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Language School in Phuket TTT. No matter what and how you come to Thailand without knowing the language, to be in this beautiful country will not be easy. At the Russian people rather strong language barrier: "I understand everything, but I can not say." It is easily treated with the help of a language school in Phuket.

Language School in Phuket TTT

Language School in Phuket TTT


The decision to study the language in a language school in Phuket

Many people who come to Phuket for a vacation every year, held on the island from the 3 6 to-five months, however, in English speaking yet can not. Actually, in Thailand, you can learn more, more interesting things to see and hear if owning at least English. Therefore, if you are traveling to Phuket from 3-x months or more, be sure to read this article to the end! One solution to teaching in a language school in Phuket, you "kill two birds with one stone": new knowledge and student visaWhich will allow you to stay in Thailand without the trips up to 1-year, depending on your training period.

Language School in Phuket TTT

One of the most well-known language schools in Phuket - A school study TTT languages. Pronounced TiTiTi. At the Russian people are the most popular English courses in Phuket. The language school English courses TTT is a teacher of the highest categoryConfirmed a TEFL certificate, issued back in 1999 year! Certification TEFL - an international certification of teachers of English, confirming qualification of the teacher. Such certificates prepared teachers of renowned international universities. That is why, language school in Phuket TTT has established itself as one of the first, reliable and high quality. For those who do not know on which days or at what time they can attend classes, the language school in Phuket offers different days and classes. No one will force you to attend classes on a regular basis or put "N" on the day you decide to spend time on the beach of Phuket. Visiting language courses is in your interests, and for the sake of your education and development. For example, on the beach you can get acquainted with a number of lying foreigners, and practice your knowledge of English. Then, missed the occupation themselves do not count truancy. Foreigners are happy to go to contact, and the time for a pleasant conversation is more interesting.

Obtaining a certificate at a language school in Phuket

As a result of training, you can get here is a certificate of language schools in Phuket, proving your knowledge of the English language.

Language School in Phuket TTT

Language School in Phuket TTT

This certification will be a great addition to your resume or a reason for higher wages. According to statistics, in Russia, people who speak 2-or more languages, earning more than any other for at least 20%.

Learning another language in a language school TTT

If you are more interested to study Thai in Phuket, TTT Language School will offer you several programs to study the Thai language, including a different number of hours of training. Training is conducted by the book, designed specifically for the language school TTT, honored teacher of Thailand.

Language School in Phuket TTT

Language School in Phuket TTT


Another significant advantage of learning a language school in Phuket, is to obtain a student visa.


How to get a student visa to Thailand in TTT Language School:

To obtain a student visa the following documents are required: 1. Passport and Departure card. With Passport Manager will make copies of relevant pages, where you need to personally sign. Departure card - a card that you fill in when entering the country. It is also necessary to obtain a visa. 2. (!) Photos 24 3,5 4,5 to see Recommendations. Girls in the photo must be covered shoulders (the photo in the beach t-shirt is not very suitable for a visa). For guys: the photo in a jacket and tie. Often there is a jacket in a photo studio, a tie can ask the photographer to add directly to the photo. 3. The School TTT you will fill out an application. This statement will print manager and will give you a sign. Generally, it takes no more than 20 minutes. 4. Also, you will prepare a package of documents that need to be signed. 5. With the submission of documents for a visa, the school is mandatory paid 50% the cost of a visa. Full payment for the visa guarantee you a discount when they apply! 6. The process of preparation and approval of documents that you go to the Thai embassy in another country is 3 - 4 weeks, depending on the speed of processing of documents and the availability of government agencies at this time government holidays. 7. When the documents are ready, the school will contact you by phone. If the balance of the term of your visa does not allow you to wait for documents 3-4 weeks, it is possible accelerated version of paperwork for a small fee. What it is in the process of preparing documents (3-4 weeks)? TTT School prepares the entire list of documents required for registration of a student visa in Thailand. Then, your documents are agreed at the Department of Education. After that, the documents shall be in the Department of Immigration approval.

Obtaining a student visa in Thailand at the Embassy / Consulate of Thailand

You got a call from TTT School and said that the documents are ready. What's next? The next step - a trip to another country to directly obtain a visa at the Embassy / Consulate of Thailand. Currently, the most popular item for a visa is the island of Penang, Malaysia. The School of TTT, you can buy a bus ticket to Penang on visa-wounds. In this case, you are buying not only the "delivery to destination", but also a full service and assistance in obtaining visas. You bring in Penang and accommodated at the hotel. Then, in the same place you fill out the visa application and hand over the documents (to go and look for yourself Consulate of Thailand in Malaysia is not necessary). Recommendations. Normally, the bus stops at the border of Thailand - Malaysia, where you can change money. Do not expect that to change is now a little bit, and then to change the rest. Sometimes, a visa shall come from the hotel, time and money will not change. The fee for the issuance of a student visa is 220 ringgit (approximately 2200 baht), is taken in the currency of Malaysia (with a few exceptions, in Thai Baht). Obtaining documents from the Consulate on the same evening or the next day. It depends on the total number of documents received by the Consulate, on this day. Recommendations: taking into account the new rules on the issuance of student visas Government of Thailand, we are sure to take cash in the amount of Baht 20 000 or a certificate from the Thai account of the availability of funds. Sometimes, on his return to Thailand, customs officers are asked to submit the funds sufficient for the country of residence (20 000 baht). Give them to anyone not necessary, just show up.

