Russian cuisine restaurant in Phuket Veranda Beach Karon

470 / 4 Patak Road Tambol Karon Amphur Muang Phuket, 83100

082-422-77-89 (we say in Russian)

with up to 12.00 22.00 hours daily

Welcoming and genuine Russian restaurant in Phuket Verandah open for you new flavors Russian dishes.


Delicious Russian cuisine in Phuket prepared only from fresh ingredients. Unfrozen meat, without harmful flavor additives and hormones - you can only choose how to serve it - steak, cutlet or shish kebab .... In any case, you will be satisfied with your dish prepared by chef chef Mikhail Timofeev. A talented chef who worked in such famous restaurants in the city of Vladivostok as Palau Fish, Georg and Armenia. For those who have never been to these restaurants, I would like to say that these are the best restaurants in the city (not only in the opinion of tabloids)! Moreover, Palau Fish is the best fish restaurant, with a rich selection of juicy and melting seafood dishes.

Cooks, highly qualified Phuket restaurant Verandah, cherish the features and traditions of Russian cuisine in Phuket, professionally creating a unique rich taste, especially for you!


And, of course, cook Russian restaurant did not escape the attention of the smallest!

Preferences of each individual child. Veranda restaurant chefs have long studied the tastes of children to create perfect and complete children's menu! Your child can easily choose for themselves exactly what he wanted to eat at this moment. A Veranda restaurant chefs will make sure that children's dish was full of natural vitamins, so necessary for the growth and development of the child.


The restaurant Verandah, you can also enjoy authentic Thai cuisine.

Thai Chef has already 7 years creates for visitors to the restaurant in Phuket masterpieces of Thai cooking, maintaining the traditional style of cooking Thai dishes.


The restaurant in Phuket Veranda you will find a variety of Russian, exotic, Thai and European cuisine.

Only in Veranda restaurant you will be able to try frog legs, ostrich meat sauce Bolognese, unusual taste crocodile meat cooked on the grill, and turtle. For lovers of exotic sea, Veranda restaurant will prepare meals from predators - swordfish and sharks.

Russian restaurant in Phuket Veranda - nice atmosphere, great food and reasonable price!

Mode of operation of the restaurant: with 12.00 to 22.00

Address of the restaurant:

The restaurant is located on Karon Beach. If you walk away from the ring Caron toward the temple (the street that runs perpendicular to the sea from the ring), the Veranda Restaurant will be on your way along the road on the left side.

Address for the taxi driver: Patak Rd, ตำบล กะ รน อำเภอ เมือง ภูเก็ต จังหวัด ภูเก็ต 83100

Russian cuisine restaurant in Phuket Veranda

Russian cuisine restaurant in Phuket Veranda

Restaurants Karon Phuket

Restaurants Karon Phuket

Restaurants Karon Phuket

Restaurants Karon Phuket

Russian cuisine restaurant in Phuket Veranda

Russian cuisine restaurant in Phuket Veranda

Russian cuisine restaurant in Phuket Veranda

Russian cuisine restaurant in Phuket Veranda

Russian cuisine restaurant in Phuket Veranda

Russian cuisine restaurant in Phuket Veranda

Russian cuisine restaurant in Phuket Veranda

Russian cuisine restaurant in Phuket Veranda

Russian cuisine restaurant in Phuket Veranda

Russian cuisine restaurant in Phuket Veranda

Russian cuisine restaurant in Phuket Veranda

Russian cuisine restaurant in Phuket Veranda

Russian cuisine restaurant in Phuket Veranda

Russian cuisine restaurant in Phuket Veranda


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40 Reviews

  1. Marina78
    03.07.2014 at 16:12 Reply

    It's an amazingly sensible decision, I think it will help Thai restaurateurs attract more customers and increase their profits. The idea in one restaurant to offer its visitors the national cuisine of different countries is not new, but it still perfectly helps to satisfy the tastes of different categories of guests. For example, it is very difficult for me to choose a restaurant for a family dinner or dinner, so that everyone is left and satisfied and satisfied. I really love everything new, for me it's a special aesthetic pleasure to try exotic dishes, to learn the cooking of the country I came to. A husband is more conservative, loves simple and understandable Russian food, for him the main thing is that the dish should be familiar, tasty and nutritious. And of course in far-away countries a headache for families, than it is safe to feed your child.
    And in the restaurant 'Veranda' 'can be met all of our family members, spouse - kebab or dumplings, a delicious fish dish I and the baby that be tasty and healthy from a new children's menu. In addition, I think that the English and Chinese tourists, for example, will also try іnteresno Russian delicacies.

