safest motorbike easy to operate. If necessary, we will hold an introductory course in management and motorbike tell you about traffic management features in Phuket.


Many vacationers in Thailand often asked about Sea Fishing in Phuket Is an exciting experience that will not leave you indifferent. We offer our clients a comfortable fishing boat on which you installed special equipment for catching big tuna fish or a huge blue marlin; spidboty - best option to ride with the wind to nearby islands and, of course, a luxury yacht!


Private yacht for the day and the sea at your feet!

It can be a comfortable catamaran with a living room, kitchen and sleeping accommodation, where you can visit the various islands in the neighboring provinces or huge 72-tifutovaya motor yacht Princess, in which you can go to the many days journey, and even visit the neighboring countries! A luxury yacht is not inferior to the five-star hotel, a welcoming team will not let you get bored and will offer snorkeling, fishing, diving and many other entertainment. Of course, it's not cheap, but if you split the cost on 10 people, you get not expensive.

Helicopter flight IN THAILAND

Another interesting and exciting entertainment is helicopter flightWe offer a personal tour as a helicopter rent the whole helicopter in Phuket accommodates 6 people, not counting the pilot.


Such experiences not available anywhere else! Height is waiting for you!

You can deliver on the various islands in different provinces of Thailand, and, if desired, may even develop an individual route. A list of suggested tours and prices you can find by contacting our operators.


Tourism and excursions in Phuket

In our company SIAM INTERNATIONAL you can buy any tours of Phuket island and other provinces of Thailand, also buy tours to other countries in Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, etc.

Best tours for the best tourists!


Buying property in Thailand

If you like the Kingdom of Thailand, you will enjoy a vacation in Phuket, you want it profitable to invest and grow your money, buying property in Phuket - this is what you need.


Buy property in Phuket today - to provide themselves with the future!

According to the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand, any foreigner can buy property in an apartment in Thailand, it is necessary to comply with several conditions. For those who want to buy a villa or townhouse in Thailand, also provides long-term lease of land for a period of 90 years (three periods, each of which is 30 years with an option to renew). Of course, to buy a car in Thailand, motorbike or boat will have no difficulty.

Flexible and cost-effective only for us!

The simplest and quickest way to purchase real estate is to buy a finished apartment, preparing documents and arranging a contract will not take long. As for investment attractiveness, then, of course, buying apartments in condominiums under construction as close as possible to the beach is leading. First, the price of apartments on the design process is much lower, and while construction is going on you will be able to sell your apartment and earn on it. It should be noted that in Thailand, as a rule, put in operation apartments with plumbing, interior decoration, with furniture and a certain set of home appliances, it is very convenient and allows you to save your time and money.


Many foreign property owners in Phuket does not have the ability to reside in Thailand and to monitor their homes, so it is usually use the services of management companies and real estate agencies, Phuket. Finding a good control of your estate is not an easy task, which is why our company offers its services to Phuket your property management.


Our concern and your income - leave all the work to us!

We meet, settle and escort clients, make any settlements with customers, keep a pledge for the safety of property, and check that after customers your house remains in the same condition, we clean and care for your housing, if necessary, we can provide customers with the necessary household equipment, bed and other household items. If the customers have damaged something, we agree with you on ways of reimbursement (purchase of a new replacement instead of a lost one or a monetary equivalent compensation) and we take from the clients adequate payment for compensation of the damage caused. In this case, we always take a deposit for the safety of property. Another and perhaps the main advantage of cooperation with our company SIAM INTERNATIONAL is the regular flow of people who contact our company, this gives us the opportunity to find a large number of clients for owners, which directly affects your income from renting real estate in Phuket.

Summing up the results we can say that cooperation with SIAM INTERNATIONAL COMPANY will allow you to have a good rest in Phuket, To visit the nearby islands, scuba dive, ride on a yacht, fly a helicopter, in general, for an eventful vacation, see a lot of interesting things, go to the different provinces of Thailand, and even visit the neighboring countries.


We always have fun and warm!

If you want to buy real estate in Thailand, we offer a large selection of worthy options, we check all documents and help in carrying out a transaction for the purchase and sale of real estate. Any owner of property in Phuket can contact us for help in selling or managing his property. We will help holidaymakers find a good home at an adequate price, and the owners guarantee the safety of the property and a stable income. The approach of our company to a person as a person always remains unchanged and long-term work experience makes it possible to solve any problems, which in the end allows you to please and satisfy even the most demanding customers!

Please contact us and we will make you happy.

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