Restaurant Xenia in Phuket: Kata, Patong

100 / 5-6 Kata Rd., Karon, Muang, Phuket 83100

+ 66-88-181-47-51

with up to 12.00 22.00 hours daily

Xenia restaurant in Phuket - Russian soul in each spoon. Xenia restaurant in Phuket - a favorite vacation spot for many tourists who come to Kata Beach is not the first time. Restaurant Xenia designed to meet the preferences of Russian tourists to rest and eat.


Restaurant Xenia in Phuket

Homemade ravioli restaurant Xenia in Phuket

You will Russian and Thai cuisine highest level.

Freshly prepared salad vinaigrette or juicy meat skewers of natural products - will become your favorite dish.

Restaurant Xenia in Phuket

Xenia restaurant in Phuket - fresh bright vinaigrette


Menu from Chef Pep consisting of dishes of Russian and Thai cuisine, a wide selection of wines and alcoholic drinks will satisfy the most demanding guest.

For guests of the restaurant Xenia - flavored coffee and wine list.

Toddlers - frequent guests at the restaurant Xenia in Phuket. For the little ones in the restaurant at the Xenia have highchairs and children's menus.

Xenia restaurant in Phuket - is:

1. Russian, Japanese / Thai cuisine.
2. Convenient location on Kata Beach.
3. Free Wi-fi.
4. Children's menu.
5. Great mood and hospitality.

Restaurant Xenia in Phuket

Restaurant Xenia in Phuket


The restaurant Xenia, you can order the celebration or holiday. Also, you will find a fun New Year's Eve!


Xenia restaurant in Patong

You are in Patong ?! Then take a look at the restaurant Xenia on Patong Beach!

Traditionally, the restaurant Xenia in Phuket, you will be greeted warmly. Appetizing Russian cuisine, exotic Thai cuisine and much more for you at a restaurant in Patong.

The restaurant Xenia on Patong Beach to watch online broadcasts of sporting events to the closing of the restaurant.

Restaurant Xenia in Phuket

Xenia restaurant in Phuket. Dinner for two

Xenia restaurant in Patong easy to find. It is located on the first line on the left side of the road after the street Bangla Road, on the way to the beach of Kamala.

Mode of operation of the restaurant in Patong with up to 12.00 24.00 (in the low season, the operating mode can be changed with up to 13.00 22.00-23.00)


Guesthouse Xenia on Kata Beach, Phuket

As the Russian proverb says, "After a delicious dinner, relies sleep."

Kata Beach you can stay in the guesthouse Xenia. Well-groomed and inexpensive, equipped with everything you need to relax, room to 5-minute walk from the famous Kata Beach.

Restaurant Xenia in Phuket

Restaurant Xenia in Phuket

The price of the room includes free wi-fi, safe and, in high season, home-cooked breakfasts in the restaurant Xenia. In close proximity to the guesthouse Xenia, located massage parlors, pharmacies, gift shops and stores.


Additional phones Xenia restaurant in Phuket:
Oleg - 0876235067
Svetlana - 0945892762

In the category Restaurants Phuket get only the best restaurants, visit the restaurant Xenia in Phuket, and see for yourself!

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13 Reviews

  1. VikiVika
    04.09.2014 at 15:57 Reply

    Arriving at Patong Beach and pretty hungry, we thought for a long time wherever we could have lunch. Kuhna Thai is delicious but fed up, I want my dear. And we still found this wonderful place with Russian cuisine called the restaurant U Ksenii.I naturally did not regret it, it was very tasty and all that is dear. Shashlyk was incomparable.Thank you there is! The interior is to my liking, decorated with wild stone and such familiar Russian handkerchiefs, there are also elements of hot pepper and onions in bundles like that of my grandmother, very cozy.Personal is very good-natured and appreciated telnyy.V institution neatly and nicely. Also we were told in the same restaurant that they have rooms where you can stay. I honestly had no joy) The rooms are cozy and comfortable, wi-fi is free and safe, which is very encouraging. Also in the room there is a TV and a shower with hot vodoy.Tseny acceptable. Meanwhile, near the beach was Kata.V general recommend. Near Ksenia there is a wonderful massage parlor, in which I was not raz.Budete on Phuket come here will not regret it. Good luck to you!

