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Independent holiday in Bangkok

Independent holiday in Bangkok. Be careful! Independently travel around Bangkok Traveling independently according to Bangkok (. Exploring Bangkok attractions Bangkok transport, Bangkok hotels, etc.) Once having gone into the wedding tour in Thailand, we now go there every year. And even though we were in this beautiful country several times, but never ... Details

Video Chatuchak Market in Bangkok Weekend

Chatuchak Weekend Market: Video Review Chatuchak Market and Jatujak market; Thai ตลาด จตุจักร. Market Chatuchak Weekend or Jatujak; Thai ตลาด จตุจักร - one of the largest in the world markets the weekend covers an area 70 paradise (27 acres) broadly divided into 27 parts, contains more than 15000 booths selling goods from ... Details

Temple of Dawn

Temple of the Dawn Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn) Upon arrival in Bangkok should first buy a card of this wonderful city! Opening it, you will see that it noted a number of interesting places, and below are a footnote explaining that this place what it is interesting, its address and a description of how best to get there .... Details

Trips to Thailand

Trips to Thailand. Route: Bangkok - Koh Phi Phi - Phuket. So, the journey begins with Bangkok. Arriving here, you can not miss this opportunity, as a visit to Safari World. What is there so wonderful? First, it is worth noting the work of landscape designers and specialists who designed this marvel. Everywhere huge amount of lush greenery and has a pond, and the territory of the park ... Details

Floating market in Thailand - worth a look

Floating market in Thailand - worth seeing again, we'll tell you about the extraordinary country of Thailand, beautiful mysterious, with its own traditions and interesting places for tourists. One of them - floating markets. Such markets probably exist only in Thailand and visiting them will keep your memory for a lifetime. By the way, the capital of Thailand ... Details

Thailand Temples - 5 best known and most revered temples of Bangkok

Thailand Temples - 5 the most famous and revered temples of Bangkok: Wat Pho - Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Surely, you know that Thailand is popular not only because of its tropical nature, golden beaches and turquoise waters of the sea. Yet it is the real center of Buddhism, a place of pilgrimage for the faithful of Thai people and not only. Total in Thailand, you can ... Details

Nightlife in Bangkok

Nightlife in Bangkok: Uncontrollable nightlife of Bangkok. Bangkok's activity is not interrupted even for a moment, even at night. Daily energetic and bright nights of the capital allows it is considered one of the best places for night gatherings in the world. It really is a wonderful city. By saturation nightlife of Bangkok are not comparable to other cities. Night ... Details

Wat Arun

Wat Arun - Temple of Dawn - Wat Arun Sanctuary: Sanctuary Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn. The first time being in Bangkok, buy a map of the city. Once you deploy it, you will find everything you need. Absolutely all the important sights already applied to it, and designated picture. At the bottom of the card will be sure to footnotes ... Details

Tiger Temple in Bangkok

Tiger Temple in Bangkok: Welcome fans versatile and unique in Thailand! Perhaps we all love pet small animals and not only. Dogs, cats, hamsters ... What can you say about the larger fauna - tigers? Few people can remain indifferent to these animals. It is unlikely that we will see them often, so to speak, live. Most have ... Details

House-Museum of Jim Thompson House in Bangkok

Thailand - House Museum of Jim Thompson in Bangkok. House-Museum of Jim Thompson in Bangkok. Jim Thompson - an American with an interesting biography that came to Thailand for permanent residence after the Second World War. That the Thai silk industry has been revived thanks to him. For this he was awarded the Order of the White Elephant. In Bangkok today operates a house-museum of Jim Thompson, which are visited by visitors from different countries. House-Museum of Jim Thompson. The house-museum was established in the year 1959.

