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Thailand - Thailand Culture

Culture of Thailand. The waters of the Gulf of Thailand are washing the country in the south, and this is the Chinese Sea, and in the southwest is the Andaman Sea. Thailand, Thailand, the Kingdom of Thailand, the Kingdom of Thailand, the culture of Thailand, the culture of Thailand. Thailand covers an area of ​​513 thousand square meters. kilometers. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. The basic population is Thai, but many other nations. Thailand (Thailand) culture. The first monarch states - Dvaravati (1st century AD), then - Lavaux and Lamphun - were located in the valley of Menam-Chao Phraya, later they were subdued by the Khmers. Then the Thai kingdom of Sukhothai was formed with its capital in Ayutthaya (Ayutthaya).

Thailand - Kingdom of Thailand

Thailand - Kingdom of Thailand. THAILAND Kingdom is located in Asia, in the south-east. The area occupied by Thailand, is quite extensive - 513 thousand sq. M. km. Neighboring states with Thailand: Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. For 2400 km there is an exit to the sea. In the south is the Gulf of Thailand, southwest of it - Andaman Sea. From the Indian Ocean country separates only peninsular projection area of ​​Thailand. Until the mid-twentieth century, the state bore a different name - Siam. Today it THAILAND or Prathetthay, which means "land of the free."

Thailand, population, religion

Thailand. Religion in Thailand. Demographics of Thailand. Based on the evaluation of 2004 years, the territory THAILAND live almost 65 million. Man. Partly increasing population is constantly changing. For example, in 60-ies of the last century it was 3%. Through the years 20 decreased to 2,5% fertility. But the fact remains that for almost 50 years the population doubled THAILAND. Young people - people under the age of 30 years - half of the total population. On average, one square. km are 118 people. It lives in cities-fourth of the total population.

Thailand, Thailand's economy

Thailand (Thailand), Thailand's economy, in Thailand as of 1997 525 year GDP amounted billion. Dollars. Northern Region of Thailand. The southern region of Thailand. Northeast Thailand. Features of Agriculture of Thailand. Fisheries of Thailand. Forestry Thailand. The mining industry in Thailand. Foreign Trade of Thailand. Transport infrastructure in Thailand. State budget Thailand

Thailand Society and Culture

Thailand, Thailand society, Thailand culture, Holidays of Thailand, religion of Thailand, music of Thailand, information about Thailand, people in Thailand. Life of the inhabitants of Thailand. In general, the ration of the inhabitant of this country is rice and fish. Very popular in this country are numerous condiments, including shrimp, pepper, and other vegetables. Supplement to the main diet are fruits. Depending on the area, the kitchen may differ in some nuances in terms of ingredients and cooking. However, the base remains unchanged - the obligatory product is noodles and spicy curry seasoning.

Holidays in Thailand

Holidays in Thailand. Who does not know that Thailand - this is the best country for any holiday? Entertainment here - a great many, and everyone can find their favorite from lying on the beach to active conquest of the deep sea. Also there you can find more "indecent" entertainment, but fun and funny. Thailand - is the fulfillment of the seven cherished desires. The entertainment industry in Thailand is so great

Thailand Flowers

Thailand: Thailand flowers. Thailand - a country with a unique and extremely rich tropical flora. Surprisingly, in Thailand can be found 27 thousand kinds of wonderful plants.
In the Kingdom of Thailand grows large number of different colors. With some of them we are acquainted. Thai Lotus (Nelumbo). Thai Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea). Thai Pandanus fascicularis. Thai Zingiber spectabilis. Thai Mimosa pudica. Thai Heliconia rostrata. Thai Plumeria (Plumeria)

Explosions in Thailand

Thailand firecrackers: When the sun goes behind stretching into infinity horizon, Thailand resets the mask of warm and hospitable host and returns to his roots. Tourist paradise remains immured in comfortable rooms and hum night discos and luxury hotels turn on the reservation, a night out of which it becomes a step into the unknown. And in the afternoon few tourists dare to move away from the traditional and well-established schemes, limited to a few boutiques in the center, the beach and comfortable rooms in 5-star hotel. And in vain ...

