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Krabi (Krabi): On the coast of the Andaman Sea stretches Krabi province, which belongs to the country Thailand. The well-known tourist area of ​​the country. Good beaches and clear sea with coral reefs, caves and a very large number of small islands attract tourists. Krabi and Phang differs from other provinces karst topography, which is on the ground looks like hills ... Details

Cave dildo in Thailand

Cave dildo in Thailand - Thailand Cave Cave dildo phalluses Parang - Peninsula Riley, that the Thai province of Krabi, is not only famous for its clean beaches. Besides relaxing holiday on a silk sand under the warm sun, Krabi is something to admire. It attracts not only tourists, hungry for solitude, but they locals ... Details

Ao Nang - Sightseeing, prices

Ao Nang - Excursions in Ao Nang in Krabi - Ao Nang Tours, prices. Excursions Ao Nang. Ao Nang - a beach resort, which stretches just twenty kilometers from Krabi province. First, of course, implies to those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature and beautiful beaches. Ao Nang - a very attractive place for tourists and ... Details

Krabi information Krabi

Krabi Information on Krabi. Between Krabi, Nopparat Thara and Ao Nang with minimal financial outlay, you can travel by public transport - songthev which transports daily. Driving along the route, songthevy pick up passengers wherever you want, and travelers are planted only on special stops. Enough on the road to wave to you picked. For example, to go from Ao Nang to Krabi require payment in 50 baht.

Krabi, Krabi on how to travel

How to travel in Krabi. To explore Krabi with maximum comfort, you need to listen to a few tips that will be given in this article. First of all, we will touch Krabi public transport. Here it is called sgntev. The use of public transport in Krabi is most economical. This option will be very handy if you need to move from Krabi to Ao Nang or Nopart Thara. As elsewhere, transport to Krabi arrives at the stops and leaves from them. However, if you need to enter or exit the transport, you can anywhere. To exit, just press the button in the cabin.

How to get to Krabi

Krabi, how to get to Krabi? Many tourists in a hurry to get to Krabi faster. Getting to Krabi simply. Krabi is located on the southwest coast of Thailand. Closer to Krabi, Phuket - all 170 kilometers away from Bangkok impressive - 814 kilometers. Krabi can be reached either by bus routes, as well as by sea or air transport. The fastest way, of course, air travel. The plane landed at the international Krabi airport. From Bangkok, walking and buses, and who wants to see the country, to better get on the bus.

Things to do in Krabi

Krabi things to do in Krabi, rock climbing in Krabi, Krabi diving, kayaking in Krabi, walks on elephants in Krabi, Krabi shopping. The most popular and memorable tour in Krabi is the "Journey to the four islands." It included familiarity with the island of Ko Poda and sand bar Talay Waek. It is notable for the fact that its length is 300 meters, and it appears only during low tide. Cashier connects three islands: Chicken Island, Ko Ko Mor Toope. The tour includes a visit to the beach Phra Nanggu

How to get to Krabi airport?

Krabi Airport. A taxi from the airport to the Krabi operate at a fixed rate, which must be paid in advance. The passenger need to find a booth located inside the terminal and buy a ticket to her. Then you need to go out and choose a taxi. All taxis necessarily available to be licensed airport. A worthy alternative to a taxi - the official airport buses. Sending buses made as filling their passengers, and there is such a passage 90-150 baht per passenger. The next bus through Krabi to Ao Nang.


Krabi - lovely southern province of Thailand Thailand - a delightful place to stay, and the Krabi - new, but already recognized as one of the best resort, which is situated on the coast of the Andaman Sea. Krabi - is a white resort, with stunning white sand that looks like a powder: gentle and flowing between your fingers when you're lying ... Details

The journey from Phuket to Krabi

The journey from Phuket to Krabi. Krabi - the famous corner of the Kingdom of Thailand, the city of paradise, year-round resort, where luxury beaches, museums and temples peacefully coexist with magnificent karst caves, located approximately 170 km east of Phuket. But in fact, Krabi - only the center of the whole region, an island paradise, which includes more than 130 ... Details

Koh Klang (Koh Klang) - «interim» the island near Phuket

Koh Klang (Koh Klang) - «interim» the island near Phuket. Koh Klang - the island of dreams. Excursions in Phuket If you are one of those people who are faced with the choice destinations for long leaf through hundreds of guidebooks and magazines to find suitable decent option, then you probably know how popular Krabi Kingdom ... Details


A trip to Krabi vacationing in March this year with her husband in Thailand on the island of Phuket, we decided to take a trip to Krabi, the company «Siam International». This popular sea excursion. In the morning we were taken from our hotel and brought to the port where we went further on a high speed boat in the direction of Krabi .... Details

Climbing in Thailand

Climbing in Thailand His popularity climbing in Thailand found even in 80-ies, when the tourist climbing holiday in the south of the country saw and appreciated the extraordinary terrain. The very first places in Thailand which were rated by climbers Phi Phi Island. But slowly and carefully examining the rocks at the Andaman Sea have also found the beaches ... Details

Cave of the spirit of the goddess Phra Nang Cave and dildo

Pranang Cave spirit goddess. Railay Legends of Thailand. Thailand has many wonderful beaches with gentle sand. Railay Beach Railay is no exception. This beach is located in Krabi province, reachable by spending just 10 minutes - swim by boat from Ao Nang. Many travelers come there only to ensure that warm ... Details

South Thailand

South of Thailand Southern Thailand is conveniently located in 460 kilometers from Bangkok and stretches from Chumphon and Kra Isthmusa up to the Thai-Malaysian border. You will have a garland of islands washed by the waters of the eastern Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea on the west, bordered by coral reefs and their rich nature. This opens the opportunity to visit many national ... Details

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