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Tourist visa to Thailand News

Tourist visa to Thailand news. The head of the immigration department in Thailand has confirmed a ban on Vizaran. Tourist visa to Thailand News General said: We were too soft and indulgent. Just announced some of the reasons that contributed to this decision: the disappearance of the liner Malaysian Airlines. Two Irish citizens were aboard the plane leaving on the stolen ... Details

The attack on Phuket News: hotel employee died in Karon

The attack on Phuket: Phuket, the hotel in Karon died from his injuries after being stabbed in the head during a gang attack in Phuket on Saturday night. 19 year-old citizen of Thailand, and his friend were pushing their bike as they ran out of gas when they were attacked by a gang of ... Details

Murder in Phuket, killed by a member of staff

Murder in Phuket: Phuket Police have arrested one of the suspects who inflicted the fatal stabbing of a member of staff on Karon Beach over the weekend on the island of Phuket. Sajjan Trirat, 29 years, confessed to the crime after the presentation of records with video surveillance cameras. Sajjan Trirat was charged with murder, said Col. Somsak. The other members of the gang ... Details

Phuket News: Police arrested Russians for mosheynichestvo estate

Phuket News: Police arrested Bangkok 29 year old Russian Vladimir Antoshvilli. He charged mosheynichestve real estate in Phuket. The total amount of damages exceeds 20 000 000 Baht. The police arrested Mr. Antonoshvilli in his apartment, about 12: 45, Police Major Phuket Tinchay Chomphu told SI Media Group that Mr ... Details

Former leaders surrendered Caron

The list of Caron leaders who are threatened with responsibility for involvement in the criminal activities of local taxi drivers has grown fivefold. On Wednesday, 25 June, Vice-Mayors Ittipon Sangkau and Sompong Kappet, Head of the Department of Urban Planning Karon Vanchay Saetan and Viraasak and the "paladas" of the Virasak Anek-Andesavat district (the senior person in the hierarchy of non-elective posts ). Investigators believe that all four were aware of the abuse of the mayor and themselves also provided protection to taxi drivers engaged in extortion and other types of criminal activity.

Vegetarian Festival - Phuket - 2014 - Schedule

Vegetarian Festival - Phuket - 2014 - Schedule
06: 30 Temple Bangkoo (Sam Pai Gong), a street procession.
15: 00 Temple Boo Seng Tong (Baan Kien), the ritual demarcation.
16: 00 District Cherng Talay, street procession in the villages Baan Manik and Cherng Talay.
18: 45 Kathu, rituals privestviya gods Lam Tao and Pak Tao.

List of participants of Miss Phuket 2015

List of participants of Miss Phuket 2015 HEAVEN and SI PROMO presents its finalists: the best girls in Phuket, which 31 January will compete for the title and super prizes! On the evening lights of the island in the panoramic restaurant with its beauty shine HEAVEN 1. Malik Kazakova 2. Marianne Vityuk 3. Alain Zuban 4. Alexander Novikov ... Details

Beauty contest in Phuket. Miss Phuket 2015

Beauty contest in Phuket. Panoramic Restaurant HEAVEN & Lounge bar & Hotel is a grand celebration of beauty Miss Phuket 2015 [Russian Edition]. Established Heaven Prize will take place on the last day hot island of January. Miss Phuket 2015 [Russian Edition] will be held in the format of Beauty-event with the traditional beauty contests tests, where the girls show their ... Details

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