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Rules of conduct in Thailand

Signs, Superstition in Thailand

Signs, Superstition in Thailand The fact that the official religion of the Kingdom of Thailand is Buddhism, is known to every educated person. Almost all locals Buddhists. All significant events in the life of Thais (wedding, birth, funeral, birthdays, moving to a new house or apartment) is closely related to the Buddhist religious traditions and customs. Buddhism in the ... Details

What can be done in Thailand, the Rules of Conduct in Thailand

What is prohibited in Thailand, the Rules of Conduct in Thailand. Few simple tips on what not to do in Thailand. By following these rules, you will not spoil your holiday superfluous problems and will not appear uncultured and uneducated savages in the eyes of Thais. Many of our countrymen and Europeans do not know the manners of the Thais, and some ... Details

Gestures in Thailand

Gestures in Thailand. Going to Thailand, it is necessary to know in advance the following. This country is famous not only unusual culture, beautiful nature and spicy cuisine, but also gestures, gestures differ from Europeans. Therefore, we must remember the most important of them to feel more free in Thailand, and not get into a situation impartial. These ... Details

Tipping in Phuket - the rules and regulations

Tipping in Phuket - the rules and regulations. Many tourists have recently arrived in Thailand, do not really understand where, who, how much and for what services to give "tea." In this article I will try to explain a little about how it is accepted and where it is not customary to leave a tip. So, for the beginning cost to say one thing - ... Details

As a matter of fact, Thais are foreigners

As a matter of fact, Thais are foreigners: Many of our compatriots, who have great tourist experience, say that the ratio of Thai to tourists has deteriorated significantly in recent years. Is this true, and if blame themselves travelers? As a matter of fact, Thais are foreigners. To understand the essence of the issue, ... Details

Rules of behavior in Thailand, the temples and sacred places

Rules of Conduct Rules of Conduct in Thailand in Thailand, in the temples and sacred places need to look for another more peaceful and tolerant people than Thais. But this does not mean that their country can behave ... they are used to. Especially when it comes to the sacred "local" places. Bitter experience of almost ... Details

How to cheat in Thailand

How to cheat in Thailand I would like to continue a very current topic about safety in Thailand and describe typical cases "razvodilovki Thai." But it does not follow immediately make hasty conclusions about what any Thai tries to profit at your expense. So when you read this article, you will understand and ... Details

What not to do in Thailand

What not to do in Thailand: A well-known proverb says: "Do not go into a stranger monastery with its charter." Asian countries are famous throughout the world for its ancient culture, traditions and respected rules. Many European nations, such as Britain, France and Germany sought to draw the eastern wisdom. But few people did it, because in order ... Details

Phuket - a paradise on earth!

Phuket - a paradise on earth! Let's think what distinguishes thinking man of not thinking? Thinking perceives any idea with imagination! It is thanks to them in the light of emerging spaceports, intriguing mini-skirts and of course, Thai massage. But apart from the Thai massage has a few things to be proud of. One of them - the island ... Details

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