Legal services in Phuket. Company Viella

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Legal services in Phuket. Company Viella. Law Firm Vielha provides a full range of legal services in Phuket.

Viella - Law Firm in Phuket with years of experience. Lawyers of the company - a Thai and Russian graduates.

Turning to the company Viella, You get high-quality legal assistance qualified specialists in the field of civil and criminal law in Thailand.

A distinct advantage of legal services Viella - All services for you are in Russian. Thus, an English speaking lawyer more fully understand the nature of your questions, and thus be able to give you detailed detailed answers; explain all the possible consequences or actions needed in your particular situation.

Legal services in Phuket companies Viella: + 66-841-703-496

Representing the interests of the customer in Phuket:
- In government agencies and local government Phuket.
- In the courts of all levels.
- The police.
- In the bodies of investigation and inquiry.

Legal services in Phuket

Legal services in Phuket

Maintenance of real estate transactions:
- Advising on the acquisition of property in Phuket.
- Drafting treaties governing the relationship with the real estate: rent, sale, and others.
- Checking the purity of the transaction.
- Check the builder, his documentation of the object under construction property.
- The opening of the company for the purchase of land in Phuket.

Legal services in Phuket

Legal services in Phuket


Legal services in Phuket. Investing:
Thailand - stably developing countries, attracting more foreign investment. This is due to the correct policy of the state, a stable economy and Thailand a good percentage of income from invested funds. However, as in any country to invest in Thailand should carefully consider all the possible risks and calculate the yield on investment.

Law Firm Viella for many years favorably with Russian investors, who are already receiving income from invested funds.

Basic legal services in Phuket in investing:

- Participation in the tender for the implementation of the state and the banks of the arrested property.
- Loans secured by real estate or a car.
- Urgent purchase of real estate in Thailand at a price lower than the market, with its further implementation.

Law Firm Viella goes on constantly finding new open opportunities for profitable investment, as informed investors.


Legal services in Phuket

Legal services in Phuket

Other legal services in Phuket:
- A lawyer.
- Lawyer.
- Design student, working and retirement visa in Thailand.


Additional office in Russia:

Joint Thai-Russian Law Firm "Vielha"
660068, Krasnoyarsk ul. Michurina, d. 3v

Phone:+ 66-841-703-496


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  1. Marina
    24.09.2014 at 18:39

    It is very good that the coordinates of the company are indicated, of course to have trouble with the law, and especially not on its territory, but being in another country is rather sad, and there is nothing good either. Those who want to buy housing in Thailand, too, will be useful to know, because there are many cases when there is an opportunity and means to purchase, but how to do it many do not know and often fall for fraud. Incidentally, the so-called realtors are only ready to sell, and they promise golden mountains, then they have problems with documents, then the developer threw them on a well-laid scheme. Being in the homeland there are connections, but in a foreign land you need to look for them. I read it here on the site about foreign language schools in Thailand, I was very interested, I think it would be useful to open a student visa using the services of the legal agency described here. It is interesting, and that there is even a pension visa, what are its conditions and benefits, my grandmother wants to travel, I need to tell her, or rather, to learn more for her this information.

  2. [...] A lot of those who wanted to buy property in Phuket, but does not know who to turn to for quality legal advice. This and many other questions will help resolve legal company Viella. [...]

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