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  1. kandak83
    16.06.2014 at 22:41 Reply

    Oh, how I would like to get at least one of these massage sessions, ...... and better at all at once, and on oil, and body massage. Would not refuse and erotic .... Thai massage is famous for the whole world, it's a pity that not everyone can afford it. Interestingly, but the masseurs are specially trained or is it a gift from God? Can there be special schools of erotic massage? In general, a real Thai massage should last about three hours, otherwise the body will not have time to fully relax and reach the end result. In fact, traditional Thai massage is aimed at improving and rejuvenating the body and consists not only of relaxing movements, but also of twisting, stretching, punching. Which naturally brings little pleasure. And to achieve real and complete recovery and noticeable rejuvenation of the body requires up to seven sessions. As for the erotic massage, then yes, complete relaxation. But I have a question: the article says only about girls - masseuses, not a word is said about men masseurs. They do their work equally, I mean by quality? Whom do patients prefer?

  2. Taya
    21.07.2014 at 14:58 Reply

    On the 10th anniversary of the marriage, my husband and I decided to go to Thailand in search of new, thrill. I liked Phuket very much, looked at the nature here, it's very beautiful, it's quite unusual for us to contemplate such beauty. In addition to nature, we visited local markets, shopping malls stores, visited excursions in many museums, walked a lot with clay jugs and, of course, swam and sunbathed. By the end of our trip, my husband had little thrill and he offered to experience the delights of an erotic massage. I'll fight it went into denial, for me it's like treason, besides, I absolutely do not like it when other people's hands touch me. My husband insisted, but still I did not agree. The only thing we did was decide to ask how it happens and how much it costs. The action is interesting, but not for me. They asked about this massage with the local residents, and then in the room they experimented and made each other such an unusual massage.

  3. The cost of sex in Thailand
    19.08.2014 at 15:29

    [...] Visit Thailand and not only for cultural activities, but also for the girls, and some for the boys. The well-known fact that [...]

  4. Alla
    10.09.2014 at 14:39 Reply

    Erotic massage is a pleasure, of course, not for an exemplary family man and not for the exemplary mother of the family. Although, I must say that every married couple has his own rules of "sexual behavior." For someone, erotic massage is equated with treason, and someone does not see anything shameful in him and is ready even to give his half a season ticket for visiting such a salon. On vacation they fly not only by families. Flying lonely wealthy men, divorced ladies, merry companies. For those who do not need a serious relationship, such services are entirely permissible. Let's better single lonely donjuan will visit erotic massage with all the additional services, than break the heart of some girl who flew to Phuket in search of true love. And women really need this massage! Representatives of the fair sex, because they can not realize their sexual desires, suffer from different addictions: from alcoholism, shopaholism, bulimia. And erotic massage - this is such an opportunity to feel welcome, to be liberated, to forget about all adversity. Yes, and pleasant memories for life, I think, are provided. Do not be afraid to enjoy life.

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