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Animals in Thailand

Unique animals 2 Thailand

Unique animals in Thailand Thailand is a mysterious casket, which is filled with unusual puzzles. Animals Thailand. These can be attributed to a variety of wildlife species, which differ not only in their appearance, but also its sometimes surprising habits. It is interesting that in this very small country, has a total of one tenth of the ... Details

Thailand - a country of happy animals

Thailand - a country of happy animals: It seems to me that the owners of nowhere like and do not protect their smaller brothers as do Thais. You would think that they simply can not live without their pets! Only in the distant and mysterious inhabitants of Thailand take with them their dogs literally everywhere. For… Details

tigers Temple

The temple of the tigers is morning. The cost of the program is 10 times more expensive - 5000 baht / person, duration - 3.5 hours (from 7: 30 to 11: 00). You can admire how tigers splash at the waterfall, take photographs, and also bring monks to breakfast for food. The main difference from the usual program (it also applies to the evening program) - small children will be denied entry. - Evening. The cost of this program is the lowest, but the duration of the program is the shortest - 45 minutes for 500 baht (from 16.00 to 16.45). Just like in the morning program, small children are not allowed. At this time you can see how the tigers are played.

Cock fighting in Thailand

Cock fighting in Thailand In Thailand, one of the most popular entertainment are the cock fights that become a tradition and is considered a powerful and fascinating spectacle. The cockfights are used not ordinary domestic cocks and fighting cocks in which the fighting qualities are developed. The battles take part as local ... Details

Siamese cat

Siamese Cat Breed siaskih takes its roots from Thailand (Siam). It is the influence of Buddhist culture has developed a love, an extraordinary harmony and mutual understanding between cats and humans. Siamese Ayutthaya - the ancient capital of Siam state, which was founded in 1350godu. Unfortunately, only ruins remain from the former capital, who managed to survive after ... Details

Unique animals in Thailand

Unique animal of Thailand A huge number of different types of zhivotlnyh, insects, fish live in Thailand's forests. About 3 hundred species make their diversity. These include leopards, gibbons, Asian elephants, tigers, bears bamboo is quite common. If you wish to look at the birds in their actual habitat of the area, visit the tour, which presents views more ... Details

Snakes in Thailand

Snakes in Thailand Thailand is a region, the bulk of which occupy the jungle with abundant wildlife. It should be noted that among all the snakes. Diversity of data entities, is about 150 species, a third of which is toxic. The venom of some of them has the ability to kill a man. These facts are not particularly pleasant, but ... Details

Cocos thieves in Thailand

Cocos thieves in Thailand As soon as this poor guy is not called, which is found in Thailand and crab and coconut crab thief, and it's only a coconut crab .For us the usual stereotype is that the Crab always lives at sea dne.No unique coconut crab is he breathes light and thus lives on the land .... Details

Elephants in Thailand - the country's symbol

Elephants in Thailand - a symbol of the country. For many centuries elephants, these majestic animals lived side by side with the Thai people. Elephants help in time of peace and, of course, they are not a replacement during the war. Throughout history, they have been delivered and served as the noble kings and ordinary people in Thailand .... Details

Centipede in Thailand - Thai centipede

Centipede in Thailand - Thai centipede centipede - Skolopendra..Brr! Even the word some unpleasant, to say nothing of the very bearer of this unusual name. I present to you a giant centipede - Scolopendra! This copper-colored beast, besides a terrible appearance, and a length of about 30 centimeters, has a history of cancer with potent venom. Little of,… Details

Crocodiles in Thailand - Crocodiles

Crocodiles Crocodiles in Thailand: Thailand - a real exotic country of fairy tales, which gives foreigners a huge store of all sorts of interesting memoirs, which is difficult to find fault with any of the customs officers. Its peculiarity in the kingdom's image and entered by local residents - toothy crocodiles. On the habitation of crocodiles in Thailand main habitats of some of the ... Details

Geckos - Home lizards - geckos in Thailand

Geckos Geckos - Home lizards - geckos Geckos in Thailand in Thailand: Quite often, walking in the night lights of Thailand people hear many unusual and strange sounds vain, you can hear the clicking sound of the language, but it is not possible to understand where their source. It's hard to believe this song Thai geckos. Small and simple ... Details

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