Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Rawai

7 / 6 Moo 5 Soi Tad-ied, Ao Chalong, Muang, Phuket, Thailand. 83100

+ 66 (0) 76 367 071


Tiger Muay Thai - One of the most famous training centers Muay Thai in Phuket in Thailand. Best of Muay Thai trainers, gyms and sports attitude Tiger Muay Thai, help improve athletic performance or to become a world champion.

In Tiger Muay Thai has a different training program. You can select the most suitable set of exercises for yourself:


Before choosing a program Muay Thai encourage you to read more training classes in Tiger Muay Thai.

1. ProgramAll Inclusive Training Pack. Under this program, you can attend all classes of the training provided in Tiger Muay Thai.
Price: Week - 4 000 baht; month - 12 500 baht; 3 months - 33 500 baht.

2. Muay Thai ProgramMuay Thai Only Training Pack.
Under this program, open to the public classes such as:
Muay Thai - Muay Thai
Traditional boxing - Western Boxing
Krabong Krabi - Krabi Krabong
Muay Boran - Muay Boran
Fitness room - Weights Room
Price: Week - 3 000 baht; month - 10 000 baht; 3 months - 27 000 baht.

3. The program Muay Thai / Mixed Martial Arts - Muay Thai / MMA Training Pack

Muay Thai - Muay Thai
Mixed Martial Arts - MMA
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - BJJ Classes
Traditional boxing - Western Boxing Classes
Yoga - Yoga
Fitness room - Weights Room
Price: Week - 3 500 baht; month - 11 500 baht; 3 months - 31 000 baht.

4. Fitness Program - Fitness Training Pack
Yoga - Yoga
boot Camp
Jogging on the Big Buddha - Buddha Run
Fitness room - Weights Room
Price: Week - 3 500 baht; month - 11 500 baht; 3 months - 31 000 baht.

Expanded Programme - Deluxe Training Pack - Includes a visit to any class in the Tiger Muay Thai, plus 7 individual lessons of Muay Thai. Price per week: 7 750 baht. 25 individual training Muay Thai - 25 000 baht per month.

Expansion of the program -VIP Training Pack - Includes a complete list of classes Tiger Muay Thai. Weekly program worth 10 000 baht and includes 12 individual training Muay Thai. Monthly VIP program worth 37 500 baht and includes 50 individual training Muay Thai.


Muay Thai Training Camp also provides its guests Cafe services. In the cafe you can buy subscriptions to food, sports and energy drinks and supplements.
Subscription "Standard" - 2 meal, 2 plates of fruit, 2 bottles of water a day. Lift ticket prices: Week - 3000 baht per month - 12 000 baht, 3 months - 32 000 baht.

Subscription "Advanced" - 2 meal, 2 plates of fruit, unlimited bottles of water a day. Lift ticket prices: Week - 3250 baht per month - 13 000 baht, 3 months - 34 500 baht.


Training Center Tiger Muay Thai includes bungalows and hotels in different price categories. At your service, as budget rooms and luxury suites. All bungalows and hotels are a minute away from the training center.

Soak up the atmosphere of sport with Tiger Muay Thai.

Muay Thai - Training Center Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket

Muay Thai - Training Center Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket

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10 Reviews

  1. Bogdan
    25.08.2014 at 23:20 Reply

    It would be interesting to work out Muay Thai Tiger. I used to be involved in boxing, but missed a lot of punches to the head and decided to quit. But a real man must protect his woman and family if necessary, because after a while I started rukopashku. I kicked a football player, I can well because this kind of martial arts I really liked. Although, it is also very difficult option, because after training hard to go home, feet hurt every day.
    Yes, that's the problem that I have in rukopashku engaged mainly in the kid up to twenty, and very sorry to beat these helpless children. Of course, sometimes come such that anyone can fight, but this is rare. Yes, and there is heavy conditions. Neither normal room or simulators. But the coach is very strong, experienced and classy.
    A Muay Thai will be steeper. I look at Tiger conditions chic: the best coach you can play with a very strong contenders, training on the banks ... In short, I liked your article about Muay Thai and I seriously thought about the possibility to learn this sport.

