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  1. Alina
    08.06.2014 at 18:08 Reply

    Hmm, I did not think that Thailand is such a popular country for sex tourism lovers. At what here various services are rendered, not only traditional, that as that does not keep within the religion of Buddhism. A person can just get out of the temple where he prayed, followed a strict dress code and all the rules, then go to a nearby street and go to the go-go bar, or use the services of a lady-boy. Somehow this does not fit in my head. Also I do not understand people who change their sex with the help of surgery in order to be photographed with tourists later. A man should earn his living by saving himself and his relatives, and not change sex in a day!

  2. Alina
    08.06.2014 at 19:00 Reply


  3. Eugene
    09.07.2014 at 10:15 Reply

    Thailand-free country, so this translates itself is! And do not add nor subtract!

  4. The cost of sex in Thailand
    22.08.2014 at 19:37

    [...] The club and pay 1000 baht (Night), and possibly for free. Private institutions, as well as elite VIP Clubs: There is nothing to discuss, naturally in such places, [...]

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