  2. Natalia
    04.07.2014 at 14:13 Reply

    Yes, indeed, the solution is excellent. "Veranda" - this is the restaurant that will satisfy the requests and gourmets, and simple food lovers. It's a big plus that the Russian cook is engaged in Russian cuisine, especially with such a good reputation. If the restaurant takes care of the quality of the products, then there will be no release from visitors. It is good to eat traditional food and feed children - this is one of the conditions for a pleasant stay in any country. It would be nice, of course, to learn about the restaurant's menu. Shchi, jelly and pancakes - this is understandable. And what else? Shish kebab and steak are from another opera. Although the excellent course of restaurateurs "Veranda" diversify the menu with other national dishes. I think that this attracts not only tourists from Russia. Unfortunately, when I was in Phuket, I did not know about the restaurant. Now I understand that there would not be problems with the menu for the child. Yes, and I myself would try a turtle soup. They say that this is a very useful traditional dish, but you can eat a fake turtle soup, which is prepared from calf insides. But, I think that in the restaurant "Veranda" everything is not only tasty, beautiful, but also honest.

    1. Alexander Nosov
      Alexander Nosov
      13.07.2014 at 10:11 Reply

      Let me agree with you on one side, and on the other, not really. The fact is that the restaurant is really a Russian cook, but you know the dishes are not really as they seemed to me on our dishes. I here ordered Russian soup and I was carried something that the outer did not argue was ideally like this traditional Russian dish, but you know the taste was pretty much different from the traditional one to which we are so well accustomed. Frankly, I will not say that the dish I somehow disappointed, or had not quite tasty motives, I will tell you more to me as a chef lover it is very important to find new motivations for cooking, and so it was to the face of the VERANDA restaurant that I managed to discover that I was long I was looking for time. I also remembered pea soup with lemon zest, added to it, you know the solution though by ingredients and not quite heavy, yet the taste is simply stunning. I think this restaurant can really be called an excellent solution for those who like to experiment and try always something new.

      1. Jury
        31.08.2014 at 19:37 Reply

        The water that is used to make ready meals has a major influence on their taste. It is water that is an important component that we use every day and everywhere. Clear water, like nothing else, allows us to feel the real taste of every product that is included in the dish. We ignore its properties for some reason. It is the purity of water that forms the flavor of any dish, from broth to Russian cabbage soup. Therefore, the purification of drinking water in all high-class restaurants necessarily precedes the preparation of any dish. It does not matter if it's a dish with a complex recipe or simple. If we cook a dish, especially complex, on poor quality water, then we risk losing more flavoring of the ingredients. The origin, quality and purity of each ingredient that forms our dishes is an important factor influencing taste characteristics. Do not pay any attention to their quality, it means "ditch" time, effort and, finally, mood.
        There's your answer. Water in Thailand in chemical composition, which is formed as a result of its contact with various objects (soil and water pipes in the end) is very different from the water in Russia. Because Grandma's soup is much more familiar to our taste buds.

  3. Siza
    04.07.2014 at 17:37 Reply

    Personally, I completely agree with your opinion. This restaurant is a real boon for travelers to Phuket. Especially for people like me who just can not imagine their life without proper nutrition, even on vacation. For us it is very important that the food in the restaurant was fresh, quality ingredients. And the fact that the restaurant Veranda is prepared from fresh meat, fish, vegetables and so on, it only emphasizes the high level of the institution. Such quality in our time, when everyone wants to save can boast, not many restaurants.
    By the way, although I was not given the honor to try to cook dishes Timofeev, but about his masterpieces in the kitchen I heard a lot. Therefore, no doubt, to visit this restaurant on vacation in Phuket does not have enough. Yes, and how to get past it? It is clear that when holidaying in the tropics, the first thing I want to exotic, but after a couple of three days without the usual Russian borscht just can not do!
    But the presence of the children's menu does not surprise me, I do believe that every self-respecting institution of such a plan is simply obliged to have it, because children - is an integral part of our lives. And feed them, this is the most important task of all parents, especially on vacation in exotic countries. Somehow, some problems with this, and it should not be.