  2. Vyacheslav
    30.08.2014 at 23:59 Reply

    He always respected Muay Thai and wanted to work out, he would never have thought that he has so many areas of training and offshoots. Very spectacular, hard, and most importantly incredibly effective form of martial arts. I certainly saw how the little Chinese show Kung-fu skill and defeat much more massive rivals, but for this you must be a really great master, but the Thai with their Muay Thai and Kung Fu can not be exactly compared, there is no water and excessive body movements, all blows directed precisely to the point of defeat and even destruction of the enemy, this is truly impressive. It was the case even a special section in my city was looking for, I can not say that I did not find it, I found it. Only here the first training has greatly upset me, ours and have no idea about this kind of oriental martial arts, the dancers to God, I almost laughed at first, then I felt sad. After this incident, I realized one thing: you want to comprehend and feel for yourself the real Muay Thai, do not stay at home, go to his homeland and learn, feel, taste all the rigidity and primordial power of a real men's sport! Naturally, I did not visit the section in my city any more, it was too snotty and soft, the only hope for Tiger Muay Thai remains, I really think there will not be anything to disappoint me.

  3. Vyacheslav
    31.08.2014 at 07:40 Reply

    Was engaged in Muay Thai or as they say from us - Thai boxing. I want to say, it's worth it. I went to just relax in Thailand and just talked with coaches and spent about a week studying Thai boxing in his homeland. The difference is catastrophic, they are taught from a young age. The technique of teaching is completely different. Listed and-no, and came across a proposal on this site, read about the actual camps, prices, and so on. Ideally! You can lie down for 3 months and train. You can choose something that is closer to your heart. Running under the sunset along the coast, fresh air, you can feel yourself some kind of person from the past or just relax from civilization. You can also get acquainted with their traditions, live according to their principles and law, and finally feel like a real - a Thai!
    More, just have a good time. If you are a person who loves sports, loves good and useful to spend time, go here. Thanks for the article, to her I did not know about the club "Tiger" now I know - where I'm going!

    1. Nona
      31.08.2014 at 23:26 Reply

      I have long been brewing the idea of ​​studying Muay Thai. Perhaps like every person, sometimes I need a change, rest, a new goal. Thailand is a paradise. I rest mentally and physically when I'm in nature, especially the beach. I've read your review, and see myself right there, "Running under the sunset along the coast," may not be running, and relax after training Muay Thai.
      I am a strong girl, and if I want anything, what I dream about, I achieve my goal. Tell me, Vyacheslav, what difficulties can I expect in this sport? I still will not change my mind, but I think not one is interesting to me, how and where to start. You could encounter in training with girls, what kind of people, what qualities this woman gives to the woman, negative and positive. I want to feel real, not a thai, but a living and strong personality. Life, carries away from reality, most people on our planet. And the reality is that we are born to enjoy life, this is nature, this is our nature ...
      In general, I can say that I go 2 times a week for volleyball, body I have trained. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  4. nick
    05.09.2014 at 15:20 Reply

    Good afternoon. I have long wanted to plunge into the art of Thai boxing. A very large choice of actions in different situations and that is no less important there are no specific limitations whatsoever. I would recommend to all the mute, since in life there are many unsolvable situations, where exactly this kind of martial arts is useful. Also, the body develops well in addition to the characteristic technical skills in single combat. As I know, the mutate is a "universal" unit of martial arts, as it develops not only skills of defense, attack, but also contributes to peace and confidence in any conflict situations. I would advise parents to teach their children to sport, as this will be doubly useful for the baby. In this case, take to the trainings a mutation, because in the future the child will acquire the necessary qualities for himself both physically and morally. I myself am engaged in a mutation, I have not regretted all the time during my studies. And I will honestly say that I have been convinced by life several times that everything is working and helping. Thank you

