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Tours in Thailand

Upside down house in Phuket - one day excursion

Upside down house in Phuket - a fabulous and original place! Upside down house was upside down. From the first minutes may give the impression that you are overheated in the sun, otherwise how could all pick up and roll over. Do not jump to conclusions! Look around and you will see that all people are the same way as you ... on the ceiling ... Details

Tours in Thailand

Tours to Thailand. Tours in Thailand - Israel - Phuket. Tours in Thailand from Israel to Phuket 14 days - Accommodation Hotel - Accommodation in a villa. Guided tours to Thailand (Phuket) in Thailand Tours - Israel - Phuket Tours in Thailand from the company SIAM INTERNATIONAL 1 DAY tours ... Details

Tours in Thailand

Tours to Thailand: Thailand - a country of contrasts. Tours to Thailand: In addition to luxurious hotels and popular system of "all inclusive" found an affordable and cheap holiday in a cozy bungalow. Tours to Thailand are a great opportunity exciting and informative time, improve your health and fully enjoy the natural beauty, the real jungle and the original architecture of Buddhist temples. Tours to Thailand: Having been in this exotic country, you can visually assess the wonderful nature

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