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Fruits of Thailand - Long Thanh - Jackfruit

Thai Fruit. Longan (Thai name - Lamyai) Jackfruit Longan - Jackfruit Thai Fruit - a very fine fruit, whose name is translated as: ,, ,, dragon eye and is very much appreciated by the Thais. The plant itself grows in northern Thailand, and ripens from June to August. There are two options of different types of longan. First langsad, different ... Details

Rambutan Thai - Ngaw

Rambutan Thai - Ngaw Rambutan - a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia, is now cultivated in many tropical countries. At home rambutan love and appreciate, they tell a large number of legends associated with rambutan tree and spend a holiday dedicated to him in August. To taste this popular fruit similar to lychee, not ... Details


Coconut - Ma Prao (ma-phrao) - it is in the common coconut. Ma Prao is very appropriate in the summer, in the heat, and the heat, because the coconut contains half a liter (two glasses at 250 ml) coconut nectar, which is easy and delicious to quench thirst. Each coconut inside has a different taste, it all depends on how he ... Details

Rose apple (Chom-poo)

Rose apple (Chom-poo), Chom-poo is also called pink apple due to its appearance and flavor resemblance to the apples. In Thailand shom-poo color all year round, consumes very willing to residents and tourists in Thailand. Pink apple washes be of two types - pink and green shom-poo. Visually, they are associated with simple apples, and on ... Details


Lychee in Thailand appeared in the XVII century. Earlier it was grown in China and Thailand was introduced by Chinese immigrants. At this fruit has similarities with rambutanom and ponganom. It grows in the form of clusters on evergreen trees of small stature. In Thailand, approximately 20 known species lychee. The most popular and exported are three ... Details

Pineapples or Sapa-rot

Pineapples or Sapa-rot (in Thai) - fruit, related to rain, got its spread in Brazil, and in our time the impressive pineapple plantation trees for the most part geographically located on the Hawaiian Islands. In Russia, they appear straight course from India, Thailand, and the Philippines, at least from China. Pineapples have a unique, special taste .... Details

Sugar apple noi naa

Sugar apple noi naa (scaly Annona) refers to the Thai fruit and is well known in other countries. Season of flowering and ripening sugar apple is considered to be the time interval from June to September. Covered apple surface bumpy and marsh on the hue, the flesh of the apple milky, soft and sweet, exuding unrivaled flavor. Maximum ripe ... Details

Guava (Farang)

Guava (Farang), Guava - is a fruit that looks like an apple green, and in the center is a white flesh. Taste it, quite tropical, reminiscent at once of pineapple and strawberries together. It has a mild, barely perceptible aroma. In the center of the fruit, are bone-seeds. Guava, is, a tree of the myrtle family. A mature tree reaches from 10-20 ... Details


Tamarind - an amazing fruit, one of the most interesting for the traveler. Some refer to it as tamarind, many properties are simply dazzling. This fruit is very popular. He is from the legume family, and looks like a pod, which hides the light, almost white flesh with a strong sour and hard seeds. His brown ... Details

Thai carambola - Ma-feung

Thai carambola - Ma-feung. Carambola on Thai is called ma-feung, which is a fruit of yellow (green like varinat) hue, visually similar to pepper. If carambola ma-feung cut across its base, ma-feung will take the form of a five-pointed star. Carambola surface smooth and shiny. Thai carambola Ma-feung (ma-Fuang) called Star among people in Thailand ... Details

Salak (La Kham)

Salak (La Kham) - Exotic fruit Salak has a regular oval shape with very little elongated edges and scaly surface. The color of the skin - maroon-brown. The very thin skin is enough. Peel can be fairly easy to remove with your fingers, without using a knife. The pulp is very juicy. Color it a bit yellowish. On the palate it is sweet-sour and reminds something ... Details

Pomelo (in Thailand - Som-oh)

Pomelo (in Thailand - Som-oh) is a very interesting fruit that has many useful properties. Grow it in countries such as: - Southeast Asia - United States - Vest- India - Thailand - Israel, but that would not say, most delicious fruits grow and ripen in Thailand from August to November. Pomelo ... Details

Thai La-moot, he's sapodilla

Thai La-moot, he's sapodilla. Sapodilla - fruit egg shape, brown color (reminiscent of kiwi, only without the sapodilla hairy rough surface). Widely use in cooking and restaurant serving Thai because of unusually beautiful shade pulp sapodilla. Season flowering and maturity Sapodilla runs from September to December. Ignorant of Thai fruits and ... Details

Bananas (Kluay Nam Wa) -kladez vitamins, safe and delicious antidepressant

Bananas (Kluay Nam Wa) -kladez vitamins, safe and delicious antidepressant. Kingdom of Siam associated with beaches and lazy holiday. Tourists from everywhere come to Thailand to explore the history of the country, relaxation, not forgetting plenty enough of gorgeous fruit. Benefit of their choice is huge. Before trying to unknown instances, it is necessary to sample local bananas (Kluay ... Details

Longkong (Lonng-kong)

Longkong (Lonng-kong) - exotic fruit, homeland, which Malaysia. He has several names - longkong, Lansium parasiticum, Dooku. Growing in clusters like grapes, but on the branches, and on the trunk. Langast loves moisture, so grows in Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia. Cultivated in the Philippines. Berries beige shade, small diameter -5sm on cluster ... Details

Mangosteen (Thai name - mong-khut) mysterious fruit of the Kingdom of Siam

Mangosteen (Thai name - mong-khut) mysterious fruit of the kingdom of Siam This complete puzzles Eastern country, has long attracted Europeans from around the world. It attracts not only tourism and shopping, but also an abundance of exotic fruit at affordable prices. Special attention is given Mangosteen (Thai name - mong-khut). Round fruit of this fruit sometimes grow ... Details

Lansium Parasiticum

Lansium parasiticum - exotic fruit, which is the main supplier of Thailand. Fruits ripen on 16-meter tree with pinnate leaves long. Taste quality fruit flavor is absolutely unique. It is difficult to look for similarities with something else. The pulp of the fruit sweet and sour, similar in taste to a mixture of banana, grapefruit and grapes. In some varieties that are too exotic ... Details


Mango - "King of Fruits" Mango is one of the most popular, nutritious fruit with a unique flavor and aroma. Mango is one of the best seasonal fruits growing in the tropics. Tree originated in the Himalayan plains of India. Botanical, exotic fruits belong to the family Anacardiaceae, also includes numerous species of tropical fruit trees and flowering ... Details


Durian - a large-sized, green-brown color of the prickly to touch the fruit with a creamy texture and smell of rotten garlic (also it is compared with the dirty socks) range in size from large melons to a human head, weighing 5: 57 pounds .. Durian is a tropical fruit that originates ... Details

Jackfruit and breadfruit - kha nun

Jackfruit is an evergreen tree right up to a maximum height of 20 meters. The leaves of this tree are dark green, oblong. Term aging fruit - three and eight months. Fruits of jackfruit are the largest in size edible fruit tree. Their length reaches 85 centimeters, but the diameter - 19 centimeters. Weight per fruit around ... Details

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