    1. Benjamin
      08.07.2014 at 02:40 Reply

      I'm a little bet with you
      if it comes to that for health reasons is forbidden to eat exotic food - nothing special you can not argue
      as well as the fact that children must be fed food proven health, primarily
      but adults that people want to feel not only exotic country, culture, beach, and food
      And how can we abandon the local food
      although, of course, she put it mildly, a little scary
      but it's exotic
      about the correctness of the decision - definitely the right decision, including an abundance of offers local cuisine - there is such an option, the more clearly by no means all - so risky to eat only local food
      and, on the other hand, of course, come to another country to eat what you can eat at home ... but then again, if it is not about to eat, but simply "stay one's stomach" - then why not?
      about turtle soup - read, a little surprised, like the machinations of unscrupulous competitors, and then who knows, maybe it's true
      but the information is alarming
      but generally supports the idea, though a bit skeptical attitude because if we walk exotic - and then also with food

      1. Vita
        11.07.2014 at 11:10 Reply

        If you come from to breathe in Thailand, it is a sin not to try the local cuisine, it is part of their life and culture. You can try exotic food sea food that will be remembered in any case for a long time! It is very useful to eat meals with fresh ingredients without any chemicals or preservatives. But of used to the native home, Russian cuisine, and I think where you were not bi, you'll want something that home. And children accustomed to a kitchen will not eat local food, they are not accustomed to the taste characteristics.
        It's great that there is a restaurant where the cuisine is focused both Russian and exotic. This gives a more comfortable stay. With it, you can not worry about the diet on the day the whole family. Another advantage of the restaurant is no language barrier, and if you ordered a kebab, then you do not get what that unknown dishes.
        I think these restaurants attract more tourists in Russia and the CIS. Great to be able at rest in a foreign country for a while found himself in his native country, to eat something that used to.

  4. Olga
    16.07.2014 at 15:14 Reply

    Friends, I sympathize with you completely!
    And the truth, sort of a Russian restaurant for a place like Thailand - this is an unusual gimmick for its inhabitants, but for us, Russian, this is what you need.
    My husband and I decided to go to the Veranda during our last visit to Thailand, as we heard from friends about this institution, plus the restaurant has a very convenient location, you go from the beach and look for nothing, you do not have to roam. I want to note that the design and furnishings were very pleasing, really comfortable and pleasant. In this atmosphere you feel yourself on the present, the long-awaited rest. My husband protested at first, because he really wanted to taste the dishes of Thai cuisine, and I wanted something more familiar and safe. But coming to Verandas we were pleasantly surprised that the restaurant kitchen provides dishes for every taste). Cooks - the most that neither is a "maestro" of cooking. Each dish is unique and unusually delicious! Taking off my hat! Of course, such an abundance and variety of dishes, elegant service will not leave indifferent).
    I hope that we will still be able to go there!

  5. [...] To rest a big company. Everyone wants in different restaurants in Phuket, because someone wants to Thai food for dinner, someone [...]

  6. Gurmanchik
    21.07.2014 at 13:43 Reply

    Fine, just fine. With family and two young children walking, ecstatic. The restaurant is very pleasant because it is likely ability to prepare and present dishes with sauces. Not for nothing has gone, I gourmet meals and all gourmets sure that the most elegant addition to the dishes, it's all the same sauce, just perfect.
    His wife and children are very fond of Italian cuisine, that basically explains everything and delicate aesthetic taste, this dishes are a class above where there was previously.
    Babes successfully chose a children's menu. Includes the best products that are designed for the child's body, namely light protein, which is well digested.
    The environment makes it clear that the institution could and should relax!
    I advise everyone!

    1. Hamster
      28.07.2014 at 22:47 Reply

      Of course, very, very good, but there are moments. In general, it is very pleasant to meet something of your own, native to countries remote in culture and mentality. The food was really similar to our native dishes, but I personally lacked something. I must say that the service does not lag behind, everything was done quite well. I also liked the menu, quite large as for a foreign restaurant in my native country. Also, the atmosphere is felt, everything is clean and tidy, you can see that the institution is being monitored, and very carefully. The service does not stand aside, the polite treatment of the visitor is guaranteed. I guarantee everything from this soul to this restaurant!

