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Thailand information Thailand History of Thailand, Thailand information Thailand Thailand relationship with other countries, Thailand policy, Thailand coup, Thailand War. Thailand - the early period of the history of Thailand. It is likely that the ancestors of the Thais moved to this region of southern China. For several centuries, the peoples migrated to Thailand from one river valley to the other. Origin THAILAND as a state took place much later than other European countries.


Smile: What lies in the smiles of the Thai people, and why Thailand is called the Land of Smiles? Those who have at least once been in Thailand or at least read about this amazing country, aware that there is a magical tropical nature. But that is not all. The Kingdom of Thailand is still referred to as the Land of Smiles. Why is that? Let us examine together what ... Details


Thailand (in Thai. - ประเทศไทย) Relief of Thailand. Regions of Thailand. Climate conditions of Thailand. The population of Thailand. Religion in Thailand. Culture of Thailand. Thailand (in Thai. - ประเทศไทย). Also known as the Kingdom of Thailand (in Thai - ราช อาณาจักร ไทย [râ: tɕʰa ʔa: na: tɕɑk tʰɑj]) and Siam (before 1939 year) - a state located in Southeast Asia, the northern part of the peninsula of Malacca, the western part of the peninsula Indochina. The eastern part of Thailand is adjacent to the territory of Laos and Cambodia, the southern part - with Malaysia, the western part - with Myanmar. The very name of the state (from the Thai word "thai" (ไทย) - "freedom")

Trips to Thailand

Trips to Thailand. Route: Bangkok - Koh Phi Phi - Phuket. So, the journey begins with Bangkok. Arriving here, you can not miss this opportunity, as a visit to Safari World. What is there so wonderful? First, it is worth noting the work of landscape designers and specialists who designed this marvel. Everywhere huge amount of lush greenery and has a pond, and the territory of the park ... Details

Top 10 the most amazing facts about Thailand

Top 10 the most amazing facts about Thailand. Thailand - an extraordinary country with its own, its specific characteristics, traditions and trappings. Let's get acquainted with top-10 facts about Thailand, which distinguish it from other countries. 1. Every nation since ancient times is the most distinctive feature - the national language. Worldwide, there are ... Details

Thai Songkran - New Year in a different way

Thai Songkran - New Year in a different way: Perhaps we all have the same idea of ​​the New Year's meeting with 31 1 December January: a glittering Christmas tree dressed, good old Santa Claus, gifts, chiming clock, the traditional speech of the president on the television screens. Well, and, preferably, the snow, but not always. Songkran Thai New Year -In Thailand ... Details

Northern Thailand - Mesalong

Northern Thailand - mountains and tea plantations - Mesalong. About Thailand tell in great detail, but you can try to tell a different story Thailand. So we take a walk along the Northern Thailand, and in particular the little town Mesalong. Direction: North of Thailand. With Bass Station Pattaya bus going in the direction of Chiang Rai. The trip will cost 1500 baht ... Details

Thai New Year - Songkran 2016

These days, probably heard a lot about the Thai New Year, which is called Songkran. This is truly an unforgettable spectacle, which takes place on the streets of Thailand! Thousands of people come and go to the streets, armed with water pistols, rifles or talc banks, some put in their pickups huge barrels of water and watered all ... Details


Thailand: Phuket - island paradise or a dream come true Thailand Phuket: For those who go on holiday in Thailand, Phuket - is one of the first places that are worth a visit. After all this beautiful nature area, surrounded by lush vegetation, for anyone tired of everyday worries, will be the venue for a truly paradise ... Details

The ratio of Thai to tourists

The ratio of tourists to the Thai or Thai to foreigners. In many countries, to the Russian tourists are treated with suspicion. In recent years, more and more of our compatriots choose to relax exotic Thailand, and of course everyone wants to know how the locals to tourists. This is especially important for those who have decided to travel ... Details

Thailand or Russia - where to live?

