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Thailand Holidays

Thai New Year - Songkran 2016

These days, probably heard a lot about the Thai New Year, which is called Songkran. This is truly an unforgettable spectacle, which takes place on the streets of Thailand! Thousands of people come and go to the streets, armed with water pistols, rifles or talc banks, some put in their pickups huge barrels of water and watered all ... Details

Phi Ta Kon Festival (Phi Ta Khon)

Festivals in Thailand: Thailand Phi Ta Kon Festival (Phi Ta Khon)
Attitude towards the supernatural and otherworldly every nation of their own. If Europe and America combined motives of worship and fear, the Oriental peoples (and Thailand - suck no exception) are mystical much easier, just accepting the fact of having obscure and beyond their power for granted.

Vegetarian Festival in Phuket 2016

Vegetarian festival in Phuket 2016. They respect their traditions in Phuket. Many holidays and rituals that have come to the present from the depths of centuries do not lose their popularity in today's life of Phuket. The world-famous Vegetarian Festival in Phuket is traditionally held in the ninth lunar month. This bright, unique and unforgettable show, but in addition to entertainment and advertising functions, perform quite tangible tasks of developing the physical body and revealing the inner world of man. The vegetarian festival in Phuket 2014 year is special, and it's not a special "round" date, but in the peculiarities of the Chinese calendar. This year's calendar assumes an "additional" ninth lunar month - a unique situation that happens once in a century. And since the gods will visit Phuket twice, then the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket should also be twice.

Blood Ritual in Thailand

Thailand. Blood Ritual. If you think that Thailand and its traditions based on love for people, animals, nature, perhaps after reading below, you little to change his opinion about Thai life. Thailand. Blood Ritual - Every year in Thailand held the ancient rite - the bloody ceremony "Pu Sai Yai Sai". Taking place this ... Details

Biker Week Phuket

Biker Week in Phuket: In Thailand, as in other countries of the region, the main means of transportation are motorbikes, sportbike, enduro, a scooter-machine people use everything that goes down to the most primitive technology. On Patong beach at the end of April ended with an annual international show, which lasted a week. The event was attended by everyone who ... Details

Kite Festival in Thailand

Kites Festival in Thailand The Thailand kites came from China. There they came up with General Han-Ching, now Thai is a favorite pastime. For them to make a snake - a very important task. They are suitable to the case in the so serious that even the rope to control the kite they prepare manually, using the ... Details

Competition birdsong in Thailand

Competition birdsong birdsong in Thailand, among others, the sounds of nature, perhaps the most beautiful. Bird-voiced able to overwhelm the human soul with admiration and delight to tiny feathered performers. Singing birds can cause freeze, listen to the magical sounds, and turn away from earthly concerns. Whistling, chilikane, chirping and warbling overwhelmed parks, gardens ... Details

Monkey Festival in Thailand

Festival of monkeys in Thailand 25 November - a special date for the monkeys living in Lopburi. Every year on this day, the locals organize a luxurious feast, and the hero of the festivities are monkeys! Festival takes place around the majestic walls of the ancient Khmer temple. Thais cover huge tables, under the cheerful music sounds of waiters dressed in white robes ... Details

Monkey Day in Thailand

Day of monkeys in Thailand unusual, but quite an interesting day is celebrated once a year, residents of the town of Lop Buri. November 25 arranged, not more nor less than a delicious dinner for the monkeys. The festival takes place near the walls of the magnificent Khmer temple. Installed large tables, where expanded set of dishes lined with amazing patterns. Tables are literally bursting with delights ... Details

Flower Festival in Thailand

Flower Festival in Thailand: Every year, at the height of spring in Thailand, in the province of Mae Hong Son, Thailand, the festival of colors' Poi Sang Long. " This is an unusually bright and colorful spectacle, it is believed that the festival of colors in Thailand is rooted in the customs and traditions of ethnic Shan. Flower Festival in Thailand - a ritual ... Details

Traditions Thailand: Why Thai children pigtail ?!

The traditions of Thailand. Protect spirit protect you! "European" civilization continues its march around the world, gradually crushing under the nations and the countries of old, having its colorful and unique culture. And Thailand, the ancient Buddhist state, under the pressure of globalization is gradually becoming more "European". Goes deep into the country's major cities in the customs and rituals of this ... Details

Rocket Festival in Thailand

Rocket Festival in Thailand: Almost all the peoples of the world have a tradition to hold a ritual call rain. For example, in Thailand, this tradition became a bright holiday, which is annually visited by several million tourists from all over the world. The day when the Thais cause rain was named "Rocket Festival". This event has a great trading success ... Details

Wedding in Thailand - a wedding in Thai style

Young couples preparing for the wedding want to make this day unforgettable. Wedding in Thailand! Once and for all, they take vows before God that they will protect and love each other for the rest of their days. Many enamored tired of these banal marriage registration ceremonies: a disgruntled employee of the registry office, pretty drunk guests, skirmishes at the table between the invited. Lovers prepare scenarios for their wedding, come up with fun entertainment and contests, develop menus to their liking, and plan the themes of the feast. Now more and more couples from different countries of the world prefer to play their wedding in an exotic country.

Thailand Holidays - Description - Thailand Holidays

Thailand Holidays: Thais also love to relax, so holidays in Thailand, it seems, even more than in Russia. Thailand holidays - Thailand New Year is referred to as Magha Puja, it is celebrated on January 1. Significant date in February is the day of the full moon. This holiday became national, his appearance is connected with the important events of Buddhism. The story began ... Details

Songkran - Thai New Year

Songkran - Thai New Year Sonkgran Thai New Year. Once again I came to Moscow, and bumping on advertising tours to Thailand, I was inspired to write this article. Another big tourist company broadcast on unforgettable tours in Thailand, why then under Japanese - Korean motifs. I was disappointed that when such famous stages ... Details

Pineapple Festival in Thailand - choose your own pineapple

Pineapple festival in Thailand in Thai northern province of Lampang Pineapple Festival is held in Thailand, which begins with fair agriculture. Usually there are contractual relations between those who grow this fruit and its processors, exchange experiences on successful harvests. There is also not without its exhibitions, except where pineapples ... Details

Festival Thailand - Spirits Festival Phi Ta Khon (PHI TA KHON)

Thailand Festival - Festival Phi Ta Khon spirits (PHI TA KHON) that Khon Phi - Festival in Thailand, which takes place before the Buddhist Lent, which lasts for three months. This festival is clearly suitable for tourists and travelers, because it is an amazing sight. He left a lot of good memories from anyone. Festival Thailand - ... Details

Congkran to Thai New Year

Congkran to Thai New Year Songkran - the so-called New Year in Thailand. Thais do not lag behind other countries in the east and just celebrate the European New Year, which comes 1 January your local New Year - Songkran. Thai people often call their holiday Van Songrakan, which translated into Russian ... Details

Lantern Festival - the romance of Loy Krathong in Thailand

Feast of Lanterns Loy Kratong in Thailand - Holiday Lantern - so cute and fascinating spectacle, shrouded beauty burning candles and the scent of flowers. One of the most beautiful and romantic holiday in Thailand, is undoubtedly a holiday sky lanterns Loy Krathong (Loy Kratong). Loy Krathong is celebrated for over 700 years. According to one version, he ... Details

Thailand Holidays

Holidays in Thailand. Not only tropical rain, waves and warm sand beckon tourists to Thailand. Amazing culture and unique personal path of spiritual traditions make the Thai holidays - colorful. In each province of Thailand celebrated some local holidays, they usually are not tied to dates. But of all the dates you can allocate more ... Details

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