      1. Timothy
        07.08.2014 at 15:23 Reply

        Yes, the restaurant is not bad, will support hamster.
        In the menu, a large selection of dishes, someone said there is not enough of something?) I will tell you there is not enough "real Russian waiters" with their sometimes a chur arrogant rudeness.
        And so all chic beauty shine. I am allergic to some food additives and substances natures production, asked what would do anything without them, the order of minutes 10 was ready. Phuket will go to the restaurant. assessment of their 5 5 stars

  7. Arman
    10.08.2014 at 12:26 Reply

    Very, very cool ideya.Ya have visited this restoran.Voobsche I like the idea, when combined in a restaurant so different specialties such as Russian and tayskiy.Zhelayu you good luck in all your possibilities delah.Pri sure I will visit your restaurant.

  8. Eugene
    10.08.2014 at 16:53 Reply

    During my visit to Thailand this winter, I accidentally stumbled upon this restaurant, and I must say, was very pleased. On the fifth day of my holiday, an irresistible desire to try not only local Thai cuisine, but also to taste the native, Russian food close to each person, has arisen. It would seem that resting, you need to try local food, but it somehow quickly bothers, and not all dishes are familiar to our taste. Fried caterpillars, incomprehensible worms, all this is certainly unusual and tempting for tourists, but with a native shish kebab, roast beef, and simple borshch nothing can be compared! And so, looking into this restaurant was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere that is there. And after serving as a waiter, the menu came full rapture! Local soups are quite unusual for our food, but rather it can be called cream soups. But in this restaurant I was served an excellent, rich and insanely delicious borsch! With potatoes, too, Thailand has big problems, and here you have a potato, and wonderful meat dishes, shish kebab and patties for every taste. In general, many thanks to the owner of the establishment for the fact that he came up with such an unusual idea-to open in Phuket a real Russian restaurant with friendly and attentive staff, talented chefs. After all, it's true, at the resort for a few hours to plunge into the atmosphere of home cooking, it's great!

  9. Jacob
    11.08.2014 at 12:23 Reply

    This restaurant is practically saved me. The fact that it is not long before the trip, I was treating ulcers and gastritis. Doctors strongly suggest, do not experiment with food.
    The trip did not want to give up. So good luck, great food, to which I am accustomed. I'm afraid that in experimenting with the local cuisine, my stomach refused to participate.

  10. hotsummer
    11.08.2014 at 13:02 Reply

    I also really liked the idea of ​​combining different types of cuisine. Coming to a new country I want to try all kinds of exotic dishes. It is true in a few days, get a lot of impressions from the rest of the mind-boggling and food, I want to dive into the homely atmosphere, feel at home. Excellent tool in this restaurant can be a Veranda.
    Can someone with me and argue, but the dumplings at this restaurant, but just now I have my mom, the same delicious home. Because the husband is not a fan of the exotic, it pleased juicy steak.
    Another plus, incidentally, the main thing, I note the availability of the children's menu. Since now we are traveling with a little daughter, and not together with her husband, to the choice of restaurants where you can eat more seriously. The baby does not eat what she does not like and feed her at all very difficult, so the restaurants where she eats are marked with a high score. As she ate for both cheeks at dinner, from us Veranda restaurant five stars. Thank the chief for an excellent dinner, and the restaurant for saving our family from disputes - for dinner an exotic or traditional dish. And most importantly, thanks for the well-fed child.

  11. Georgiay
    14.08.2014 at 19:17 Reply

    A great way to raise the profit and rating of your restaurant, among Russian tourists. Responsive and sociable waiters, value for money, makes this restaurant a good one. This restaurant makes you leave contented. Russian cuisine is managed by our Russian chef, he will cook for you amazing steaks, patties, or classic Russian shish kebab, leaving this restaurant, you will always be happy. If you have a child and you are looking for a restaurant to his liking, then the restaurant "Veranda" will suit you in any case, this restaurant has a menu specially for children, your son or daughter will be able to choose what he wants at the moment. The restaurant is ideal for Russian tourists, each dish is unique and amazing in its taste. My wife and my child went to this restaurant, my family liked everything. Very unusual atmosphere in this restaurant, it feels like I came to a snack bar in 90-s in Russia. In general, if you go to rest in Thailand, then I highly recommend this restaurant.