After obtaining a student visa in Thailand

You have issued a visa, and you come back to Phuket. On return, you need to come to school and get the TTT training schedule. If you do not pay the full cost of student visa, you will need to pay the cost of the visa. Also, bring your passport, school manager removes a copy of a new visa. Student visa 3 months will stand in your passport. For 2 weeks before the end of the period specified in the visa (Customs stamps on the entry to Thailand), you We need to bring the following documents to the school: 1. A few photos of yourself in your house / apartment. In the picture you have to be inside the apartment and on the background of the hotel apartments (villas). 2. A copy of the lease the apartment / villa or a certificate of registration of ownership of the property to you. 3. A copy of the ID card (an analogue of our passports), the owner of the villa or apartment, where you live. 4. Map, showing your home. It makes it simple! Open the Google map, find their home. Refer to the map size allows us to understand what this area and how to find you there. Printskrin make, print, specify the cross (a tick, a point ...) your home. 5. Under the new rules, instead of several, the so-called "Extensions" (extending the visa to Phuket Immigration), you will be given one stamp about the extension for several months. To extend the visa, you give the original passport (it will be stamped on it to extend the visa) to TTT School, pay the state fee for the extension of the student visa and the cost of the visa extension services for the TTT School (a small fee). Also, you can independently extend your visa to Phuket Immigration. In this case, you need to come to the Immigration Department with the documents, fill out the application, get a renewal ticket, wait for your turn, pay the fee and get a stamp about the visa extension. Personal experience of obtaining a student visa in the Language School TTT read in our next useful article "Student visa in Phuket". Language School in Phuket TTT. Additional Information: Address: 48 / 10 Moo 9, Chao-fa Road, Ao Chalong, Phuket 83100 Thailand Web Email: Phone David:083 1802 035

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  1. Bogdan
    22.09.2014 at 03:32 Reply

    During a recent winter trip to Thailand, I decided to improve my English. To train selected language TTT school that on Phuket, which I recommend a good friend is not the first conductive wintering in Thailand.
    I taught English at school and some at the university, but a sufficient level of language is not owned, and went to the courses in a language school in Phuket TTT to improve speaking.
    He started training with a group which included two other Russians. The teacher got very cool. I use modern and very correct approach to teaching English - as little as possible of complex grammar, and as many conversations and discussions can be on any relevant topics, thus it stimulated us to start talking to each other.
    And he was particularly strict, if we were talking during the breaks between the most in Russian. The teacher said, if you want to really learn a language, practice wherever possible. We have tried to do so and to the extent possible. Classes at the school are not very big, but comfortable and has all necessary appliances and multimedia board for writing.
    After nearly a month of study at a language school TTT I significantly improved my English and I can communicate with foreigners in Thailand and in Russia.
    I recommend the school, if you will be as good a teacher as we have, you obyazatelno tighten their English, have a good time and find a bunch of new friends!

  2. Andrew Prigubin
    Andrew Prigubin
    22.09.2014 at 18:57 Reply

    You know, even though I do not speak ten languages ​​at all, I still had an opportunity to learn English, French and German in my life ideally, that is, I can freely speak these three languages, and, among other things, I can ideally also check documents and just keep an eye on their proper composition. Yet for me it was especially interesting to learn about your method of studying the Thai language, I will probably even show interest and for two weeks spent on rest in this truly divine country I will register for these language courses. Also I would be interested to learn about the main parameters to pay attention to when writing to these courses, can share those who have already been on these courses on how the teacher teaches the language in general, tell the same way if in groups only Russian or And people of other nationalities also fall into groups. Well, the most important question all the same, so that they share their achievements in studies, specify for how long you have been studying and how freely you learned to talk.

  3. Alex
    12.12.2014 at 18:38 Reply

    good afternoon . I want to learn Thai in Phuket

    1. SI Group
      13.12.2014 at 19:09 Reply

      Alex Good day. What do you want to know. Any questions for the Study of Thai Language You can follow any responses to ask online or by calling the operator on these phones directly to the school of the Thai language. You can follow any responses you send us e-mail request

  4. Katerina
    11.03.2015 at 02:50 Reply

    Information is accurate at 2015 year?

    1. SI Group
      11.03.2015 at 13:04 Reply

      Yes, Catherine, the information in the article is relevant to 2015 year.
      Only now there is one change before the student visa issued for the year, including all renewals. she issued Who 6 months, but all schools have written a joint letter to the immigration office with a request to restore the visa-year period. The opportunity to return the annual visa extension

    2. SI Group
      15.03.2015 at 17:30 Reply

      Oh sure

  5. Ann
    13.11.2015 at 19:14 Reply

    Hello! And if I plan to come to Thailand just for a month if I could attend this school such a short time?

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