Latex Shop in Thailand number 1. Eco latex Phuket

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with up to 8.30 18.00 hours daily

Latex Shop in Thailand "Eco Latex" It offers to visit a showroom in Phuket. Eco Latex - the largest supplier of latex products from Phuket. Since 2011 year Eco Latex pleases its products both visitors and residents of Phuket. Due to high quality products and wide range, Eco Latex rightly recognized number 1 among shops selling products from latex. All products store Latex Eco meets the European quality standards, which is confirmed by quality certificates.

The latex store in Thailand is presented only safe and non-toxic products are made of natural latex highest quality.

Mattresses and pillows made from latex by Dunlop Technology. This production technology allows professionals to monitor the entire process. The result is the percentage 100-quality products, mattresses and pillows made from latex are porous and breathable structure, extends the use of the finished product.

Eco Latex - One of the biggest stores of latex in Thailand. For you to the store latex in Thailand opened the door 4 x-large exhibition halls and 10 small, where you can enjoy the convenience of mattresses and pillows made of latex.

Latex Shop in Thailand - mattresses and pillows made from latex

Latex Shop in Thailand - mattresses and pillows made from latex


Unique technology in latex shop in Thailand

Latex Shop in Thailand - mattresses and pillows made from latex

Latex Shop in Thailand - mattresses and pillows made from latex

Innovative Eco Latex Factory achievement was the production of ionized latex products. Mattresses and pillows are made of latex-containing negatively charged ions. Ions have a positive effect on the human body, recommended for residents of large cities and the hard work.


Ice & Warm System - the comfort in your home

Only latex shop in Thailand "Eco Latex" you can buy mattresses with automated heating and cooling system. Multifunctional system allows you to set a comfortable temperature of the mattress. According to studies, latex mattresses Eco automated air conditioning system relieve insomnia and favor a healthy and deep sleep.

Latex Shop in Thailand - mattresses and pillows made from latex

Latex Shop in Thailand - mattresses and pillows made from latex


Special attention in the latex product in Thailand paid to children's goods. Children's pillows of all sizes for different ages. Children's mattresses from latex from birth to adolescence. Also, children's latex rollers to control the correct position of the baby in the crib and other Latex products for children.


latex Store Products in Thailand

Latex Shop in Thailand - mattresses and pillows made from latex

Latex Shop in Thailand - mattresses and pillows made from latex

Latex Shop in Thailand "Eco Latex" - A wide range of high quality products made of natural latex.

Eco Products Latex:

  • Mattresses made of natural latex
  • Mattresses made of latex with air conditioning
  • Orthopedic pillows for sleeping latex of different shapes and hardness
  • Gift latex pillows
  • Pillows for motorists
  • Children's mattresses and pillows made from latex
  • Pillows - cushions for pregnant women
  • Toys - Latex Pillows
  • cushions
  • And more cushion for the comfort of the body and soul

Latex Shop in Thailand - sound sleep and cheerful morning every day!

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5 Reviews

  1. Oll-la
    21.09.2014 at 21:06 Reply

    I strongly recommend bedding made of latex to everyone who has a backache. Parents on their regular trip to Thailand brought me a small latex pillow as a gift. Honestly, I did not think that my neck could help - every morning I got up completely broken. Prior to this, by the way, which only pillows did not try - and orthopedic, and roller, and with natural fluff. The result was always the same - pain in the neck and back. And then a miracle happened - after the Thai pillow I woke up absolutely vigorous. She became my salvation. Therefore, as soon as my husband and I got to Thailand, the first thing was to look for a shop with latex bedding. In Phuket, we found a latex shop "Eco Latex". To say that there is a huge assortment is not to say anything. The exhibition halls are simply impressive - I went on them and tested the products, probably an hour 3. My husband could not stand it, although he initially helped me with a choice. In the end, we chose a couple of pillow models for ourselves, as well as a wonderful mattress for our double bed. Friends and parents were not left without presents. For example, a friend who was expecting a baby was bought a pillow for pregnant women. How she rejoiced at her - it became much more comfortable to sleep. The husband chose a pillow for sleeping on his side - he is an amateur of this position. I recommend everyone to get to this place - 100 percent without buying will not leave

  2. Siza
    24.09.2014 at 02:01 Reply

    Oll-la, it was necessary to let go of her husband, and most enjoy the exhibition halls. It seems to me that to qualitatively walk through all the products will not last even two days. But what really impressed me was the quality of the material, it's so high-quality that I do not sluchavlyu, agreeing that this is the best latex I had to test and see. The appearance of mattresses and pillows is, in principle, common, but it's not that important, but the environmental friendliness of the material from which they are sewn and your feelings after using them. But you can talk about this forever. But what amused me is the pillow-toys. Quite a cute and stylish design, I would have bought it all without exception, but, to withdraw such a quantity is simply unrealistic. All these cute little animals, flowers, butterflies, birds. I practically fell into a deep childhood for several hours from one touch to them. But I did not understand the mattresses with heating and cooling. Perhaps, they need to be thoroughly tested, as they say - "to sleep with this know-how" in order to rasprobovat all of its benefits. But there is a certain probability that this is my personal misunderstanding, like with heated coverlets.

  3. Natalia
    24.09.2014 at 19:13 Reply

    Visited this store and visited all the halls, of course, if you can quickly inspect everything in a few hours. But, nevertheless, if you come to choose something, then you will have to wander through the halls and thoroughly study. The choice really impressed me, I came to buy an orthopedic pillow from latex, I learned earlier that they are very useful for sleeping. And because now the life of the city is fast and tiring, I want to relax, while it would be good to rest as it should. In general, I was able to find myself what I was looking for. We were together with the child, my daughter picked up a couple of toys from latex, she really liked the store, the choice of toys is really huge and varied. Yes, my husband and I ourselves, like children - all looked at, felt, were interested in mattresses, which with cooling and heating. I do not understand you, Siza why you were not surprised by these mattresses. As for me it is very convenient, judge for yourself - in winter and in a cold bed, especially after a shower, is not very comfortable. Therefore for me it is quite acceptable and understandable and acceptable, like a seat in a heated car.

  4. Maria Danilova
    Maria Danilova
    26.09.2014 at 20:12 Reply

    You know you visited this store during the summer of this year, and you know the store was really impressed. Firstly, I was quite impressed with the exterior design of the building itself, and you know everything is done simply elegantly and the visit will be of interest to the amateur for observing the history and design of buildings. I also remember just a huge selection in the store, to be honest, everything is decorated simply gorgeously, so I think that almost everyone will show interest in the proposed options. In addition, my husband just knows his mother tongue very well, so he claimed that the sales consultants supposedly sell their products perfectly well, were interested in what preferences we had to choose from and most importantly they offered us coffee or tea and comfortably offered to have a rest in the neighboring with a mini café shop. In general, my husband and I have already traveled to Thailand three times and you know every time this country surprises me, and people like that more humanly treat their customers in the same shops, cafes and restaurants, and more like that for the good they refer to others.

  5. Svetlana
    11.02.2015 at 19:23 Reply

    Good afternoon! Could you tell whether there are in your store a set for the newborn, and if so what is the cost and integration?
    Thank you.

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