  12. Sveta
    15.08.2014 at 19:09 Reply

    I adore Thailand and I dream to move there. The last time I was in Phuket, I decided to visit the "Veranda". It is visible took me for the soul of longing for home, and I decided to make an order for Russian cuisine. Usually I'm wary of restaurants with Russian cuisine abroad, it's always scary that the taste of dishes will be very different from the usual taste of Russian cuisine, or even serve some dumplings with squid. Fortunately, this is not the case at all, and even the chef who practices Russian cuisine is Russian himself. Dishes on one side are quite familiar, but they also have a slight touch of a certain "Thainess". I still do not know what it is, maybe just a game of imagination. The atmosphere is very pleasant, and the restaurant itself is located in a very picturesque place. Dishes are really very good and first fresh. After that she was there several times - just alone, with her parents and with friends. Japanese and Italian dishes are also on top. You can secluded in a corner and admire the views, you can and in the center. In general, there is a very interesting atmosphere in Veranda, nothing is distracting from why you came here, whether it's a simple desire to eat or sit with friends. From my gourmet friends, too, reviews are very enthusiastic, and parents liked it. I'll be there many more times. I am very glad that I found such a wonderful restaurant.

  13. Galina_74
    17.08.2014 at 19:08 Reply

    My husband and I believed that if we went to the exotic country, we would completely immerse ourselves in it. That is, in culture, and in tradition, and in food. Somehow skeptical of the Russian restaurant - they just went to check how much the Thai people withstand our recipe, well, in general they decided that this is also exotic - a secret with a plate of borscht in hand. Well, what can I say? Strongly, of course, the taste was different from the grandmother's borscht, but still delicious. Now we think that the combination of different cuisines in one place is a good idea. We tried the chicken in pineapple sauce. Yes, before ordering, they asked that it be as sharp as the Thais did themselves. They brought it and we began to test it cautiously. At first they thought, "Well, what?" We do it at home. " And then, you know, caught up - so my mouth was still fiery. My husband also shed a tear. But the effect was short, so it was not painful. White wine all polished. We plan to go with the children here again - so beautiful and unusual to the kids form the dishes. Well, the same children. Suddenly they will not want shrimp and fish, and we are traditional for Russia, and adored by them, "Caesar".

  14. Ludmila
    17.08.2014 at 19:27 Reply

    yes, Thailand is a wonderful place for recreation, inviting nature, exotic plants, varied cuisine, rich nightlife. in the restaurants of the resort you can try incredibly interesting in design and incomparable to taste dishes that you have not even heard of. but of course, wherever a Russian man was, and, as it were, unusually tasty, he was not fed, he would not exchange his usual kitchen and dishes, beloved for the years of his life at home, exactly. so the idea with the Russian cuisine and the Russian chef is really a huge plus for the restaurant, all the unusual and there is that you are sitting in a foreign country, you are surrounded by a unique exotic, there are many interesting people around, cozy, beautiful, but the taste of dishes familiar from childhood is felt myself more comfortable, next year I will definitely go to Thailand, and of course I will not pass by the "veranda".
    this restaurant is just a great solution for those people who have a capricious digestion, who does not want to take risks with the exotic, as in "verande" only fresh and quality products, vysokokvalefitsyrovannye chefs and staff and of course, delicious recipes and drinks. Come to Thailand and be sure to come to the porch, bring your friends and children together and interessno fun at home!

  15. Olga
    19.08.2014 at 20:10 Reply

    It is good sometimes to visit far away from home. The sea, the sun, the beach ... romance. But the Russian soul requires an ego. So we and my husband came to rest, the first week we enjoyed the holiday and of course we tried various delicacies, while the "behemoths" did not get sick of the tummies. And here is a wonderful restaurant, with our native Russian cuisine, and even the cook is Russian. Yes, we took the soul. Firstly, it's an awesome look, fresh air, Secondly, a very friendly waiter, and of course our folk vareniki and soup. The choice of dishes in the restaurant is great, for every gourmet meal there are n.d. and the next day we even tried the Thai version of our roast, and the cook bow. We with my husband even got a little disappointed in some of the restaurants of the motherland. The fine food quality, cozy atmosphere, fresh air and native Russian conversations, even behind. Rest and ate glory. came there several times. Will be in Phuket, be sure to visit the Veranda-soul rest, remember the homeland, eat deliciously and perfectly rested. Oh, yes, after such a meal the tummies of the "behemoths" no longer ached.

