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What to see in Thailand

Temple of Dawn

Temple of the Dawn Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn) Upon arrival in Bangkok should first buy a card of this wonderful city! Opening it, you will see that it noted a number of interesting places, and below are a footnote explaining that this place what it is interesting, its address and a description of how best to get there .... Details

Excursions in Phuket

Excursions in Phuket: Excursions offers in Phuket. A complete overview of tours in Phuket: What, where and at what? Excursions in Phuket can be divided into 2 type: Boat tours, land and evening excursions. Phuket is famous for its perfect combination of beach and sightseeing holiday, so you can not only spend time on the beach under the rays of the golden ... Details

Lake fireballs - Sawadi or lake incredible ball lightning

Sawadi or lake incredible fireballs fireballs Lake This lake becomes known only to a narrow circle of tourists choose for the walls of the hotel. Sawada mysterious lake fireballs ¬ is a unique phenomenon has not yet received a scientific explanation. Strange place is on the Mekong River, in the area where it joins ... Details

Floating market in Thailand - worth a look

Floating market in Thailand - worth seeing again, we'll tell you about the extraordinary country of Thailand, beautiful mysterious, with its own traditions and interesting places for tourists. One of them - floating markets. Such markets probably exist only in Thailand and visiting them will keep your memory for a lifetime. By the way, the capital of Thailand ... Details

Cave dildo in Thailand

Cave dildo in Thailand - Thailand Cave Cave dildo phalluses Parang - Peninsula Riley, that the Thai province of Krabi, is not only famous for its clean beaches. Besides relaxing holiday on a silk sand under the warm sun, Krabi is something to admire. It attracts not only tourists, hungry for solitude, but they locals ... Details

Thailand Temples - 5 best known and most revered temples of Bangkok

Thailand Temples - 5 the most famous and revered temples of Bangkok: Wat Pho - Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Surely, you know that Thailand is popular not only because of its tropical nature, golden beaches and turquoise waters of the sea. Yet it is the real center of Buddhism, a place of pilgrimage for the faithful of Thai people and not only. Total in Thailand, you can ... Details

Wat Arun

Wat Arun - Temple of Dawn - Wat Arun Sanctuary: Sanctuary Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn. The first time being in Bangkok, buy a map of the city. Once you deploy it, you will find everything you need. Absolutely all the important sights already applied to it, and designated picture. At the bottom of the card will be sure to footnotes ... Details

Hua Hin - Thai holiday home for seniors

Hua Hin - Thai holiday home for seniors Many have heard about the mysterious Hua Hin, but not many have been there. It is necessary to tell about this place more. The resort town of Hua Hin is located not far from Krabi, and is listed in the brochures as "a place of rest of the royal". So does this mean you have to learn. At a cost of recreation, ... Details

Tiger Temple in Bangkok

Tiger Temple in Bangkok: Welcome fans versatile and unique in Thailand! Perhaps we all love pet small animals and not only. Dogs, cats, hamsters ... What can you say about the larger fauna - tigers? Few people can remain indifferent to these animals. It is unlikely that we will see them often, so to speak, live. Most have ... Details

Chiang Mai - Attractions

Chiang Mai - Attractions in Chiang Mai. If Pattaya and Patong - a violent and fun nightlife, beaches, the Chiang Mai night life has not a fountain. Chiang Mai: But in the mountains of Chiang Mai and many attractions. Therefore, those who lead an active lifestyle, vacation, inquisitive and interested in ... Details

House-Museum of Jim Thompson House in Bangkok

Thailand - House Museum of Jim Thompson in Bangkok. House-Museum of Jim Thompson in Bangkok. Jim Thompson - an American with an interesting biography that came to Thailand for permanent residence after the Second World War. That the Thai silk industry has been revived thanks to him. For this he was awarded the Order of the White Elephant. In Bangkok today operates a house-museum of Jim Thompson, which are visited by visitors from different countries. House-Museum of Jim Thompson. The house-museum was established in the year 1959.

10 popular excursions in Phuket

Phuket excursions, Phuket excursions, excursions to Phuket. Phuket excursions. 10 popular tours of Phuket. Popular Excursions of the island of Phuket. Hospitable solar Phuket is ready to offer a variety of fascinating excursions for its visitors. Located in the neighborhood of the island dictate the marine theme of these excursions. So, it is worth paying attention to the most popular among them. Speaking of short excursions, the first is to highlight a tour with the mysterious name "The Lost World". It is a romantic two-day water trip to the islands of the Andaman Sea: Krabi, Phanga, Pee Pee and Sibaya

Holidays in Thailand

Holidays in Thailand. Who does not know that Thailand - this is the best country for any holiday? Entertainment here - a great many, and everyone can find their favorite from lying on the beach to active conquest of the deep sea. Also there you can find more "indecent" entertainment, but fun and funny. Thailand - is the fulfillment of the seven cherished desires. The entertainment industry in Thailand is so great

Thailand Flowers

Thailand: Thailand flowers. Thailand - a country with a unique and extremely rich tropical flora. Surprisingly, in Thailand can be found 27 thousand kinds of wonderful plants.
In the Kingdom of Thailand grows large number of different colors. With some of them we are acquainted. Thai Lotus (Nelumbo). Thai Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea). Thai Pandanus fascicularis. Thai Zingiber spectabilis. Thai Mimosa pudica. Thai Heliconia rostrata. Thai Plumeria (Plumeria)

Tours in Thailand

Tours in Thailand: a unique combination of tropical flavor, high level of service, a variety of entertainment and relative cheapness of permits in Thailand make holidays in this country especially attractive. This incredibly hospitable country by the abundance of temples and channels can be compared to Venice, and on a variety of walks of luxury - from Rio de Janeiro.

Holidays in Thailand

Holidays in Thailand: Tourists who want a country with a tropical climate and average air temperature + 28 ° C, THAILAND HOLIDAY give unforgettable. A delightful nature, beautiful resorts, the original kitchen forced to plunge into the atmosphere of fascinating pastime and feel the charm of the exotic. Holidays in Thailand: Thailand's charm. The island kingdom of travelers meets the sun shining and a breeze ... Details

Holidays in Thailand

Holidays in Thailand for every taste and budget. Would you like to plunge into the unique exotic and visually assess the pristine tropical beauty? Then holiday in Thailand will certainly please their originality, excellent service, favorable weather and warm sea. There are many historical monuments, so cultural leisure for every tourist will be provided. Hospitable locals pleasantly surprised, so the country is known as "the kingdom of smiles."


Krabi - lovely southern province of Thailand Thailand - a delightful place to stay, and the Krabi - new, but already recognized as one of the best resort, which is situated on the coast of the Andaman Sea. Krabi - is a white resort, with stunning white sand that looks like a powder: gentle and flowing between your fingers when you're lying ... Details

Traveling to Saraburi and Nakhon Ratchasima

Traveling to Saraburi (Saraburi) and Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. For those who have already managed to study in detail the local attractions of Bangkok and wants to get acquainted with the life of the provincial towns, can go beyond the capital. Quite popular excursions in Chonburi, Ayutthaya and Phetchaburi, but there are no less interesting and informative tours, a journey that will take genuine pleasure .... Details

Southern Province Songkhla Thailand

Southern province of Songkhla, Thailand. Songkhla Province in the south of Thailand, is a place of absolute tranquility and serenity of paradise. And all because many tourists simply do not know about this part and so there are no crowds of tourists. In Songkhla Thailand have anything soul of even the most experienced traveler: azure sea, a charming seaside ... Details

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