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Spa in Thailand

Sanus Per Aquam - SPA in Phuket - Spa in Thailand

Spa in Thailand - Sanus Per Aquam - SPA in Phuket today in any country are very popular spa-treatments. Thailand on the list is not in last place. If we take the very interpretation of the word SPA, it means «sanus per aquam», which translates as "water of health". As can be seen from this ... Details

Spa in Phuket

SPA-industry in Phuket - a harmonious combination of ancient techniques and modern science. In the salons and spas of the island you will fully enjoy the high level of service, warmth and hospitality will feel respected and honored guest. It offers: a modern high quality equipment and experienced professional instructors, beauticians and masseurs, the unique program of recovery ... Details

Thai massage

Thai massage, Thai massage in Phuket: what, where, how much. Thai massage offers plenty of salons, "multiply" in all resorts. Most importantly - do not fall for amateurs. And surely, if the first time massage done by a professional and in a good salon, you do not just go back there and will be a regular customer, and you will be welcomed as ... Details

Ancient Art - Ayurveda in Phuket

Art of the Ancients - Ayurveda in Phuket. While leading research centers of the world are involved in unspoken competition between them in the creation of new technologies, among other parts of the world's population, on the contrary, more and more often carried the ancient practice - naturopathy, homeopathy, yoga and herbal medicine. Also referred to the ancient practices and Ayurveda - the traditional Vedic ... Details

Spa Phuket - Sauna in Thailand

Spa in Phuket. Sauna in Thailand: The correct collection of fresh and dried plants that have specific qualities that can perfectly handle in the treatment of any disease. The main thing that the collection has been picked up for a particular person, given his poor health. Thai monasteries from generation to generation passed and nurtured experience "herbal doctors". Full list SPA salons island ... Details

Fish Spa in Phuket

Fish Spa Phuket This we do not go on special spa for domestic cats, in which beautiful women doing massage, scrubs, body wraps. According to experts, the beauty demands victims, so the procedures for body care is now almost all interested girls and many of the young men. Some are satisfied with the procedures currently own ... Details

Thai massage

Thai massage Thai massage: According to legend, over two thousand years ago, a famous physician of the king of India and one of the Buddha, Dzhavaka Bhakke invented extraordinary in their health effects of massage, which not only "came" to the present day, but also considered able to replace all the medicine of today. This massage is called Thai and in order to ... Details

Cosmetics from Thailand, Thai popular brands of cosmetics

Cosmetics from Thailand, Thai popular brands of cosmetics: High quality and environmental friendliness - the characteristics that distinguish the makeup, which is the birthplace of Thailand. First of all, this is achieved at the expense of natural ingredients that are commonly used in its own production of the leading brands in the sphere of Thailand. Consider the major ones, won the honorary title of industry leaders. Cosmetics… Details

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