  16. Marina
    21.08.2014 at 23:27 Reply

    Hello. Long wanted to visit Thailand. Many re-read and revised information. Came to your site and pleasantly surprised. All in great detail described. I read this article about the restaurant "Veranda" I never thought that Phuket can be a Russian restaurant. Imagine that everything is just local. Be sure to taste this place. Thank you!

    1. Galina Shchepkina
      Galina Shchepkina
      28.08.2014 at 22:09 Reply

      Here, too, I'm going for a year in Thailand, all saving up money. In general, it was scary - stomach accustomed to our kitchen, and there she must be very exotic. And I have weak stomach. But it turns out, even in Thailand are preparing soup! I am delighted. From these images something so have wanted. Sfotkala phone Thai address "verandah" will be in Phuket - the first day tell the taxi driver drove to there.

  17. Irina Kornev
    Irina Kornev
    28.08.2014 at 22:28 Reply

    So I've been going to Thailand for a year, and I'll spend all that money, then I can not go on vacation. And in general, somehow afraid - such an exotic country, too far away, and friends frighten that there is a very unusual for us food - sharp, all sorts of strange seafood. My stomach is used to our kitchen. And my stomach is weak. But it turns out, even in Thailand, borscht is prepared! And a man named Mikhail Timofeev. Our, Russian! I am delighted. Myasco what kind of fried, kotletochki! You should not post such pictures: the saliva has already begun to flow, and the night is over in the yard. Farewell, diet, went to empty the refrigerator. In general, sfotkala on the phone Thai address "Veranda", I will be in Phuket - the first day I'll tell the taxi driver to drive there.
    By the way, does anyone know how this dish is called - there is cake and it is something like an omelette? Looks so appetizing, I can not. In Russian cuisine I have not seen this, but it seems to supply some original? In general, I rarely go to restaurants, that's not up to date.
    I almost forgot: Thais are so cute, it appears, at least judging by the photos!

  18. Anastasia Burkova
    Anastasia Burkova
    30.08.2014 at 08:28 Reply

    In Thailand, I first visited last year when I won a vacation ticket from a well-known magazine. And what interestingly I found probably among other things is the fact that I visited more than ten Russian restaurants in Thailand. Honestly, I was originally looking for Russian restaurants because I wanted to eat in Russian restaurants, so let's say with a little bit of our homeland. However, after my first visit, I was pleasantly surprised that the overseas kitchen differs significantly from ours, both from the one we used to at home and to the restaurant kitchen. In addition, I do not know why, but it was in one restaurant that I tried Russian dishes cooked exactly by the chef who is committed is not Russian, and I will honestly say almost all the dishes I was pleasantly surprised. For example, here is a red borscht to which we are all so used to be dressed with a certain fruit that tastes a bit like a lemon, and you know when I ate a little tongue. But still this slightly unusual taste surprised me and really fascinated me.

  19. Polina
    31.08.2014 at 22:23 Reply

    Lucky enough to have a rest in Thailand))) Of course there is a fairy tale vacation, but for people with stomach problem of course there hard (but ... There are wonderful Russian restaurants, a salvation. We went to a Russian restaurant and we were surprised there reigning atmosphere, Russian music, talking on the waiters -Russian and everything was very tasty))) will definitely come more)))

  20. Polina
    31.08.2014 at 22:33 Reply

    Forgot to add that the restaurant veranda has excellent children's menu, my niece all very much. Child happy)) simply delicious potatoes, and even the restaurant has kefir, so fans of dairy products on a note

  21. Irina K
    Irina K
    04.09.2014 at 15:22 Reply

    To open a restaurant of Russian traditional cuisine is a terrific idea for an exotic country with a lot of Russian tourists! This not only flatter guests from Russia, but also expresses their respect to local residents, and this is not unimportant, as, for example, in Turkey or Egypt with Russian tourists, to put it mildly, do not stand on ceremony, and rudeness is not rare! And the fact that the restaurant deliciously fed, friendly communicate and support the right entourage with the help of music and the appropriate environment, perhaps, will cause the desire not only to return here again, but also to advise this place to your friends and close people!
    It's nice that such traditional dishes like borsch, cutlets with pyureshkoy and pancakes cooked just the way we are accustomed, served in the Russian manner, in a beautiful dish and most importantly - cook it all the locals! The restaurant "Veranda" feel at home in Russia, and even for a moment forget that you went to the edge of the world ... tried their best, well done! We immediately see that the work on quality rather than quantity!

