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What to see in Phuket

What to see in Phuket

Attractions Phuket What to see in Phuket warm white sand and gentle blue sea - it is certainly nice, but sometimes you want to, and diversify your vacation. Below is a list of the main attractions of Phuket, which cost the attention of tourists. Many of them can be visited independently and free of charge. Do not succumb to the entreaties of the guides at the ... Details

Excursions in Phuket

Excursions in Phuket: Excursions offers in Phuket. A complete overview of tours in Phuket: What, where and at what? Excursions in Phuket can be divided into 2 type: Boat tours, land and evening excursions. Phuket is famous for its perfect combination of beach and sightseeing holiday, so you can not only spend time on the beach under the rays of the golden ... Details

Upside down house in Phuket - one day excursion

Upside down house in Phuket - a fabulous and original place! Upside down house was upside down. From the first minutes may give the impression that you are overheated in the sun, otherwise how could all pick up and roll over. Do not jump to conclusions! Look around and you will see that all people are the same way as you ... on the ceiling ... Details

Bungee Phuket. Bungee jump

Bungee Phuket. Bungee jump. Have you ever wondered what it is - to make a bungee jump ?! Bungee-jumping should be in everyone's life, so that you can safely delete it from the list of what we would like to do in life. Phuket - this is the most suitable place for the jump in reality! From the breathtaking feeling of free ... Details

What to see in Phuket

Phuket - what to see in Phuket. The most popular attractions Phuket - top-10. The list of attractions. Phuket is presented in random order for anyone not to impose a subjective opinion and give opportunity to distribute places in the ranking, based on personal preferences.

Bangla - Bangla Road Travel Guide

Bangla - Guide to Bangla Road Guide to Bangla Road (Bangla Road), Patong Beach, Phuket will not narrate a long time about how wonderful you can spend time on Phuket, but rather, on the street Bangla Road. Rather, the article focuses on advice and recommendations as to what constitutes this place and why, ... Details

Bangla Road - Bangla Road

Bangla Road, Bangla Road. Travel around Phuket. Bangla Road from A to Z Bangla Road, the main street or near Patong Beach, in Phuket it is a kind of adult entertainment center on the island. This is both Las Vegas and the red light district in Amsterdam. Many brought enthusiastic impression of Bangla Road, but each describes ... Details

Cashew nuts - cashew factory in Phuket

Cashew nuts - cashew factory in Phuket. All lovers of nuts will undoubtedly be interested in a fascinating excursion to one of the factories for processing cashew. Homeland of this nut is Brazil, but the cashew trees grow and in many other countries with a suitable (tropical) climates. And Thailand is no exception. Cashew Tree belong to the same family with pistachios and ... Details

Show in Phuket - Transvestite show

Show in Phuket. Transvestite show in Phuket. Phuket is famous not only beautiful beaches, but also an unusual show of transvestites. Transvestite Show in Phuket - it's evening performance. In the afternoon you can relax on the beach, go for shopping and after dark, to visit the show. Transvestite show in Phuket - it is a fascinating spectacle, which was ... Details

Excursion on the River Kwai

River Kwai - When planning a trip to Thailand, many tourists in advance designated places required to visit. Thus, in some lists falls famous River Kwai is located in Kanchanaburi province. Extreme travel on the River Kwai The famous this place? It is known that there is a book "The Bridge on the River Kwai", written by Pierre Boole. In her ... Details

Phi Phi Island, Phi Phi Islands hotels

So, it was listed three expensive hotel on the island of Phi Phi, for a holiday in which, indeed, no money you will not regret. Excellent unobtrusive service is combined with high cuisine in the performance of professional and talented chefs. Of course, you will definitely choose. There is no doubt that Thailand is very rapidly erecting new buildings designed to accommodate and rest in their visitors. There is an opinion that Thailand has long been built up and there are so many resorts in it that you can not imagine anymore. However, this hardly corresponds to reality. In addition to such popular resort centers as Phuket, Krabi, Pattaya, Phi Phi Islands, Koh Chang, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, there are many new amazing places that will soon attract an incredible amount of vacationers.

Phuket - Patong

Phuket - Patong. Phuket Patong. Capital Asia partying - this Patong, which is spread all over the west coast of Phuket. Tourists all over the world go there for entertainment and relaxation from work. Patong is also called "little Pattaya". It all started not as himself recommends the west coast of Phuket. At the site of Patong it was once an entire plantation of banana trees. Around the plantation grown a small fishing village. And only then it began to emerge a city for those who loves active leisure.

Street in Patong

Center Rat-U-Thit Road - known area, and even a favorite among many, both local and visitors. And it's not just an ordinary street, but a real paradise for lovers of nightlife connoisseurs energetic music and ordinary holidaymakers who want to add a bit of color and expression in everyday life. Not only Patong, but the whole of Phuket is renowned institutions such as the Tai Pan, Rock City, Red Hot, a gay bar in the large complex Paradise Royal. Although the weekend is quite noisy and crowded, and prices are calculated on the visitors with an average income, to visit all the same bars Rat-U-Thit Road stands.


Phuket Phuket is a popular resort in Thailand, Phuket Phuket appreciated and loved by tourists from all over the world. Phuket Phuket is famous for its secluded, clean and cozy beaches. On Phuket Phuket island developed enough objects of social and recreational infrastructure. Vacationers come to the delight of the beautiful coral reefs and bays of Phuket,

Mineral springs in Phuket

Hot springs in Phuket. Holidays in Phuket - it's not only blue sea, golden beaches and all kinds of entertainment, but also a great opportunity to improve your health and get a true delight, visiting hot springs in Phuket. The closest - a source located in Phang Nga province on the territory of the hotel Hotsprings Beach Resort and Spa. Excursions… Details

Rest of the world on the island of Naka Yai (Naka Yai)

Rest of the world on the island of Naka Yai. If you want to really relax "savage", then you need to visit the eco-resort Tenta Nakara. There will not be any charms of civilization - no hot water, no electricity, no air conditioning. It consists of a campground, the broken right in the lap of nature. From civilization - Phuket - ... Details

Spend time in the atmosphere of the original The Lost Legends Phuket

Do you want to spend time in the atmosphere of the original, then you into The Lost Legends Phuket. Club The Lost Legends Phuket is a musical nightclub. It is located on the territory of the dining room, which was once in the running current factory Underwood's Art Factory. The Club quite young. Total some time ago it was founded by John Underwood. Sam ... Details

Phi Phi-

Excursion to the island of Phi Phi-: On our planet, there are many paradises, who want to visit all. Phi- Phi Islands are one of those places. Recently, I wanted to visit some unusual place. In order to fulfill my dreams, I turned to the company SI group. It is worth noting that there are only professionals who carefully ... Details

Cock fighting in Thailand

Cock fighting in Thailand In Thailand, one of the most popular entertainment are the cock fights that become a tradition and is considered a powerful and fascinating spectacle. The cockfights are used not ordinary domestic cocks and fighting cocks in which the fighting qualities are developed. The battles take part as local ... Details

Kite Festival in Thailand

Kites Festival in Thailand The Thailand kites came from China. There they came up with General Han-Ching, now Thai is a favorite pastime. For them to make a snake - a very important task. They are suitable to the case in the so serious that even the rope to control the kite they prepare manually, using the ... Details

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