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The best beaches of Phuket

The beaches of Phuket Beaches Phuket - Review of Phuket's beaches. On the island of Phuket many great beaches and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Every tourist can choose the beach that meets his requirements and wishes. Since the rest of the island mostly beach, on the correct choice will depend on the overall impression of the whole holiday. Here are ... Details

Phuket Beaches - Review of the best beaches

Beaches of Phuket - a review of the best beaches in Phuket. Beaches of Phuket - Thailand has long been one of the world's tourism centers. Information: Beaches of Phuket. Photo, Video reviews. Location of Phuket beaches on the map. Beaches of Phuket - How to get there and more. Pli Phuket. The first group of beaches in Phuket, which included the most popular beaches with tourists, traditional beach resorts. Among them were such well-known beaches as Karon, Surin, Ravai, Patong, Kamala and others. The second group of beaches in Phuket are those that are wild or little-known places of rest. A distinctive feature of these beaches of Phuket is an extremely small number of tourists, not even every local resident can know about the location and peculiarities of these places of rest. Among such beaches were Nai Yang, Sikesu, Mai Kao and others.

Patong, Phuket

Patong - Phuket Patong. The party capital is Patong. Patong stretches across the west coast of Phuket. Tourists go to Patong for entertainment. And it all started quite differently than the western coast of Phuket itself recommends. At the site of Patong, once there was a whole plantation of banana trees. A small fishing village grew up around the plantation. And only then did the city begin to be born for those who are so fond of active recreation. Patong provides its tourists a huge selection of entertainment, which, however, is not cheap at all, but in the city you can find quite affordable accommodation. The choice of hotels is so extensive that it is not difficult to find a suitable one. But apart from cheap there are elite hotels, and for aspiring to chic there is an opportunity to rent a magnificent villa or penthouse, both for a long enough period and for one day.

Kata Beach (Kata Beach)

Kata Beach - Phuket - Thailand - Kata. Kata Beach. White shore fabulous and unforgettable Kata Bay, washed pristine waters, able to charm the tourists get here by fate. Kata Beach is located in Phuket, close to the notorious Karon Beach. Flawlessly smooth, nestled in the shade of spreading trees, Kata Beach is similar to the embodiment of their ideality human imagination, rather than unique natural wonder.

Karon Beach

Karon - Phuket - Thailand. Karon Beach. Karon Beach is the most famous beach in Thailand. Its length is more than six kilometers. She sprawled on the island of Phuket. A favorite place for everyone who comes to relax in Thailand. Few facts. After the well-known tsunami, the beach was decided to be protected from a new impact of the elements and for the most part it dug a canal that separates the beach from the buildings along it, namely, from hotels and roads. It became a kind of landmark of the beach, because it turned out pretty nice and beautiful. He was lined, paved between the beach and the road bridges, which became a beach decoration, at night they are highlighted, and each of them as a decor has a sculpture of a mythical creature.

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