  22. Artyom
    08.09.2014 at 08:59 Reply

    Restoran.Velikolepnaya wonderful idea to combine in a single institution the opportunity to taste so different in its traditional features kultur.A just can not help but note that the idea was great organizovana.Vse Summit! If being in Thailand, you're bored at home - restaurant "Veranda" will give you a taste of rodiny.Vsem pleasant stay.

  23. Anna
    08.09.2014 at 16:07 Reply

    The test idea to open a restaurant of domestic cuisine in Phuket, and besides not a bad implementation. When you visit a foreign country you always want to study their way of life, traditions, people's characteristics and their attitude both to life and to strangers. Enjoying a beautiful view, there always comes a time when you want to sit down and quietly, peacefully rest. Visiting the restaurant "Veranda" you understand that the local residents wanted to make the Russian population feel at home when creating the interior, and they succeeded. Beautiful interior is complemented by good service and a rich choice of native and favorite cuisine. When choosing dinner, my husband was pleasantly surprised to find borscht and cutlets without which his life is not honey. Pleasantly surprised and the performance of Thais ordered meals, the food is really tasty at home, and also with a certain national tint. You feel like a dream, you really get lost in space and time, you do not understand where you are, whether on Russian soil, or in a foreign land. But wherever you are in fact, what do you see with your eyes and taste the really kindred and beautiful.

  24. Irina
    12.09.2014 at 15:53 Reply

    An excellent solution is to open a restaurant in Thailand with Russian cuisine. I'll explain why from my own experience. Kakraz this summer had a long holiday with his family in Thailand and ate local food. But somewhere after two weeks, my husband and child began to vomit from all these exotic dishes. We already thought that we would have to leave, but through friends we learned about the restaurant "Veranda". This restaurant is our salvation, because in the menu you can find your favorite dishes, not differing from the cooked at home. Dumplings, borsch, potatoes, shish kebab, cutlets - just delicious, especially I liked borsch, now I will cook the same house. The atmosphere is excellent, pleasantly located.
    The service staff friendly, will recommend what you need. The prices are quite affordable, so we ate at the restaurant almost every day. Always have visitors, you can meet even our fellow countrymen. It's nice to hear everywhere native Russian language. In general, we returned quite happy and now I recommend to all friends and acquaintances to visit these places. Recommend and you will not regret it.

  25. Irina
    12.09.2014 at 16:55 Reply

    Kakraz this summer
    vacationing with his family in
    Thailand enough
    long period and ate
    local food. But somewhere
    two weeks later
    husband and child nachel
    sick of these
    exotic dishes. Learned through a friend
    on the restaurant "Veranda".
    This restaurant - our
    salvation, because the menu
    You can find your favorite
    meals not
    different from
    cooked at home.
    Dumplings, soup,
    potatoes, barbecue,
    burgers - just
    delicious. The atmosphere is excellent,
    is nice.
    Staff friendly. Prices are quite
    available, so that we
    ate in this
    restaurant almost
    every day. B
    Generally we returned
    quite satisfied and
    now recommend
    all friends and
    friends visit these

  26. Nicholas
    13.09.2014 at 14:56 Reply

    Hello. My arrival in Phuket was for tourist purposes and recreation. It's not enough that I visited many places, but I also found a lot of familiar Russian people, moreover, I found a real restaurant of Russian cuisine, where I felt at home. The restaurant had menus in different languages ​​including Russian. Also among the staff were some Russian people and those who knew Russian. The restaurant itself is located on Karon beach. And the restaurant itself works with 12 up to 22 hours, see do not be late. I myself ordered borscht with chop, served was just fine I felt at home and the food was homemade and tasty. In the restaurant itself is a pleasant atmosphere where one would like to stay longer and longer. Also in the restaurant on the walls there are many maps and plans in Russian, which will help you to have a good time. I personally found a lot of extreme places, where I spent an active time making a lot of videos. In addition, there are many peaks on which you must visit, you can learn all this in the restaurant of Russian cuisine. All I advise you to go there will not regret it. Bon appetite

  27. SofiKazackova
    23.09.2014 at 18:13 Reply

    Recently was with friends in Puhkete, and this restaurant was my salvation. I am very picky about food, and so accustomed to Russian cuisine that others simply can not stand. The food was delicious (of course a little different from ours, but not inferior to taste). The atmosphere in the restaurant just magical, very cozy and beautiful views. I really helped that the menu was a Russian language (with English I hardly). It was nice to see in most Russian visitors (there has got even acquaintance)). If you find yourself in Phuket recommend to go to this restaurant, you will enjoy.

