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The best beaches of Phuket

The beaches of Phuket Beaches Phuket - Review of Phuket's beaches. On the island of Phuket many great beaches and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Every tourist can choose the beach that meets his requirements and wishes. Since the rest of the island mostly beach, on the correct choice will depend on the overall impression of the whole holiday. Here are ... Details

Farang - an insult or not?

Farang - an insult or not? Arriving in a foreign country on holiday and not knowing its language, sometimes you can get into a ridiculous situation. And it is not always clear, and therefore, it would seem insulting. Farang. For example, the word "farang" (or Thai pronunciation "Farang") is often perceived by people is inadequate, well, it is clear that in other countries is ... Details

Top 10 the most amazing facts about Thailand

Top 10 the most amazing facts about Thailand. Thailand - an extraordinary country with its own, its specific characteristics, traditions and trappings. Let's get acquainted with top-10 facts about Thailand, which distinguish it from other countries. 1. Every nation since ancient times is the most distinctive feature - the national language. Worldwide, there are ... Details

Thais do not want to believe that tourists have no money

Thais do not want to believe that tourists have no money. Many experienced tourists notice an interesting fact, traveling to Thailand. Thai people would not believe that Russian tourists have no money. For some reason, many Russians are afraid to honestly say that there is no money, and often also try to show off and brag to their state, even if ... Details

Thai Songkran - New Year in a different way

Thai Songkran - New Year in a different way: Perhaps we all have the same idea of ​​the New Year's meeting with 31 1 December January: a glittering Christmas tree dressed, good old Santa Claus, gifts, chiming clock, the traditional speech of the president on the television screens. Well, and, preferably, the snow, but not always. Songkran Thai New Year -In Thailand ... Details

New Year in Thailand / Phuket 2016

New Year in Thailand - where to celebrate New Year in Thailand - Review of places I want to make New Year's Eve special, memorable, spend it with loved ones and get a lot of pleasure. 2016 New Year in Phuket - a vacation on the white beaches surrounded by tropical greenery and exquisite Thai and world cuisine, rich ... Details


Tattoos - value of tattoos. Tattoos are becoming more popular. And if a couple of decades, tattoos are mainly to be found in various criminal elements around, now tattoos more law-abiding citizens have resorted to such a method of self-expression. Losing a romantic (albeit "thug") element, tattoos have become commonplace. And for those who tattoo - a way to stand out from the crowd and be "not like everyone else", fell on hard times.

Thailand - a country of love

Thailand set a record for the longest hug, listed in the Guinness Book. Mysterious number 26 has become a symbol of a new record in Thailand. Thailand has shown the world that a hug can last more than a day. From all over the Kingdom of Thailand in Pattaya, a so-called city of love, 26 gathered steam, ready to establish a new record. Gently embracing, one of the ... Details

Blood Ritual in Thailand

Thailand. Blood Ritual. If you think that Thailand and its traditions based on love for people, animals, nature, perhaps after reading below, you little to change his opinion about Thai life. Thailand. Blood Ritual - Every year in Thailand held the ancient rite - the bloody ceremony "Pu Sai Yai Sai". Taking place this ... Details

Villa Market (Villa Market)

Shopping in Phuket. Villa Market (Villa Market). Villa Market offers buyers import food for every taste. Great choice familiar to tourists and foreign products will be a pleasant surprise for those who long for the native food. For Thailand, some of the presented goods are rare, but among visitors and tourists are ... Details

How to buy cheap tickets to Phuket

How to buy cheap tickets to Phuket. Without purchasing tickets costing almost no trip to rest. For a person traveling on a regular basis, value their time and money, it is important to purchase tickets as cheaply as possible. Ways to buy the coveted pieces of paper entitling move on domestic or international flights, a lot, but below we will talk about ... Details

Holidays in Phuket

Holidays in Phuket Holidays in Phuket: What to choose, villa or hotel, going on holiday to Phuket at the beginning of planning your holiday in Phuket, should first choose the most desirable area in which you want to live. You should also not lose sight of the distance from the beach, this place and ... Details

Thailand Coins - Coin catalog

Coins Thailand. Catalog Thailand Coins, Siam. The uniqueness of the Thai coins can not be underestimated. Hundreds of thousands of coin collectors are willing to pay a lot of money to get to your collection rare specimen. And this is due not only to the fact that the coins - a means of payment. For the most part they are attractive in that they are a reflection of the history of his native country, are ... Details

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