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Medical treatment in Thailand

Medicine in Thailand - Thailand Medical

Medicine in Thailand - Medical treatment in Thailand: structure and characteristics of medicine in Thailand - Medical treatment in Thailand. Thai medicine the American impersonal and schematized as possible eliminates the influence of the human factor in the treatment process. Advantages of this approach in reducing the likelihood of medical errors, accidental or deliberate, the lack of the same in the absence of an individual approach to ... Details

Vaccinations in Thailand

Thailand - Vaccinations in Thailand. Vaccinations
The necessity of vaccination for travelers.
Most of us have heard about the need to be vaccinated before traveling abroad. The total list of required vaccinations scares its size. Optionally, do everything to travel to a certain country. On what vaccinations are needed for holiday abroad, this article will tell.

Rehabilitation centers in Phuket

Rehabilitation centers dependency on Phuket: Who in the Kingdom began to develop the whole rehabilitation industry. Opening up new centers for treatment of drug addicts, alcohol addicted, smokers. Working methods and intelligent staff are the key to successful treatment and a future life as a whole.

Ancient Art - Ayurveda in Phuket

Art of the Ancients - Ayurveda in Phuket. While leading research centers of the world are involved in unspoken competition between them in the creation of new technologies, among other parts of the world's population, on the contrary, more and more often carried the ancient practice - naturopathy, homeopathy, yoga and herbal medicine. Also referred to the ancient practices and Ayurveda - the traditional Vedic ... Details

Health insurance in Thailand for a foreigner working in Phuket

Health insurance in Thailand for a foreigner working in Phuket. Newcomer person who works in Thailand, has the right to receive medical assistance, as well as a citizen of Thailand. There is a certain similarity with the Russian health care system, meaning that the standard medical services for those who is a citizen of the country, free of charge. But few people know about it .... Details

Correction of the ear

Correction of the ear: Bangkok Hospital offers correction of ear pinna in Phuket Correction Correction of the ears form is as popular operation as the plastic of lips and face lift. Who suffers from these shortcomings? Suffer all: as adults, and children, and even because of this problem as a child may appear ... Details

Botox injections

Botox injections. Nowadays there are friendly, efficient and quick method of temporary correction of wrinkles, known as Botox. Now Botox injections are the most popular way of rejuvenation without surgery. Botox is a purified preparation of a weakened and botulinum neurotoxin - type A. During subcutaneous injection of Botox, there is a temporary paralysis of the muscles. In this limited ... Details

Cosmetic nose surgery in Thailand

Cosmetic nose surgery in Thailand at Bangkok Hospital in Phuket - it is very subtle and planned to the smallest detail throughout the intervention of plastic surgery. With it, allow a variety of aesthetic problems of the nose. This decrease its size, a change in the back of the form itself, forms the tip of the nose, a narrowing of the nostrils. Age, which is suitable for ... Details

Methods for treatment of cataract operations

Methods of treatment of cataract operations in Bangkok Hospital in Phuket. Methods of operations on cataract treatment: phacoemulsification - a cataract operation to destroy the eye. If you or a loved has katarakta- the operation is necessary. Current methods on offer today to have surgery with a good end result. Vision after the operation is getting better than it was .... Details

Changing the shape of the abdomen with a surgical intervention

Changing the shape of the abdomen with the help of surgery: Surgeon Kelly back in 1899 year made operation to remove the affected tissues in the lower abdomen. It was the first in the world practice of aesthetic plastic surgery on her stomach. Many years passed and technology has changed a lot, but the main purpose of such transactions remains the same. Belly - ... Details

Early diagnosis of breast diseases

Early diagnosis of breast diseases - it is possible! Diagnosis of various breast diseases in Bangkok Hospital in Phuket Early diagnosis of breast diseases: Diagnosis of Breast any women is very necessary and important event, which is able to prevent serious diseases. It is important to conduct periodic breast exams themselves. This is mandatory and effective way ... Details

Plastic surgery to change the shape and size of breasts in Thailand

Plastic surgery to change the shape and size of the breast: One of the most popular to date of plastic surgery - mammoplasty, or in other words, plastic surgery of the breast. The Bangkok Hospital Phuket is not the first to successfully perform plastic surgery to change the shape and size of the breast in women. In today's ... Details

Facelift to Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Over the years, the body undergoes various changes. Facelift Bangkok Hospital in Phuket. Hair thinning, there are small wrinkles. The face, hands, more are beginning to give out age. If the body can produce on their own from the air all the necessary nutrients to him, then surely, there was no wrinkles, dryness and other skin problems. But,… Details

Genioplastika - Changing the shape of the chin to Bangkok Hospital

A little about genioplasty: Genioplastika - Changing the shape of the chin to Bangkok Hospital is an operation that is not only aimed at correcting the chin, as well as the formation of the exact proportions of the human face, called genioplastika. Genioplastika - Changing the shape of the chin to Bangkok Hospital For this question come from the doctor maxillofacial surgery, connecting it to the system ... Details

Health Center Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Health Centre in Bangkok Hospital in Phuket Bangkok Hospital - a health center located in Phuket. It belongs to one of the best medical facilities in the whole of Southeast Asia. The main focus of the wellness center is a healthy lifestyle, which is why he invites everyone who wants to get a yearly check on the general state of ... Details

Skin Treatment Center at Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Skin Treatment Center at Bangkok Hospital in Phuket: Skin Treatment Center at Bangkok Hospital in Phuket was ready, in order to reunite with the Chief Doctor Oravana Institute, the Institute began its work in Bangkok Hospital in Phuket, taking a course on the "World Standard of Beauty". Treatments and services provided by Ideal ... Details

Center of General Medicine in Bangkok Hospital on Phukte

Center of General Medicine in Bangkok Hospital on Phukte: We offer General Medicine Center at Bangkok Hospital on Phukte. a wide range of different medical services, specialties provided to customers to Bangkok Hospital. The data medical services and specialties include: ophthalmology, psychiatry, neurosurgery, gynecology, obstetrics, neurosurgery, treatment of ear, nose and throat, assisting in time of emergency ... Details

Trauma Center in Phuket

Bangkok Hospital provides services for surgery seven days a week, Trauma Center in Phuket work without lunch breaks, kruglosutochno.Nashi highly qualified doctors will provide you with the services-delayed help wherever you nahodilis.Osnovnoe direction in which the work of our clinic, the most recent and effective therapy. Our physicians do an excellent job in the team and will provide you with the treatment ... Details

Programs and events in Bangkok Hospital

Programs and events in Bangkok Hospital: One of the most famous and the largest recreational facilities in the Puhkete a Bangkok hospital. This is a modern world-class center for physical examinations! The entire medical staff was highly specialized training center, as evidenced by a certificate qualification. Each specialist has many years of experience in the relevant field of public health - ... Details

Acupuncture Clinic at Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Acupuncture Clinic in Bangkok Hospital in Phuket: Acupuncture or acupuncture, acupuncture, acupuncture is a trend in traditional Chinese medicine. With acupuncture have an impact on the body through specific terms, by introducing a needle. In ancient times in China was carried out by this method of treatment of a number of diseases: headache, muscle pain, pain in the ... Details

child health clinic

Children's Hospital: Children's Hospital Bangkok Hospital in Phuket offers its patients a complete list of health care providers of children's medicine. Our dedicated and experienced team of staff, physicians and nurses strive to provide the best medical care, which is possible only in children's medicine. Our clinic invites family and guests in a modern, vibrant facility where all ... Details

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