Restaurant Nai Harn

Restaurant Naiharn Phuket delicious restaurants - restaurant Hang Around. Hang Around Restaurant is located between the beaches of Phuket - Nai Harn and Rawai. The design of the restaurant in "retro" style and specialties for the secret recipe for you. I Hang Around Restaurant on Naiharn is associated with comfort and relaxation Hang Around Restaurant on Naiharn - Phuket is a great place, located near Nai Harn

Tours in Thailand

Tours in Thailand: a unique combination of tropical flavor, high level of service, a variety of entertainment and relative cheapness of permits in Thailand make holidays in this country especially attractive. This incredibly hospitable country by the abundance of temples and channels can be compared to Venice, and on a variety of walks of luxury - from Rio de Janeiro.

Holidays in Thailand

Holidays in Thailand: Tourists who want a country with a tropical climate and average air temperature + 28 ° C, THAILAND HOLIDAY give unforgettable. A delightful nature, beautiful resorts, the original kitchen forced to plunge into the atmosphere of fascinating pastime and feel the charm of the exotic. Holidays in Thailand: Thailand's charm. The island kingdom of travelers meets the sun shining and a breeze ... Details

Holidays in Thailand

Holidays in Thailand for every taste and budget. Would you like to plunge into the unique exotic and visually assess the pristine tropical beauty? Then holiday in Thailand will certainly please their originality, excellent service, favorable weather and warm sea. There are many historical monuments, so cultural leisure for every tourist will be provided. Hospitable locals pleasantly surprised, so the country is known as "the kingdom of smiles."

Thailand Islands

Thailand Islands - Islands of Thailand: Ocean pearls and Thailand islands beckon its richness and beauty. Thailand Island - Thailand's most popular islands in Thailand - Phuket and Samui. Many tourists for a long time can not make a choice between the two resorts. Islands of Thailand: And Samui and Phuket - a great place for a good rest, and lately more and more of our compatriots choose them not only for a holiday. Islands Thailand

Thailand Pattaya

Thailand Pattaya. Fabulous Thailand: Pattaya - a small paradise for lovers of fiery rest! Many tourists who go to Thailand, it was in a hurry to go to Pattaya. This resort is situated on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Beautiful beaches, numerous hotel complexes of different levels, delicious Thai food, massage parlors, fun bars with incendiary secret, a variety of shows for all tastes - in general, you will not be bored.


Thailand - a paradise for travelers. Thailand - a wonderful country in which one can experience the bliss of the moment during the holidays. In the humid tropical climate of Thailand, Thai people are good-natured, exotic attractions - a scattering of benefits a splendid vacation in Thailand. The varied flora and fauna kingdom Thailand captivates with its diversity and beauty. Primordial nature of Thailand, kilometers ... Details

Thailand Phuket

Thailand Phuket: If you want to go to Thailand, Phuket off the western coast of the country you will enjoy its magnificent nature and respectable, well-developed resort area. Pearl of excellent country Thailand Phuket - is an island located in the little known to us the Andaman Sea of ​​the Indian Ocean.

Gestures in Thailand

Gestures in Thailand. Going to Thailand, it is necessary to know in advance the following. This country is famous not only unusual culture, beautiful nature and spicy cuisine, but also gestures, gestures differ from Europeans. Therefore, we must remember the most important of them to feel more free in Thailand, and not get into a situation impartial. These ... Details

How to buy cheap tickets to Phuket

How to buy cheap tickets to Phuket. Without purchasing tickets costing almost no trip to rest. For a person traveling on a regular basis, value their time and money, it is important to purchase tickets as cheaply as possible. Ways to buy the coveted pieces of paper entitling move on domestic or international flights, a lot, but below we will talk about ... Details

What to feed a child in Thailand

What to feed a child in Thailand. Going on holiday in Thailand with children, parents are downright baffled by the question: What can feed your baby here. It is a known fact that the Thai food - quite spicy. But not everyone knows that not all the dishes in cafes and restaurants in Thailand and sharp ... Details

Phuket Restaurants - prepare yourself!

Phuket Restaurants - prepare yourself! world-class Network - MK. Phuket - a paradise for gourmets, where you can find any cuisine, from the European to the mysterious Japanese. Variety of dishes impresses, and the imagination of local chefs and does not know borders, so stay hungry in Phuket absolutely impossible. What if… Details

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