  5. Vlad
    08.09.2014 at 20:40 Reply

    Experience Thai boxing lessons will help everyone talking as a coach and a fighter in the past. Skills, techniques and tactics undeniable, quick movements and tempering the spirit - all in the same style.
    And since there is a preparation fighters in Tiger, I think must see and try every self-respecting man. Experienced coaches who transmit knowledge from generation to generation, from the people who were at the first masters of Muay Tai. Physical activities that sustain the strength is not for everyone. Nature, climate - you will feel it all.
    Also, a huge number of specific fighting techniques and grips, strokes, all possible sparring, a lot of special equipment, accessories. For you, this will not be just a tick of what you are doing - it will be your goal, you will strive for this every day. This will become a part of life.
    In general, come, go in, it's all for you.
    Still would like to add from myself as a person with extensive experience in various martial arts - Exercise because in sports power.

  6. Alexander
    11.09.2014 at 15:07 Reply

    In my childhood, I do not remember exactly in 6 or 7 class, I started to practice judo, but after half a year I threw it, I did not like it. Then two years went to boxing., In which he achieved some success. Now there is a desire to learn Thai boxing, as it is more mobile and maneuverable, but for me it is important, because my main hobby is football. It's no wonder that Thai boxing is so developed on the island of Phuket, because it's his homeland. I recently saw several fights on TV between a Thai and a Belarusian boxer, and even seemingly between a Frenchman and an American, and he definitely decided that it was worth a try. I even found a place in my city where a former classmate turned out to be engaged. But training in such an exotic place as the island of Phuket - it's a pleasure, the more the prices are acceptable. And after training, the beach, the sea and the sun. By the way, I think this sport is more painful than boxing, as in box though legs do not suffer, but the truth is head protection, which is a big plus. In general, the island of Phuket is suitable not only for ordinary holidaymakers, but also for boxing fans.

  7. Novel
    21.09.2014 at 20:12 Reply

    Interested in this question, what level should be at the novice fighter, what knowledge, techniques, he should have to teach in such a school, or you can start from scratch?

  8. Artem
    22.09.2014 at 18:53 Reply

    I used to do Thai boxing and admire this sport, and to this day. There is no place for the weak in spirit, this sport is for real men. Having suffered an injury, I had to forever quit boxing. But I worked hard, and I was honored to go to competitions in the very homeland of Thai boxing - Thailand! This indescribable beauty of words fascinated me and fascinated me. This spirit of Thai boxing ... it was everywhere. There I was honored to get into a sparring with a real Thai boxer. I met with great coaches and gained experience. And they told me about Tiger Muay Thai. As a guided tour, I was shown what is inside and how training is there. And you know, this is a very motivating place, where you can devote yourself to training, feel the spirit of Thai boxing, get acquainted with the traditions. I think that those who are engaged in Muay Thai will understand me and especially who has already been there. And this training camp is a great opportunity not only to bring you into an excellent form, but also to rest.

  9. Tamirlan
    22.09.2014 at 21:15 Reply

    All this is good, training halls, pears, training. But there is another very interesting phenomenon in training in the Tiger Muay Thai. This attitude to the partner in the ring. Coach I accept all - Russian, not Russian, etc. Yes, they train for money, but they treat the athlete with respect and gratitude. Sincerely understand why the client is a guest. Gratitude - for the fact that new people bring with them parts of what's new, what can you learn from it. Therefore, the approach to training in the Tiger Muay Thai is slightly different than here in Russia. By the way, his attitude of the trainer also teaches these qualities of visiting athletes. In addition to this you will get - good sunny weather, healthy and tasty food, a huge coma of impressions from what you saw and went to Tiger Muay Thai. By the way I want to note that Tiger Muay Thai is open not only for professional athletes, but also for those who are still looking for. Here, just you can see the true beauty of Thai boxing, and also see in which smithies professionals are forged. Well, of course take part in training to understand yours or not.

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