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Sports on the island of Phuket in the fact that Thailand is quite a sport country, no one can argue. For example, the most famous in the world of sports clubs - Thai boxing, or Muay Thai, Fight on swords palkah- other words krabong Krabi, and can not do without volleyball with rattan small ball, in other words Sepak ... Details

Thailand Muay Thai. Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket

Thailand Muay Thai. Training Center Tiger Muay Thai. Activities in Phuket - it is prestigious. Many tourists, coming to rest, go in for sports. One of the most popular training centers in Phuket - a Tiger Muay Thai. The training center engaged in Muay Thai, both girls and boys. Trainings are divided into classes, a visit which can be purchased in various programs Tiger Muay Thai training. So, Tiger Muay Thai - a training center, where classes are grouped together in the program. Read about training programs


Thailand Bangkok Kumite, Kumite. Kumite returns: Night club «Insomnia» opened its doors again after returning to his kumite. Kumite - is a martial art with elements of the show. Bangkok gladly spends at such an interesting spectacle. Shortly before that were some legal nuances in the organization of competitions, and as soon as they have settled, kumite with different elements colorful show - again in Thailand, and many will be able to enjoy these types of martial arts. Of course, it is very important that it has returned to the stage sporting performances.

Kitesurfing in Thailand

Kitesurfing in Thailand: Kitesurfing in Thailand is sufficiently developed contrary to popular belief, that in this country can only sunbathe on the beaches and indulge in entertainment. In the period from May to October in Thailand or a lot of precipitation in the form of rain or frequent short-term heavy rainfall. Season excellent wind is considered to be the period from ... Details

Biker Week Phuket

Biker Week in Phuket: In Thailand, as in other countries of the region, the main means of transportation are motorbikes, sportbike, enduro, a scooter-machine people use everything that goes down to the most primitive technology. On Patong beach at the end of April ended with an annual international show, which lasted a week. The event was attended by everyone who ... Details

World Beach Volleyball FIVB tournament

World Beach Volleyball FIVB tournament in Phuket - Thai island ideal for a variety of amateur. Phuket will satisfy even the most fastidious gourmet sports. Paradise, where fights are held colorful Thai boxing, fans of the "two-wheeled speed" from around the world gather during motorcycle week, also famous competitions in traditional Thai kinds ... Details

Rafting in Phuket

Rafting in Phuket: Phuket! Beautiful nature, inspiring and sensual, the sea is the most intriguing experiences and not only ... Arriving in this magical place, you can also indulge in their favorite hobbies, such as rafting. Rafting in Phuket: Even if you have never experienced what it is like to experience, Phuket - the best place for the first time to ... Details


Diving in Phuket: The desire to touch the unknown, alluring for its impeccable beauty of the underwater kingdom there everyone, but not everyone dares to make the first dive, the fear of the depths and the lack of skills in diving prevents to make the first step. I would like to note that for the first dive to the depths of the world need only your desire, some ... Details

Sea fishing in Phuket

Fishing in Phuket. Sea fishing in Phuket: Phuket Island - A lot of fishermen come here from October to April to catch black marlin. Fishing in Phuket. In Phuket, a fisherman can catch both Black Marlin and a small but exotic fish. Sea fishing and lake fishing are popular here. During fishing you have nothing to do, as experienced fishermen are engaged in this process, and tourists are invited to take part when you need to get the prey. You sit in a special chair and pull the fish. All that can be caught, just get on the table, you will prepare a delicious dinner.

Thailand Flight of the Gibbon

Thailand Flight of the Gibbon. What times - and these characters have boys. After the film "Tarzan", thundered on large screens many decades ago, all the teenagers depicted clever young man to whom it was easy to "fly" from tree to tree, clinging to the vine. You want to feel like Tarzan - King of the Jungle? Then the tour of "Flight of the Gibbon", part ... Details

Diving in Phukte, diving in Thailand

Diving in Phukte, diving in Thailand: Diving in Phuket Thailand is one of the most attractive country for diving tourism. It specializes, as a rule, on a beach holiday, but increasingly popular form of recreation in Thailand becomes diving. Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya and Phuket Adamski Sea are famous for the presence of some of the best ... Details

Climbing in Thailand

Climbing in Thailand His popularity climbing in Thailand found even in 80-ies, when the tourist climbing holiday in the south of the country saw and appreciated the extraordinary terrain. The very first places in Thailand which were rated by climbers Phi Phi Island. But slowly and carefully examining the rocks at the Andaman Sea have also found the beaches ... Details

Golf clubs Phuket

Golf clubs Phuket There is no doubt that the game of golf - it's not just a game, a hobby, available mainly to people of considerable wealth, the so-called privileged class population. This sort of a game for millionaires! But the Thai island of Phuket will provide an opportunity for travelers on their territory at least temporarily to join such a fine ... Details

Wakeboarding or water skiing in Phuket

Wakeboarding or water skiing in Phuket Absolutely not disputed the fact that on holiday in Phuket tourists expect beautiful and clean sea, a bright and warm sun, the surrounding exotic environment and the specific Thai food. All of this together and will create the necessary environment for a good rest. You can, of course, and all ... Details

Diving in Phuket

Diving Phuket Diving Phuket. Diving in Phuket. Order diving in Phuket, you can follow any responses from our operators. Diving in Phukete- photos, videos, descriptions, prices for diving in Phuket. Diving in Phuket - Thailand is becoming a more attractive destination for leisure travelers thanks to its spacious beach, clean Every year ... Details

ATV Phuket

ATV Phuket For any Russian person fast driving is one of the favorite pastimes. Which is only fun when the adrenaline in the blood gushing, and the wind just rips off the seat. And it's not about motorbikes, not available to everyone. In the future, we talk about ATV Phuket. This small all-terrain vehicles, and to ride ... Details

Thai boxing

History and reality. In Thailand, a unique martial art, known as "Thai boxing" or "Muay Thai", there was quite a long time, and included the schools of different directions, but the basic layout techniques developed precisely in Ayutthaya. Thailand Thai boxing - origins At first, Thai boxing was designed to conduct combat in ... Details

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