  2. Vladislav Kalinchenko
    Vladislav Kalinchenko
    04.09.2014 at 16:06 Reply

    Lovely restaurant! Was there with his wife, 2 days ago, top-class service and the food, Yum. I advise everyone.

  3. Igor
    05.09.2014 at 15:20 Reply

    Really tasty food

  4. Inga
    05.09.2014 at 16:49 Reply

    I used to travel abroad to rest, then I decided that I could rest at home, and went with a new purpose - to look at the world, now I decided that in addition to how to relax and look at the world outside of your country, you can study the cultures of different peoples, get acquainted with their inhabitants, learn from them a lot of interesting and cognitive, buy from them unusual things. In addition, I go abroad to eat deliciously, taste new interesting dishes, taste the same native, but in a different interpretation of tastes. Such a favorite place in Patong was the restaurant U Ksenia, its location is very good, and the dishes - lick your fingers. In addition, I like the friendly and bright atmosphere in the restaurant, the pleasant staff, the variety of dishes. I've been there many times already and I just can not pass by, I'm straight drawn to go there, and I take my friends there and I can advise this restaurant without fear. You can go there either for a romantic dinner for two or for a family dinner, sure, you are not you will regret your choice.

  5. Anastasia
    06.09.2014 at 14:28 Reply

    I'm a real gourmet and therefore if I go on a trip, I definitely go through local restaurants and try different dishes that are new to me. I consider Ksenia's restaurant as my best discovery! when you are in a foreign country long enough, you start to miss your favorite home food! I support the comment above, that the shish kebab is really just incomparable! The pelmenki are so tasty that it seems as though I molded them myself. The arrangement is incredibly cozy, the staff is friendly, orders are brought quickly, but if there is a delay, do not worry there is absolutely free and fast wai-fi!

  6. Anastasia
    06.09.2014 at 15:08 Reply

    I'm a real gourmet! I love to try new original dishes around the world, but when I went to a restaurant at Ksenia I decided that there is nothing better than our Russian home food! They ordered dumplings there - they were simply delicious, they brought us a very courteous and smiling girl. So we decided to try the local borscht and did not regret it at all. The taste is very rich and bright. I completely agree with the comment above that the shish kebab is incomparable - the meat is tender and delicious. Very wide range of alcoholic beverages - for every taste. The food is brought quickly and while waiting at your disposal there is free wi-fi, the situation is very cozy and pleasant for the eyes. The prices are quite acceptable, there is a beach nearby so it's nice to take a stroll after you eat some delicious and skillfully cooked dishes from Ksenia. This holiday I remember for a long time and in many respects it is the merit of this beautiful institution, I recommend to everyone if you are nearby - do not pass by, be sure to visit this paradise and believe me , you will not regret the time spent!

  7. Maxim Barshkov
    Maxim Barshkov
    06.09.2014 at 16:58 Reply

    You know this restaurant has a lot of memories related to the rest of this summer. The place is really just excellent and you know it's nice that in this restaurant you can perfectly spend evenings with companies of a huge number of young ladies who are eager for communication and dating, and I think if you even visit this place in the companies of your young or elderly wife, then you obviously will be in your taste and discretion. In addition, I personally appreciated the fact that the restaurant is divided into three main parts, so to speak. In the first part of the restaurant are free as I understand it to meet people who, without unnecessary problems, want to discuss some serious business and something like that. Also in the second part there can be pairs for romantic dates, in separate and elegantly decorated salons, which I think will not leave indifferent even the most refined lovers of chic. Well, the third part of the restaurant is a place for ordinary meetings. And just as interesting is the fact that in this institution most people are still Russian, so if you decide to go on vacation, you will obviously know where to drop by.

  8. sweta
    10.09.2014 at 14:47 Reply

    Not the first year I go with my family for a vacation to the island of Phuket.
    My husband and I just loved the restaurant "Xenia"
    Friendly staff, comfortable interer..Restoran indulges us delicious Russian and Thai kuhney.Nashim favorite dish is borsch.Oschuschaesh themselves doma.V restaurant are dividing into three chasti.Vy can retire with your partner, discuss business issues and just chat with friends ! Really liked the interior of this restorana.Uyutno and with vkusom.Ne forget to visit gesthaus.Vas offers free wi-fi, safe and delicious breakfast on utram.A most important guest house is a short walk from Kata Beach Phuket .Sovetuem all the restaurant and guesthouse "Xenia"!