Hotels in Bangkok 5 stars

Bangkok hotels - Some of the best and most expensive hotels in Bangkok. Hotels 5 stars in Bangkok. Some of the best and most expensive hotels in Bangkok. Hotels 5 stars in Bangkok. Bangkok - Thailand's capital. The city is modern and beautiful, but almost without a past. Megapolis, which will immerse you in the present and show a lot of interesting places. The city is very dynamic and developed. Like every metropolis, Bangkok has a sufficient number of well-known luxury hotels, which are known throughout the world. The best hotels in Bangkok "five stars".


Thailand Bangkok Kumite, Kumite. Kumite returns: Night club «Insomnia» opened its doors again after returning to his kumite. Kumite - is a martial art with elements of the show. Bangkok gladly spends at such an interesting spectacle. Shortly before that were some legal nuances in the organization of competitions, and as soon as they have settled, kumite with different elements colorful show - again in Thailand, and many will be able to enjoy these types of martial arts. Of course, it is very important that it has returned to the stage sporting performances.

Bangkok - Bangkok transport

Bangkok metropolis is large enough, so the problem of displacement in Bangkok is acute, the same way as in other major cities of the world. Lives in Bangkok, a huge number of people -. About 10 million Once in Bangkok, you can get confused at first, because there are obvious difficulties about how to get to your destination. In order to transport the theme does not cause confusion arrived in Bangkok, written by this article.

I lost passport in Thailand. What to do?!

I lost passport in Thailand. What to do?! The worst thing that can happen to travelers in a foreign country - is lost (or stolen) passports. A loss of passport in Thailand - it is doubly unpleasant. And it is not because you find something irreparable. You do not kill, do not cripple and rape if ... Details

Northwest Thailand: Top-9 places

Northwest Thailand: Top-9 places. Tourists arriving in Thailand, often choose the north-eastern part of the seating. However, this is a very good reason, because in Isani region (which is just located in the north-west of Thailand) has many attractions to see who would be not only interesting, but also useful. Here are placed Khmer temples, preserved more ... Details

Wat Bang Phra - Temple magic tattoo in Thailand (Wat Bang Phra)

Wat Bang Phra - Temple magic tattoo in Thailand (Wat Bang Phra). A dream come true California native Jay-Pi Mestanzy. He was finally able to make a Thai tattoo Charm. It would seem that complicated to get a tattoo? They are made in a store. But not so easy as it seems at first glance. Here, ... Details

By car from Bangkok to Italy for 2 hours - Primo Posto!

By car from Bangkok to Italy for 2 hours - Primo Posto! National Park Khao Yai. The latter "simply" bored by Italian vineyards, Asian Tuscany, by some miracle wormed among the Thai jungle, another reality, not Asian or European, a bright pearl in the jungle of the ocean. It defeats the purpose of familiar concepts and understanding ... Details

tigers Temple

The temple of the tigers is morning. The cost of the program is 10 times more expensive - 5000 baht / person, duration - 3.5 hours (from 7: 30 to 11: 00). You can admire how tigers splash at the waterfall, take photographs, and also bring monks to breakfast for food. The main difference from the usual program (it also applies to the evening program) - small children will be denied entry. - Evening. The cost of this program is the lowest, but the duration of the program is the shortest - 45 minutes for 500 baht (from 16.00 to 16.45). Just like in the morning program, small children are not allowed. At this time you can see how the tigers are played.

Joe Louis Puppet Theatre

Puppet Theatre Joe Louis Children believe in magic and fairy tale, so the puppet theater - is a true celebration of children's soul, a symbol of childhood. Where else can you see the wonders and magic of transformation, when the dolls come alive and begin to talk, sing, and even dance. Dolls entice the viewer into the world of fairy tales, evoke sympathy in the soul ... Details

Bangkok and its surroundings: the Central Region of Thailand

Central Thailand region: Central states region Geographically Thailand is located in the west to the east of the western mountains bordering Burma to the plateau, located on the east; in the direction from north to south - to the area of ​​Nakhon Sawan, to the junction in one of the Chao Phraya River, Ping river, Nan and Yom. This river ... Details

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