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Visa to Thailand

Visa to Thailand

Visa to Thailand. Detailed description of the procedures for obtaining a visa in Thailand, types and kinds, the cost of visas in Thailand, assistance in obtaining visas to the territory of Thailand, penalties for delay of visas. Full details of the visa regime in Thailand. All you need to know about visas to Thailand. Visa to Thailand. Since the summer of 2014 years in Thailand ... Details

Student visa in Phuket. School TTT

Student visa for Phuket. TTT School. Until the middle of this year, Russian tourists could come to Phuket for more than 3 months without issuing a visa. Everyone used such a widespread service in Phuket - visa wounds. More recently, the Government of Thailand has become more strict about international agreements, according to which Russian tourists have the right to enter the country on a visa-free regime for 30 days. Further it is allowed to make 2 visa a wound, each of which prolongs the allowed stay in Thailand for 30 days. If 90 days have passed (in total from the beginning of the visit), and you are not yet ready to leave Thailand, visa is required.

The new visa regime in Thailand

The new visa regime in Thailand. 29 August, comes into force a new law that allows foreign tourists, having the status of the visa exemption (visa «Walk-in»), to extend the stay in the UK for another 30 days. This information was confirmed by the chief immigration officer about. Mr. Samchay Phuket. He said that his office has already informed the ... Details

Retirement Visa to Thailand

Retirement Visa to Thailand. We all want to have the parents was a dignified old age. After doing everything for us, once they stop working and retire, and then many, many of them need care. It is unlikely that someone will like a sad prospect that pensions are not enough, and our old people are forced to ... Details

Work Visa in Thailand

Work Visa in Thailand. Work Abroad - a dream for many of our compatriots. They are attracted by high wages (and often in dollars), low requirements for the qualification and its relative affordability. And, if earlier the leader among the countries where our citizens went "to work", was Poland, now more and more "for a long ... Details

Overstey or fines for violation of visa regime

Thailand visa - the penalties for violating the visa regime in Thailand. Tourists that are in Tae without visa documents and can not, just leave the territory of the Kingdom will be forced, for each day of delay, pay 500 baht fine (17 $). For offenders who remain in Thailand after permitted, 30-day period of stay ... Details

Thailand visa for citizens of the former USSR

Thailand visa for citizens of the former USSR. Wanting to go to Thailand, you need to think in advance about what will be needed for this document. Naturally, the journey will not be without a visa, the rules of which design you need to know. We hope the information below will greatly facilitate your efforts to quickly go to a long-awaited vacation in Thailand. Thailand visa ... Details

Visa «O» or other category of visa in Thailand

Visa «O» or other category of visa in Thailand, otherwise known as Non immigration Visa O, designed for those who can stay in Thailand, but are not suited to the other types of visas. This is a currently an analogue item "Miscellaneous»: 1. Children accompanying elderly parents, who themselves have a retirement visa. 2. Dependent (depended) members ... Details

Tourist visa to Thailand

Tourist visa to Thailand. If you live in Russia and intend to get a visa to Thailand, you know that this would be much more difficult than in other countries. The easiest way to get a tourist visa in Laos or Malaysia. The difficulty of obtaining a tourist visa to Russia is that the verification documents is stricter than ... Details

Student Visa in Thailand (ED Visa)

Student Visa in Thailand (ED Visa). One type of visa when visiting Thailand - so-called student visa «ED», which is issued to all those who are trained in the UK. It sounds ominous, but it is actually much simpler. To obtain it is not necessary to be a diligent student of one of the Thai universities, ... Details

Tropical visa Thailand

Tropical Thailand visa. Russians are planning to visit Thailand, it is worth remembering that under existing their laws do not require a visa if the purpose of the visit - tourism and stay in the country is limited 30 days, enough to fill in a migration card correctly (in English) and get to passport control stamp in the passport. Visa-free travel ... Thailand. Details

Transit visa in Thailand

Transit visa to Thailand. One of the types of visas that can be issued at the embassy or consulate of Thailand - the so-called "transit visa in Thailand» (TS). Provided those who want to abide Thailand in such cases: 1. Transit through the United Kingdom in any direction (as in the case of travel to another country, and in ... Details

Visa to Thailand - the basic rules

Visa to Thailand. This article will be useful for people who are planning a nice vacation abroad, but are afraid of messing around visa and other pitfalls. After reading, you will learn how to make quick visa in Thailand, and what are the different types of visas; What documents are required to cross the border and how to bring their child in Thailand, ... Details

Vizaran Thailand - crossing the border "stamp and back"

Vizaran Thailand - crossing the border "stamp and back." You are trapped in a situation when you urgently need to stay in Thailand for a month or two, but the term of your visa expires in a few days? You have two great ways to extend your stay in the UK for another whole 30 days. Vizaran Thailand. First… Details

Visa to Thailand. All types of visas to the Kingdom of Thailand

Visa to Thailand. All types of visas to the Kingdom of Thailand. Visas issued for entry into the territory of the Kingdom of Thailand, may be five different types: transit, tourist, neimigratsionnaya, diplomatic and visa vezhlivosti.Tranzitnaya visa. May have 3 category and issued in such cases: 1. Visa to Thailand «TS» category. It involves transit through the territory of the Kingdom, ie the territory of Thailand is only a staging point (transplant area from one flight to the airport).

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