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Transport in Thailand

How to buy a bike in Thailand

How to buy a bike in Thailand. If you - a lover of motorcycles, the Thailand - a great place to ride them. But before you buy a bike in Thailand, you need to make sure that all the documents on a motorcycle decorated according to the rules of the local law. That you are not fined on the road, not only enough ... Details

Bangkok - Bangkok transport

Bangkok metropolis is large enough, so the problem of displacement in Bangkok is acute, the same way as in other major cities of the world. Lives in Bangkok, a huge number of people -. About 10 million Once in Bangkok, you can get confused at first, because there are obvious difficulties about how to get to your destination. In order to transport the theme does not cause confusion arrived in Bangkok, written by this article.

Travel to Thailand. Thailand airlines

Travel to Thailand. Airlines of Thailand. Vacationers often limiting their acquaintance with Thailand only a few of the hotel or the nearby shops often are in error about the true size of Siam. In fact, Thailand - enough large state (514 area of ​​thousands of square kilometers, the maximum distance from west to east - 780 kilometers, the total length of ... Details

The journey from Phuket to Krabi

The journey from Phuket to Krabi. Krabi - the famous corner of the Kingdom of Thailand, the city of paradise, year-round resort, where luxury beaches, museums and temples peacefully coexist with magnificent karst caves, located approximately 170 km east of Phuket. But in fact, Krabi - only the center of the whole region, an island paradise, which includes more than 130 ... Details

Rules of the road in Thailand (SDA)

Thai traffic rules (SDA in Thailand) is not particularly different from the Russian. However, to be unprepared in this question, you can get into trouble. Therefore, you must remember a few simple rules to help you feel more confident in the Thai roads. 1. Traffic regulations in Thailand. Driving on the wrong side. In Thailand, as the ... Details

Buses in Phuket

Buses in Phuket. The fact that Phuket is absolutely no public transport - it is a myth. Buses in Phuket there :). And this myth spread to such an extent that the tourists who come to live here for a year, and only then learn about the availability of public transport on Phuket. Someone convinced that public transport is not here .... Details

Fines for traffic violations in Phuket

Fines for traffic violations in Phuket. The relaxed atmosphere of all the resort has an impact on all the people. And Phuket is no exception. Its wonderful landscape and a constant party atmosphere and makes relax and discard all unnecessary thoughts. But we all know that the driver is not on the road to relaxation. In Thailand, ... Details

Bike in Phuket. Driving without a license

Bike in Phuket. Driving without a license. In Phuket you can rent a bike without a license. The owners rent mopeds for rent, not interested in the existence of the rights of tourists, without requiring any documents confirming driving skills. bike rental points in Phuket can be found on almost every corner. This in Europe, who ... Details

Bike Phuket or find a problem! Bad advice!

Bike Phuket or find a problem! Most print media, tour operators and travel agents strongly recommend travelers to Thailand to avoid the motorcycle and bike rental in Phuket in avoiding trouble. But every time there are tourists who do not listen to this advice, so they often get into trouble. This causes great damage to life, ... Details

Fuels in Thailand

Fuels in Thailand: Thailand has always been an attractive destination for domestic tourists. Several reasons for this: exotic colorful nature, enticing Eastern traditions, warm climate, and perhaps most importantly - cheap. Flight, hotel accommodation and meals - all are available at lower prices than in most other countries of the resort ... Details

Rail transport in Thailand

Rail transport in Thailand Rail transport is one of the lesser-used transports tourists in the journey, because does not have great popularity in Thailand. One such reason is the huge number of bus routes network, which, in turn, is very well developed. Moving at a considerable distance to a given point with high comfort and ... Details

Taxi in Phuket

Taxi Phuket When I went to the island of Ko Phi Phi, it was not even thinking that come across such a problem, as taxis on Phuket. Generally, you will reveal a secret that it generally does not exist there. Perhaps due to excessive "kindness" of our compatriots there and had such a useful service. However, for travel in ... Details

Driving in Thailand

Rules of the road in Thailand. If you are going to relax for the first time in Thailand, I took a right on driving - had plans to rent a car. But my plans did not come true, because when I saw with my own eyes the local traffic, I realized - not worth the risk. Cars, mopeds, bicycles, people ... Details

Rent a bike in Phuket

Rent a bike in Phuket: If the question arises: to take in Phuket motorbike hire - what could be easier? Take your passport and go to the nearest office, which carries out these services. The moment at which you need to pay attention - this is two possible ways to use the bike hire services in Phuket. The first requires you to pledge ... Details

Thailand buses - Travel to Thailand by bus

Journey to Thailand by bus - Buses Thailand Thailand. Road transport between the cities of Thailand is very well represented by bus company "Bo Kho-Over," which is an acronym from the original Thai and authorized its name - The Transport Company Limited. It is noteworthy that the Thais have named this company public. Although, legally, "Bo Kho-So" - joint-stock company with a larger share ... Details

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