  28. Bezima
    23.09.2014 at 18:42 Reply

    In fact, I really love to travel, despite the fact that this is not very often. But always and everywhere I was interested in comparing our national Russian cuisine, so familiar from childhood, with the same Russian cuisine, only far from home. And if you go somewhere far away, it is very often that she does not look like our food at all. As a dish for the standard of our cuisine, I usually prefer borscht - since my childhood my mother, now borscht wife. And if you are surprised from such exotic food, which I tried right here (crocodile meat), which can not be surprising by its curiosity, then borsch just surprised me. And not by the fact that it was some kind of specific, for example, Russians are often surprised when they came to Ukraine and tried borscht from pork, but by the fact that he was exactly that home-made favorite borscht, which I personally used to eat since childhood and very much. And to talk about the national food, familiar to these places, then they too can be rightfully proud! Their national dishes, I just ate this ticket repeatedly, but here it was, perhaps, one of the best. And it was caused not only by the taste sensations, but also by the atmosphere of the restaurant and by the service. So I highly recommend it to everyone!

  29. Andorra
    25.09.2014 at 18:05 Reply

    And I was so interested in trying our Russian dishes, not cooked in Russia. It's like, I'm a "culinary expert." I was of the opinion that nowhere, so do not cook dumplings or mashed potatoes with a chop, pancakes, as they are cooked here in Russia. Of course, no one pressed the "grandmother's" pies to me, but it was VERY delicious. These are our dishes, familiar from childhood, a little bit with a different flavor. Pleasant atmosphere, polite staff. And the biggest plus is the children's menu. You can not worry that the children will remain hungry. I think they will not give it up with pizza, cutlets and pancakes.

  30. Andorra
    25.09.2014 at 18:15 Reply

    In Phuket, my family and I are not the first time, but this restaurant was visited for the first time. And they were incredibly happy about it. The fact is that the husband and children do not perceive the Thai cuisine very well, who does not like the look, who does not like it to taste. Therefore, the restaurant "Veranda" is another pleasant occasion for us to travel and rest without obstacles. And personally I was so interested in trying our Russian dishes, not cooked in Russia. It's like, I'm a "culinary expert." I was of the opinion that nowhere, so do not cook dumplings or mashed potatoes with a chop, pancakes, as they are cooked here in Russia. Of course, no one pressed the "grandmother's" pies to me, but it was VERY delicious. These are our dishes, familiar from childhood, a little bit with a different flavor. Pleasant atmosphere, polite staff. And the biggest plus is the children's menu. You can not worry that the children will remain hungry. I think they will not give it up with pizza, cutlets and pancakes.

  31. Yuliya
    26.09.2014 at 18:30 Reply

    Very cool and thoughtful host that the restaurant prisutvuyut different dishes !!! We as a family are going to go somewhere where we are always arguing, and eventually always go back where they want our children))) And it's a great way to raise profits and rating its own restaurant, among Russian tourists still love their Russian kitchen and no other it not exchange)) !!!

  32. Yuliya
    26.09.2014 at 18:40 Reply

    This is actually a great way to increase the profit of your favorite restaurants, including Russian and other tourists! it's just a cool place when in the hold, you can try a few dishes at a time))) every time we are going in the family restaurant all the time we get in fights where, as we all have different taste))) In the end, we go where they want our kids) !!!

  33. Yuliya
    26.09.2014 at 18:55 Reply

    "Veranda" is an exquisite mixed-food restaurant located in Phuket. The menu offers dishes of various cuisines and it's very cool !!!. Upon request, you will be served with take-away dishes, making meals for a homemade meal. In the evenings, there are often themed events with dancing and live music. In the interiors of the halls are intertwined classical elements, Caucasian ethno-motives and decor in medieval style. In general, the elegant and elegant atmosphere of the Veranda is suitable for family dinners, business meetings and celebrations. For the resort this is a great place where you can taste delicious meals for one family with different tastes !!! An excellent idea of ​​the owner, as tourists come from different points of the earth and everyone is ready to try something new and tasty, but if the experiment failed, you can order your own favorite cuisine to which you are used !!! I advise everyone to this wonderful place where you and your family will be full, happy and that is important with a great mood) !!!

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