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  1. Diana
    19.05.2014 at 16:12 Reply

    I always dreamed of going to Thailand, it is really a paradise with beautiful nature. And finally, my dream came true and I have been there! I can say that I even could not assume how much there is amazing. The first thing my husband and I visited The breathtaking islands of Phi Phi, book a tour at the Russian-speaking guide and do not regret it, it was worth it. In general, I believe that if you really got to Thailand, then it is necessary to visit all sorts of excursions, not just lie and sunbathe.
    By the way, this article describes the really good tour. For example I like admirer of Leonardo DiCaprio was very interesting to see where they filmed the movie with him, this is the beach May Bay, a delightful place, also remembered elephant farm, such in Russia did not see) were able to ride on elephants, it is unrealistic exciting! And of course you should definitely visit the business card all Phuket - show Fantasea.
    In general, in Thailand there are so many interesting and fascinating places that the year has been reviewed and to visit) Choose the most interesting for you and enjoy the exotic nature)

    1. Elena
      30.05.2014 at 14:10 Reply

      Diane, I share completely your enthusiasm for excursions to Phi Phi, it's something! Very tired 1,5 hour boat trip to the islands, it was cold and we were constantly throws up and tossed on the seat, but when we first landed on May Bay, fatigue vanished, I'm just a month before the holiday film revised Beach and was obsessed with the idea to go there it was worth it. Island, surrounded by trees, white sand, crystal clear sea, ready to stay there forever. But the fact that it is uninhabited leisure travelers time, I was stopped, and the husband is not allowed)
      Ride on elephants I did not like, very high, dangling from side to side, but to be in Thailand do not do this, and thought koschunstvom.Da photos turned out quite exotic, especially when an elephant walks into the water and pours it all out of his trunk. This was our second holiday in Tae, the first time we were vacationing in Pattaya, the second time decided to visit Phuket, the more so when they were on tour in Bangkok, we were told that the Thais are flying to rest from the capital to Phuket.
      We really enjoyed it, even in the city can be a great time, chic, clean beaches (especially enjoyed Karon Beach, with its famous "singing sands")
      All this is worth a visit and see with your own eyes!
      Be sure to come back to Thailand, this time clearly Phuket!

  2. Alice
    22.05.2014 at 10:17 Reply

    Good afternoon. My relatives recently visited the tour on the island of Phuket, and visited a lot of beautiful places. Some of them I want to share with you. For example, a snake farm. I have no idea how much this is beautiful, but I think the spectacle is beautiful, that even my cousin did not hesitate to tell about this show impressively, despite the fact that she is afraid of snakes, but she liked it very much because of the skilled animal trainers. They also visited the island of Bambu, where many bamboos grow and enjoyed the charming landscapes of this island. Another episode told me my aunt, as in a floating bungalow in the dark, she was afraid to fall asleep, although such an exotica is for an amateur. And the most interesting of their stories was for me the Buddha Temple which in the process of construction is a large monument to the Buddha who, according to the beliefs of the inhabitants, will protect the people from natural disasters. In general, I think it's better to see once than hear a hundred times. I hope, and hope, as you know yourself, is the last to die, I will have the chance to visit such a beautiful and delightful place as the island of Phuket.

    1. Anastasia
      26.05.2014 at 09:17 Reply

      Hello, Alice!
      In March, we too were lucky to fly to Phuket and plunge headlong not only into the gracious beach holiday, but also to the rich excursion program of Phuket. As well as your relatives, we visited the snake farm. I used to be very afraid of snakes, now I realize that they too are being tamed in the hands of a person. We also visited a bamboo grove, about which you wrote. The spectacle is simply inexpressible. When you see bamboo only in interior design, you do not understand the power of this plant, rather than seeing how it grows. We, as well as your relatives, went to the temple of the Great Buddha, but also visited other temples of Phuket. Most of all we were impressed by the temple of Pra Nang Sang, especially fascinated by the legend of this temple. Unfortunately, we did not spend the night in a floating bungalow. We are accustomed to a classic night's rest. But they enjoyed many more sightseeing trips, namely safaris, rafting, and most importantly, visited the kingdom of the tigers. Alice, do not despair. In Phuket, you will certainly visit, because this is an island that every year and beckons its identity, that the choice of another resort now does not even interest.

  3. Angela
    30.05.2014 at 14:35 Reply

    I'm generally crazy about this incredible country and from the beautiful Phuket. My husband and I spent our honeymoon unforgettably. In addition to excellent beaches, a relaxing holiday, there is really something to see. Beautiful nature, azure sea, unusual architecture and culture are fascinating at first sight. We traveled a lot there, and went on sightseeing tours, and on safari with elephants, took the same mopeds and themselves toured the whole island. Impressions of the sea. But, most of all I liked the two-day trip to the island of Phi Phi. There we spent some of the best two days out of the rest. The fact that there is quite different and some special nature, it's all trifles. There's another life. A lot of youth, a lot of fun. Those who travel there with an overnight stay, will definitely fall into the boiling nightlife of a small island. On the beach there are bright shows, noisy parties, where even booze is sold in plastic pails. I have never seen such a thing. Those who are completely overjoyed and tired, lie down directly on the sand and fall asleep. Rest is clearly not for children, it's better not to take them there.

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