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Thai cuisine

Thai Food: Top-10 dishes

Thai Food Thai Food - Top-10 dishes. Kitchen - the face of the people. The culinary traditions of more than one hundred years, Thai Food - a kind of reflection of the country's history and a true treasure for historians. A tradition of ancient people - it is a historical layer, where an amazing mess mixed signs of many generations, a whole world, a mysterious and closed ... Details

Shrimp in Thailand - Recipe

Mandatory ingredient of Thai dishes are krevetki.Imi like spices showered virtually every culinary delights. Those that are smaller in salads, those that more themselves becoming the dish. The nice thing about that everywhere there is no one unique way of cooking shrimp. They can boil in the broth, simmer in tandem with vegetables, fry in butter, bake in the oven, and is simple, similar to mushrooms, dried and marinovat.Pri all that, you can (and should) actively use a variety of spices, marinades and sauces.

Thai cuisine

Thai - Exotic way of eating in Thailand. As trapeznichayut in Thailand and the Thai people what devices at the same time enjoy? Exotic Thai cuisine will pleasantly surprise guests of the country and a variety of unusual blyud.Nekotorye of them, however, may seem unsophisticated palates, it is at least strange. What is the standard for many culinary ingredient - sauce from rotten fish. But even more tourists will be surprised how to eat in Thailand. Thai cuisine

Restaurant Nai Harn

Restaurant Naiharn Phuket delicious restaurants - restaurant Hang Around. Hang Around Restaurant is located between the beaches of Phuket - Nai Harn and Rawai. The design of the restaurant in "retro" style and specialties for the secret recipe for you. I Hang Around Restaurant on Naiharn is associated with comfort and relaxation Hang Around Restaurant on Naiharn - Phuket is a great place, located near Nai Harn

What to feed a child in Thailand

What to feed a child in Thailand. Going on holiday in Thailand with children, parents are downright baffled by the question: What can feed your baby here. It is a known fact that the Thai food - quite spicy. But not everyone knows that not all the dishes in cafes and restaurants in Thailand and sharp ... Details

Thai Food: Thai desserts - yummy!

Thai Food: Thai desserts. The national cuisine of Thailand - varied and unusual. Few can match the Thais love to all the sharp, salty and sweet. That Thai sweets and desserts attract the attention of a large number of tourists from all over the world. But just want to say that the sweets here are slightly different from the made in ... Details

Thai Sweets: Donuts for every taste!

Thai Sweets: Donuts for every taste! For inveterate sweet tooth, lovers of donuts, or the lucky, which nature endowed the ability to "eat a lot and not get fat," familiar coffee shop Mister Donut and Dunkin 'Donuts. What could be nicer than to sit a couple of donuts after a hard day's work or a tiring tour? Let's learn about ... Details

Thai diet - eat and grow thin!

Thai diet - eat and grow thin! About Thai diet: For some reason, many people mistakenly believe that all Thais are slim build. In fact, "the Thai diet" due to excess weight affects not only the Europeans. Each year, the Thai government is in charge of their own obesity population through the organization of free trips to the fitness and sports activities. The reason for this rapid growth in the number of ... Details

Thai: Tom Saeb Soup (Tom Saeb)

Thai: Tom Saeb Soup (Tom Saeb). If you compare Phuket and Surat Thani establishments menu with the originality of Isaan cuisine you can see a lot of differences. But despite this, local inhabitants on a par with his cuisine and prefer isaanskie dishes. Thai cuisine. Food IAAS In most cases, the basis for a soup that's Saeb is pork, but ... Details

Products in Thailand: how to recognize stale!

Products in Thailand: how to recognize stale! The ability to detect stale food in Thailand - an important criterion for a good holiday, if you are on a tropical island. Especially if you come on holiday with children. The climatic situation requires constant high humidity, sultry weather. Frequent electricity here and swings. As is known, these conditions can lead to ... Details

Thai jasmine rice

Thai jasmine rice Thai jasmine rice is considered to be the most taste of rice in the world. Frankly, before living in Russia, I ate rice on the strength of several times a month, cooking pilaf and absolutely do not understand the varieties of rice. I sincerely believed that rice - even in Africa rice, and ... Details

There Catfish

There Catfish, Catfish There (Som Tam): The most famous dish in Thailand, which will be enjoyed by everyone visiting tourists, is directly salad som tam. To cook it you will need these ingredients: dried shrimp, tomatoes, beans, peanuts, papaya, garlic and pepper, pasta made from sugar cane. As for refueling, it consists of juice ... Details

Yam Plah Duk Foo

Yam Pla Duk Foo (Yam Plah Duk Foo). Yam Pla Duk Foo is a traditional Thai delicacy consisting of fried fish and spicy fruit and vegetable salad. It can be served as a constant in the company in this country rice and independently. To create it using freshwater fish, mostly catfish fillet, which is highly ... Details

Sang Kaya Fug Tong

Sang Kaya Fug Tong Sang Kaya Fugues Tong Sang Kaya Fug Tong - It was in the mysterious Thailand, favorite female DiCaprio learned all the pleasures of paradise. Therefore rest is synonymous with unforgettable beaches, cliffs overgrown with greenery, in memory of the country remains a delightful picture: coconut tree hanging over white sand ... Details

Plah Plow

This dish Plah Plow Pla Plu ranked in the top most popular in a diverse and extremely delicious Thai cuisine. The range of the joint Indo-Chinese cuisine can find dishes for every taste, from traditional, home to the burning chilli. the Pla Plu itself is just zharena fish, but it is prepared for ... Details

Tom Yum Gung

Tom Yum Gung Thai cuisine is famous for the variety of soups for every taste. One of which is neprevzaydёnny Tom Yam Kung. Tom Yam Kung (Tom Yum Gung) A popular Thai soup that has earned worldwide recognition. Magic promptness flavors of spicy, sour, salty to sweet, will not leave anyone indifferent ... Details

Nij Mu Cao Yang

Nij Mu Cao Yang (Kao Niew Moo Yang) - is one of the most common and affordable foods rich Thai cuisine. If you ask what it is, you will answer that it skewers of pork. But does it give a very unusual flavor of this dish? Of course not. Nij Kao Yang Mu ... Details

Phangan Guy

Phangan Guy: Thai food is very distinctive and interesting, is a combination of the Vedic (Indian) and Chinese cooking. One of the most popular dishes that are eaten in the east have Phangan Guy (Panang Gai). It's fried chicken drizzled with red curry paste and coconut cream. Coconut curry sauce gives some ... Details

At Kao Fet

At Kao Fet (Kao Na Phet) Classical Thai dish based dishes, roast duck, its meat has a more pronounced flavor than chicken, it is fatter, so its taste so appreciated in Aziatov.Serviruetsya dish follows, spread on a plate selective boiled rice (which is that, but rice in Thailand are able to cook) are placed on it fried duck breast on top watering dish ... Details

Kai Jie Mu Sap

Kai Jie Mu Sap - the omelette in Thai Thai kitchen many experimenters with taste will not leave indifferent. It is in truth an exotic and unforgettable cooking. Very sharp, not just "the beat", and of the urgent. But quite distinctive and memorable. A good representative of Thai cuisine in a Kai Jie Mu Sap (Kai Jiew Moo Saap) .... Details

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