  9. Daniel Stepko
    Daniel Stepko
    10.09.2014 at 14:52 Reply

    And we are here with my husband for the third day we are resting in Thailand and that's literally last night we were invited to a restaurant at U Ksenia, which seems to me to be the most beloved place for Russian tourists who are resting in this paradise. Honestly, the expectations of the restaurant I was just impressed, I expected or what is really the usual Russian cuisine or some kind of broken Thai cuisine with elements of Russian cooking. However, the fact that I saw myself truly conquered, the fact is that in this restaurant they cook Russian dishes in truth, but the trick is that they are served and betrayed by some kind of exotic appearance. The restaurant inside is really beautifully decorated, it's not an exaggeration to say that it's nice to spend time and so I was fascinated by the fact that the waiters are fluent in both local and Russian. So yesterday evening stayed on me with my husband just unforgettable, and you know, even before leaving at the end of the week, I'll visit you a couple of times in this paradise.

  10. Alina
    10.09.2014 at 14:53 Reply

    Xenia we were family this summer, and you know I can tell you that this is a very well when you come to another country znakomishsya with its culture and traditions. The biggest surprise was found in this exotic corner of the world, a piece of the homeland - Russia! We still have a lot of emotions from the trip, to regularly review your holiday pictures while on the pleasant memories for all to face smile.

  11. sweta
    10.09.2014 at 15:01 Reply

    Not the first year I go with my family for a vacation to the island of Phuket.
    My husband and I just loved the restaurant "Xenia"
    Friendly staff, comfortable interer..Restoran indulges us delicious Russian and Thai kuhney.Nashim favorite dish is the soup. Vinaigrette also not inferior borscht! You feel doma.V restaurant are dividing into three chasti.Vy can retire with your partner, discuss business issues and just chat with friends! Really liked the interior of this restorana.Uyutno and decorated with vkusom.Steny attributes of Russian cuisine.
    Tried Thai food and do not regret it! It's very vkusno.Prekrasnoe children's menu! Fast order fulfillment, and you do not have time to blink an eye! The restaurant has children stulchiki.Deti will be satisfied!
    Do not forget to visit gesthaus.Vas offers free wi-fi, safe and delicious breakfast on utram.I all this at a low price! And most importantly guest house is a short walk from Kata Beach Phuket.
    Also nearby you will find souvenir shops where you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones.
    We have not regretted about his vybore.Esli you're going to visit this island do not forget to visit these places, do not regret it!

  12. Marina Aksenteva
    Marina Aksenteva
    13.09.2014 at 14:58 Reply

    You know when in the beginning of this summer I went with my beloved person to Thailand, I did not even know what role this place could play in my life. Firstly, my favorite guy made proposals on his knees and admitted to me in love. Frankly, the restaurant is really just super, it's good to see the fact that in these establishments the halls are divided into groups of visitors who come there and that the most important thing for this restaurant is the so-called VIP place, in other words it is a long balcony directly on which tables for young lovers and want to spend time well and alone. I also particularly remember the food that is served in the restaurant, the fact is that the restaurant is entirely devoted to Russian cuisine, but at the same time, the dishes that waiters bring are not exactly the same and not familiar with ours. For example, there a red brooch is served as in old Russian recipes with a slice of lemon and slices of dough in the form of some thicker at first glance macaroni.

  13. Mashunya
    24.09.2014 at 19:04 Reply

    When my husband and I arrived in Phuket this summer, I could not take a long time to accustom myself to their kitchen. And the husband in one of the days suggested going to the restaurant "U Ksenia". Arriving there I was pleasantly surprised - courteous staff, a cozy atmosphere and our, native dishes - borsch, vinaigrettes! During the rest we often went in there - because, there you can relax, talk about business or spend a romantic evening with your beloved! "Ksenia" liked our little daughter very much - she was also glad to see the dishes she knew in this faraway country, especially since the restaurant has many suggestions for the children's menu and convenience - we really liked the opportunity to stay in one of the guesthouse rooms!) The interior of the restaurant is made in Russian style - you go in and naturally forget that you are dining in Thailand - the full feeling that you are sitting in some Russian institution - because, for me, this restaurant has become just a godsend.
    All the tourists who feel bouts of nostalgia for the homeland, I advise to visit the restaurant "Xenia"!

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