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What you need to know when traveling in Thailand

Medical Certificate

Medical Certificaute - Getting health certificates in Thailand. Medical Certificate FAQ are available at any clinic .. We went to Pattaya Hospital. The building plates with pointers in three languages: Thai, English and Russian. I have handed over the passport and waited until they fill a medical card. Then I was summoned to the first survey: measures the weight and ... Details

Resident Certificate

Getting Help Resident Certificate, confirming the place of residence in Thailand. Help needed in getting the immigration office, which is located on the street Jomtien, Soi Pattaya 5. To obtain it, you will be foreign passport, the lease of property, two photographs size 4 × 6, copies of passport and visa, a copy of the contract for rental housing. Photographs and photocopies can be ... Details


Smile: What lies in the smiles of the Thai people, and why Thailand is called the Land of Smiles? Those who have at least once been in Thailand or at least read about this amazing country, aware that there is a magical tropical nature. But that is not all. The Kingdom of Thailand is still referred to as the Land of Smiles. Why is that? Let us examine together what ... Details

Farang - an insult or not?

Farang - an insult or not? Arriving in a foreign country on holiday and not knowing its language, sometimes you can get into a ridiculous situation. And it is not always clear, and therefore, it would seem insulting. Farang. For example, the word "farang" (or Thai pronunciation "Farang") is often perceived by people is inadequate, well, it is clear that in other countries is ... Details

Excursions in Phuket

Excursions in Phuket: Excursions offers in Phuket. A complete overview of tours in Phuket: What, where and at what? Excursions in Phuket can be divided into 2 type: Boat tours, land and evening excursions. Phuket is famous for its perfect combination of beach and sightseeing holiday, so you can not only spend time on the beach under the rays of the golden ... Details

Thais do not want to believe that tourists have no money

Thais do not want to believe that tourists have no money. Many experienced tourists notice an interesting fact, traveling to Thailand. Thai people would not believe that Russian tourists have no money. For some reason, many Russians are afraid to honestly say that there is no money, and often also try to show off and brag to their state, even if ... Details

Thai Songkran - New Year in a different way

Thai Songkran - New Year in a different way: Perhaps we all have the same idea of ​​the New Year's meeting with 31 1 December January: a glittering Christmas tree dressed, good old Santa Claus, gifts, chiming clock, the traditional speech of the president on the television screens. Well, and, preferably, the snow, but not always. Songkran Thai New Year -In Thailand ... Details

Signs, Superstition in Thailand

Signs, Superstition in Thailand The fact that the official religion of the Kingdom of Thailand is Buddhism, is known to every educated person. Almost all locals Buddhists. All significant events in the life of Thais (wedding, birth, funeral, birthdays, moving to a new house or apartment) is closely related to the Buddhist religious traditions and customs. Buddhism in the ... Details

Refund of VAT in Thailand

Preparation of VAT in Thailand for foreigners Return value added tax is very troublesome task, even in their native homeland. If you decide to change briefly home to the warm shores of the Gulf of Thailand, the information on the return of VAT is useful to you. It is also relevant if you indulge in the holiday shopping to the full extent. He bought gifts to relatives ... Details

Water in Thailand - clean drinking water in Thailand

Water in Thailand, Drinking Water in Thailand. Without clean water does not do any body. In hot climates, the doctors urged everyone to drink a half liters of clean water per day. Soup and compote thus not taken into account. Reviews about the state of the water in Thailand can be found on the network. Not to be ... Details

The ratio of Thai to tourists

The ratio of tourists to the Thai or Thai to foreigners. In many countries, to the Russian tourists are treated with suspicion. In recent years, more and more of our compatriots choose to relax exotic Thailand, and of course everyone wants to know how the locals to tourists. This is especially important for those who have decided to travel ... Details

Thailand or Russia - where to live?

Thailand or Russia - where better to live in Thailand or Russia? Where to live better - in Russian or Thailand? Many at least once in life arose the idea to change something in your life, try to bring it something new. Of course, everyone wants to make these changes had only a positive connotation, ... Details

Nightlife in Bangkok

Nightlife in Bangkok: Uncontrollable nightlife of Bangkok. Bangkok's activity is not interrupted even for a moment, even at night. Daily energetic and bright nights of the capital allows it is considered one of the best places for night gatherings in the world. It really is a wonderful city. By saturation nightlife of Bangkok are not comparable to other cities. Night ... Details

Independent holiday in Bangkok

Independent holiday in Bangkok. Be careful! Independently travel around Bangkok Traveling independently according to Bangkok (. Exploring Bangkok attractions Bangkok transport, Bangkok hotels, etc.) Once having gone into the wedding tour in Thailand, we now go there every year. And even though we were in this beautiful country several times, but never ... Details

Holiday in Thailand, the rules of a good holiday in Thailand

Thailand vacation, useful recommendations or rules of a good holiday in Thailand. Exactly 24: 00. Open Air. All surrounded by loud music, sound cheers, rumble fireworks. Near the sea, beach and palm trees. Location - Phuket. Here come the New Year. It is not necessarily the presence of snow in this fabulous day. Holiday in Thailand. Useful advice and ... Details

What can be done in Thailand, the Rules of Conduct in Thailand

What is prohibited in Thailand, the Rules of Conduct in Thailand. Few simple tips on what not to do in Thailand. By following these rules, you will not spoil your holiday superfluous problems and will not appear uncultured and uneducated savages in the eyes of Thais. Many of our countrymen and Europeans do not know the manners of the Thais, and some ... Details

When cheaper holiday in Thailand?

When cheaper holiday in Thailand? In Thailand, a lot of fans. Who has ever visited in Thailand, back to back, to once again enjoy this amazingly beautiful country. The thrill of the holiday I want to repeat again. However, any vacation requires money, and immediately the question arises: how to rest well and inexpensively? A question… Details

Where better to live in Thailand - Where better to work in Thailand

Where better to live in Thailand - Where better to work in Thailand. How to choose a resort for working and living in Thailand Thailand attracts each year in its hot embrace more and more people. Many of our compatriots choose this country for holidays and accommodation. Summer all year round, wonderful beaches, clean sea, ... Details

What currency to take to Thailand?

What currency to take to Thailand: euros, dollars or rubles? What currency to prefer, going to Thailand? People who fly there the first time, often puzzled by this question. Let's think about it. Is it better to take in Thailand: euros, dollars or rubles? 1. Rubles whether to take our home currency in Thailand? The answer is categorical: no ... Details

Permission for firearms in Thailand

Thailand - permit for a firearm in Thailand. Issuance of licenses for firearms for entering Thailand What a real man does not like guns. The need to protect yourself and loved ones can always occur. It is very important for Thailand, which is a five star hotel of the fence, there is still a third world country. The importance of carrying weapons for ... Details

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