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How to buy a car in Thailand

How to buy a car in Thailand. In this article we will explain how to buy a new car in Thailand. Buy a car in Thailand is as simple as to go to the grocery store. To purchase a new car in Thailand, you are sure to have the following documents: 1. Visa. Buying a car is possible if there is any visa, ... Details

Buy a car on credit

How to buy a car on credit in Thailand. In this article I will answer the question: How to Buy a car on credit in Thailand? The process of buying a car on credit in Thailand is very simple and will not take much of your time and effort. Before that, I wrote how to buy a new car in Thailand for a full ... Details

Medical Certificate

Medical Certificaute - Getting health certificates in Thailand. Medical Certificate FAQ are available at any clinic .. We went to Pattaya Hospital. The building plates with pointers in three languages: Thai, English and Russian. I have handed over the passport and waited until they fill a medical card. Then I was summoned to the first survey: measures the weight and ... Details

Resident Certificate

Getting Help Resident Certificate, confirming the place of residence in Thailand. Help needed in getting the immigration office, which is located on the street Jomtien, Soi Pattaya 5. To obtain it, you will be foreign passport, the lease of property, two photographs size 4 × 6, copies of passport and visa, a copy of the contract for rental housing. Photographs and photocopies can be ... Details

How to buy a bike in Thailand

How to buy a bike in Thailand. If you - a lover of motorcycles, the Thailand - a great place to ride them. But before you buy a bike in Thailand, you need to make sure that all the documents on a motorcycle decorated according to the rules of the local law. That you are not fined on the road, not only enough ... Details

Driving license in Thailand

How to get a driver's license in Thailand. It's no secret that the rules of the road can be interpreted in different ways. But always, in any situation with a need to have a driving license. Especially when it comes to crashes. In Thailand, this document must be Thai. We will answer the most common questions ... Details

Rules of the road in Thailand (SDA)

Thai traffic rules (SDA in Thailand) is not particularly different from the Russian. However, to be unprepared in this question, you can get into trouble. Therefore, you must remember a few simple rules to help you feel more confident in the Thai roads. 1. Traffic regulations in Thailand. Driving on the wrong side. In Thailand, as the ... Details

Buses in Phuket

Buses in Phuket. The fact that Phuket is absolutely no public transport - it is a myth. Buses in Phuket there :). And this myth spread to such an extent that the tourists who come to live here for a year, and only then learn about the availability of public transport on Phuket. Someone convinced that public transport is not here .... Details

Non machines in Thailand

Non machines in Thailand - over the rainbow! "Yellow pants! Twice "ku"! ". Estimated said so in the unforgettable film "Kin-Dza-Dza". Danelia, probably had no idea that this color differentiation can happen in reality, and find so bizarre forms. However, the way it is. Phuket is trying to be unique in the whole, unlike ... Details

Fines for traffic violations in Phuket

Fines for traffic violations in Phuket. The relaxed atmosphere of all the resort has an impact on all the people. And Phuket is no exception. Its wonderful landscape and a constant party atmosphere and makes relax and discard all unnecessary thoughts. But we all know that the driver is not on the road to relaxation. In Thailand, ... Details

Bike Phuket or find a problem! Bad advice!

Bike Phuket or find a problem! Most print media, tour operators and travel agents strongly recommend travelers to Thailand to avoid the motorcycle and bike rental in Phuket in avoiding trouble. But every time there are tourists who do not listen to this advice, so they often get into trouble. This causes great damage to life, ... Details

Thai numbers on cars and motorcycles

Thai numbers on cars and motorcycles. In order for this website did not become a boring, ordinary blog on the Review of restaurants in Phuket, I decided to dilute the new and exciting topics. Today I will tell you about Thai cars and motorcycles. Namely, for special decals Thai rooms. So Thai numbers on cars ... Details

Driving in Thailand

Rules of the road in Thailand. If you are going to relax for the first time in Thailand, I took a right on driving - had plans to rent a car. But my plans did not come true, because when I saw with my own eyes the local traffic, I realized - not worth the risk. Cars, mopeds, bicycles, people ... Details

Video Review Car 2015 - 2016

Video Car Review: Video Review Toyota Altis - Car Review Toyota Altis 2015 - 2016 Toyota Altis / Toyota Altis Toyota Altis (Toyota Altis) - version of the popular Toyota Corolla models for the market of Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia. In fact, Toyota Altis is almost a complete copy of "Corolla", except for some minor changes. Toyota ... Details

Thailand buses - Travel to Thailand by bus

Journey to Thailand by bus - Buses Thailand Thailand. Road transport between the cities of Thailand is very well represented by bus company "Bo Kho-Over," which is an acronym from the original Thai and authorized its name - The Transport Company Limited. It is noteworthy that the Thais have named this company public. Although, legally, "Bo Kho-So" - joint-stock company with a larger share ... Details

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