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  1. InnaS
    14.06.2014 at 21:24 Reply

    Indeed, a lot of useful information. Speaking honestly, I really do not know what to Phuket there public transportation! Something similar is seen, but neither stops nor unmarked me noticed. So always take rent a car and enjoy the ride. About Asian coaches told me about a friend who is traveling to Phuket year already. She said that this is the real trick for tourists and have to pay exorbitant prices, much more than if you take the same car or bike.
    But taxis are actually much more expensive than, for example, in Bangkok. On the other hand, we always went to a big company, so all together it turned out quite cheap and reasonably comfortable.
    With regard to traffic jams and skills of taxi drivers to go around them, I express some doubts. Someone knows how to do it, someone there, we kind of stood 40 minutes, almost motionless. And the taxi driver the other day so famously toured cork that I was afraid that would not get into an accident. It has done. Apparently, really experienced driver caught.

    1. Olga
      16.06.2014 at 20:28 Reply

      I agree with your remark about the high cost of taxis and tuk-tuk. But when renting vehicles for the purpose of free movement around the country with left-hand traffic and with a clear deficit of traffic signs - a very risky business. In money, of course, you win, but where is the guarantee that in such an unusual heat you will not lose vigilance and do something wrong. And here the fault is the one who is not a Thai. And of course traffic jams. Rent a car and stand in traffic jams is also not the best pastime. I can not comment on the statistics of accidents on the roads of Phuket. The third part of all accidents happens due to the fault of the fans of high-speed driving. It is understandable - the desire to fulfill the order more quickly and to take a new one is characteristic for all tourist zones. In particular, the tuk-tuk is not a safe transport, but this does not prevent the drivers from driving at a speed of 120 km / h. We tried to travel with local drivers and rented transport. When you get accustomed and understand what's what, then the rented transport is undoubtedly better. But there would be more companies that provide these services, conducted some sort of educational program on the subtleties of driving in this country ...

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  3. Alexander Nosov
    Alexander Nosov
    20.06.2014 at 21:06 Reply

    Excellent article, because I think the information described here will be very useful as a beginner and a tourist who has already visited Thailand several times. Also worth noting is the fact that the country of Thailand is the leader in Russian firms that offer car rental in the country's territories, and it is especially interesting that a rented car can be taken with or without a driver. However, you understand that the price for such rentals sometimes goes beyond the limits of human prices, and I do not think that you will agree to rent a car, in a country where road rules are very different from ours, and I think it will be difficult for every tourist to orientate on the streets as cities and trails, and the navigator does not always save, there are very difficult situations, and I tell you this as an experienced tourist. In my opinion, the most optimal is to take a card in your teeth and as best you can learn to navigate the streets of the city where you are going, or if you are allowed to borrow financially better cars with a driver, and it's profitable, and not lost.

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