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Thailand - Thailand Culture

Culture of Thailand. The waters of the Gulf of Thailand are washing the country in the south, and this is the Chinese Sea, and in the southwest is the Andaman Sea. Thailand, Thailand, the Kingdom of Thailand, the Kingdom of Thailand, the culture of Thailand, the culture of Thailand. Thailand covers an area of ​​513 thousand square meters. kilometers. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. The basic population is Thai, but many other nations. Thailand (Thailand) culture. The first monarch states - Dvaravati (1st century AD), then - Lavaux and Lamphun - were located in the valley of Menam-Chao Phraya, later they were subdued by the Khmers. Then the Thai kingdom of Sukhothai was formed with its capital in Ayutthaya (Ayutthaya).

Signs, Superstition in Thailand

Signs, Superstition in Thailand The fact that the official religion of the Kingdom of Thailand is Buddhism, is known to every educated person. Almost all locals Buddhists. All significant events in the life of Thais (wedding, birth, funeral, birthdays, moving to a new house or apartment) is closely related to the Buddhist religious traditions and customs. Buddhism in the ... Details

Thailand in the movies - movies about Thailand - Filmed in Thailand

Thailand in the movies - movies about Thailand - Review of the film was shot in Thailand This review movies filmed in the amazing places in Thailand, has several objectives. On the one hand, those who have been in this picturesque country, will be able to once again plunge into the wonderful memories of her. On the other - those who have not ... Details

Phuket Island. Bad sign Buddhists

Phuket Island. Bad luck Buddhists. One of the ancient Thai traditions can be considered a ban for a haircut on Wednesday. If we go on this day in the city, you can be surprised to find that almost all hairdressers really locked. But with the remaining stores, retail shops, pharmacies, restaurants operate in the usual way. Phuket Island. Luck! ... Details

Thai lottery. Beginners luck!

Thai lottery. Beginners luck! According to accept superstitious Thais, if you have appeared to images in a dream someone from the members of the royal family, such as His Majesty Rama IX, then perhaps fate will smile a happy smile and you bought a ticket from the state lottery number 9, fall through the big jackpot. I remember once my friend Thais had a King ... Details

Thailand (Thailand)

The next few dozen centuries of history represent empty blank pages. In the fourth century BC, the significant places where people settled were founded on the territory of a valley called Chaupya. In 7-8 centuries of our era, to the north, and also to the west, from the city of Bangkok, cities flourished under the name of Lopburi and Nakhonpatkhom, which were centers of religion and education. From far-away India, monks came to these cities, carrying the preaching of Buddhism. On the territory of the south of the country, traces of a settlement of Hindus - engaged in commercial affairs - came from South India. As a rule, in the lower reaches of rivers they built factories and cities. About the history of other territories in Thailand in ancient times, almost nothing is known. In the 12-13 centuries. The land of Thailand was part of the Khmer State. The capital of this state was the city of Angkor, located on the territory of Cambodia.

Carving wood Thailand

Wood carving in Thailand When a person comes into the world, he is met by a tree, and it also accompanies him from this world. The tree is located next to a man all his life. No one knows how to handle it better than the Thai masters. They invest in it all my soul, polished to a shine, ... Details

Sewing on the wings of a beetle in Thailand

Sewing on the wings of a beetle in Thailand since ancient times people try to surround your life with beautiful things that bring joy and spiritual comfort. Create their own hands, and you can, for example, doing embroidery. Skilled workers from Thailand has long mastered this kind of needlework, making it more bizarre and wonderful. What is unusual about it? ... Details

Thailand Dolls

Thailand Dolls integral part of every child's life are the toys for girls and this is definitely a doll. It is not necessary to only be regarded as nothing insignificant child's play, it often contributes to the development and formation of the child's inner world. Little girls in their games and fantasies comprehend the foundations of family values, even fun, but ... Details

Joe Louis Puppet Theatre

Puppet Theatre Joe Louis Children believe in magic and fairy tale, so the puppet theater - is a true celebration of children's soul, a symbol of childhood. Where else can you see the wonders and magic of transformation, when the dolls come alive and begin to talk, sing, and even dance. Dolls entice the viewer into the world of fairy tales, evoke sympathy in the soul ... Details

Thai calendar

Thai calendar Chronology Europeans begin from Christmas, but few know where this traditsiya.Kak known, has its own peculiarities and nuances of every religion. In Buddhism, there is a moment of the beginning of the countdown - the Buddha's passing into nirvana, in other words, the time of his death. It 543 BC, when ... Details

Buddhist holidays in Thailand

Buddhist holidays in Thailand Buddhism, like Christianity, is a few days of celebrating the holidays, which is set according to the lunar calendar. Existing Buddhism Makha Bucha holiday is celebrated in February, the day of the full moon of the third lunar month. This holiday is celebrated in memory of the moment when Buddha's disciples had gathered to hear him preach ... Details

Theatrical art of Thailand

Theatrical art of Thailand Thailand is famous for its actors and actresses in the field of theatrical art. In this country, this art has been a great development under the influence of time and traditions. Traditional theater has its own genres, each with characteristic features and unique that clearly distinguishes it from all other genres. If you see ... Details

How to get married in Thailand

How to get married in Thailand How to get married in Thailand: Thai goto registry office, we immediately had to go back in search of an interpreter. Of course, they have a translator, but it is about 3000 bateau / RUB and advised us one of the office employees to find someone from friends who can translate into English ... Details

Tattoos in Thailand

Tattoos in Thailand Sak-yant- widespread in Thailand a special kind of tattoo. Name it consists of two parts: the first "sak" which can be translated as "puncture" The second one "Yant" (from the Sanskrit word "yantra") - the sacred pattern with sacred meaning. Sak Yant tattoo, usually associated with Buddhism, but the magic tattoo appeared much earlier Buddhism in ... More Details

Signs in Thailand

Signs in Thailand Tailand- country with a rich and ancient history, which has found its clearest reflection not only in art, architecture, and religion. Buddhism is considered the main, the official religion of the Thais. It is firmly established in people's lives and entrenched in Thailand. 95% of the local population are Buddhists. Long before the arrival of the new ... Details

Tattoos in Thailand

Tattoos in Thailand. Each year, Thailand attends a huge number of people. Many of the tourists are going to get a tattoo in this country. It is Thailand remains the most popular country among fans of tattoo. The high demand for this service, as well as tend to the market, has created an increased offer from various artists. Unfortunately, the number of proposals on the ... Details

Cult of white leather in Thailand or the Thai beauty

Cult of white leather in Thailand or the beauty of Thai in Thailand especially developed cult of white skin. It is said that the ancient Thai people, in particular, princes, kings had a beautiful white skin. Of course, "White Thais" darker than Europeans. In Thailand, there are many immigrants from African countries that have color leather chocolate-colored or completely ... Details

Thailand Phuket - three stages of people's lives

Thailand Phuket - three stages of life. Chinese immigrants and other residents of the island of Phuket say that there are three significant events that coincide with the main stages of life and all who live on the island, they must know and remember about it. Phuket there are traditions of celebrating the highlights of life - birth, ... Details

What not to do in Thailand

What not to do in Thailand: A well-known proverb says: "Do not go into a stranger monastery with its charter." Asian countries are famous throughout the world for its ancient culture, traditions and respected rules. Many European nations, such as Britain, France and Germany sought to draw the eastern wisdom. But few people did it, because in order ... Details

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