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Wedding in Phuket

Wedding in Phuket. All "for"!

Wedding in Phuket. All "for"! Wedding in Phuket is original, unusual and very exciting. Wedding in Phuket you will certainly be remembered. A combination of many factors wakes romantic strings of the soul. Phuket - the most beautiful corner of Thailand, the island-pearl in the Andaman Sea, a tourist mecca and one of the centers of Buddhism. To conduct the wedding in Phuket, so remember this moment forever. Let the wedding in Phuket will become your reality. Wedding in Phuket: So why can (and should) play a wedding in Phuket?

How to get married in Thailand

How to get married in Thailand How to get married in Thailand: Thai goto registry office, we immediately had to go back in search of an interpreter. Of course, they have a translator, but it is about 3000 bateau / RUB and advised us one of the office employees to find someone from friends who can translate into English ... Details

Thailand Phuket - three stages of people's lives

Thailand Phuket - three stages of life. Chinese immigrants and other residents of the island of Phuket say that there are three significant events that coincide with the main stages of life and all who live on the island, they must know and remember about it. Phuket there are traditions of celebrating the highlights of life - birth, ... Details

Wedding in Thailand - Thai wedding ceremony

Wedding in Thailand: Thailand - one of the few places on the planet, where all seemed intended for romance and accompanying her privacy: endless summer, tall and slender palm trees, clear and warm sea, glowing soft sand on a secluded beach ... Everything is perfect for the moment, that holds marriage loving hearts. AT… Details

Wedding in Thailand - a wedding in Thai style

Young couples preparing for the wedding want to make this day unforgettable. Wedding in Thailand! Once and for all, they take vows before God that they will protect and love each other for the rest of their days. Many enamored tired of these banal marriage registration ceremonies: a disgruntled employee of the registry office, pretty drunk guests, skirmishes at the table between the invited. Lovers prepare scenarios for their wedding, come up with fun entertainment and contests, develop menus to their liking, and plan the themes of the feast. Now more and more couples from different countries of the world prefer to play their wedding in an exotic country.

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