Thailand or Russia - where better to live in Thailand or Russia? Where to live better - in Russian or Thailand? Many at least once in life arose the idea to change something in your life, try to bring it something new. Of course, everyone wants to make these changes had only a positive connotation, ... Details

Thailand in the movies - movies about Thailand - Filmed in Thailand

Thailand in the movies - movies about Thailand - Review of the film was shot in Thailand This review movies filmed in the amazing places in Thailand, has several objectives. On the one hand, those who have been in this picturesque country, will be able to once again plunge into the wonderful memories of her. On the other - those who have not ... Details

Wat Arun

Wat Arun - Temple of Dawn - Wat Arun Sanctuary: Sanctuary Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn. The first time being in Bangkok, buy a map of the city. Once you deploy it, you will find everything you need. Absolutely all the important sights already applied to it, and designated picture. At the bottom of the card will be sure to footnotes ... Details

When cheaper holiday in Thailand?

When cheaper holiday in Thailand? In Thailand, a lot of fans. Who has ever visited in Thailand, back to back, to once again enjoy this amazingly beautiful country. The thrill of the holiday I want to repeat again. However, any vacation requires money, and immediately the question arises: how to rest well and inexpensively? A question… Details

Where better to live in Thailand - Where better to work in Thailand

Where better to live in Thailand - Where better to work in Thailand. How to choose a resort for working and living in Thailand Thailand attracts each year in its hot embrace more and more people. Many of our compatriots choose this country for holidays and accommodation. Summer all year round, wonderful beaches, clean sea, ... Details

Ao Nang - Sightseeing, prices

Ao Nang - Excursions in Ao Nang in Krabi - Ao Nang Tours, prices. Excursions Ao Nang. Ao Nang - a beach resort, which stretches just twenty kilometers from Krabi province. First, of course, implies to those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature and beautiful beaches. Ao Nang - a very attractive place for tourists and ... Details

Beach Holidays in Thailand

Beach holiday in Thailand - The best time for a beach holiday - Beach season in Thailand. What could be better than the rest? Soak up the warm rays on the beautiful golden beaches, swim in the clear ocean water, enjoy the unusual tropical landscapes and exotic nature ... hot and sunny countries attract many people from all over the world. Often after a holiday abroad employees return to their jobs and try to


Thailand: the location of Thailand, the natural conditions in Thailand, food in Thailand, the history of Thailand, the culture of Thailand, Cuisine Thailand, fruit Thailand, Thailand. THAILAND is in southeast Asia. The main part of the population is made up of Thai people; they also refer to 15 ethnic communities, among which are tai-korat, lao and khon-tai. Also here live the Chinese, Malays, the Yao tribes, the Mao, as well as the peoples belonging to the Tibet-Burmese group. The official language is Thai. The main religion was Buddhism. It is professed by 95% of the population. In addition to Buddhists, there are also Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Hindus. The Malays are just Muslims .. THAILAND itself counts 72 provinces.

Kingdom of Thailand

Kingdom of Thailand, Thailand. Thailand - Kingdom. Thailand is ruled by King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX), it is located in the south-east Asia. Neighbourhood: the north-east - with Laos in the north and west - with Burma (Myanmar) to the south-east - with Cambodia, to the south - with Malaysia in the south-west - with Burma. The country area is 513115 square kilometers, bordering the south-west by the Andaman Sea and the south-east - the Gulf of Siam. The peninsula on which the Thailand called Indochina, and a small part of the kingdom, the southernmost, is on the Malay Peninsula.

Thailand, Thailand's state unit

Thailand (Thailand), Thailand's political system. Up to 1932 years kings ruled the country Thailand uncontrollably and only single-handedly, and other authorities were not. But as a result of officials and military revolution, though bloodless, absolute monarchy was replaced by a constitutional monarchy. The National Assembly exercises the legislative power in Thailand, it is bicameral. Thailand's Constitutional Court interprets all special provisions of the Constitution. The whole administrative system is centralized in Thailand.

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