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Upside down house in Phuket

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51 / 11 Moo 5, Bypass Road, Ko Kaeo, Phuket Town, Phuket 83000, Thailand

10.00 - 18.00 Daily

Upside down house in Phuket - one inverted house in Thailand. On three floors of the house are located all inverted, that is in a normal house: kitchen, living room, bedroom, attic and garage. Walk around the house takes a lot of fun, both adults and children. Funny pictures remain on the memory of a lifetime, and the new experience will give a great mood.

Show Aphrodite Phuket

Phuket Afrodite show

16.00 - 23.00 daily

Aphrodite Cabaret Show - one of the places required to visit Phuket. Great evening show will give you an unforgettable experience and an easy good humor for a long time. Complex Aphrodite show is rightly called the pearl of the Andaman Sea, and it is made in the shape of a ship. Show Aphrodite
089-973 6352-7, 076-612-888

palazzo_show_phuket (3)

Teatr Palazzo restaurant in Phuket in 2010 year's popular resort of Phuket was opened a unique institution - theater restaurant Palazzo, a truly high level corresponding to the best European traditions. This is a big breakthrough for Thailand and Asia, past which will not pass lovers of vivid impressions and delicious food. Palazzo invites you to experience the atmosphere of the inimitable ... Details

Trick_Eye_Museum (2)

Phuket Trick Eye Museum or Museum 3D Phuket huge number of museums. One of them was opened quite recently, at the end of the year 2013. Its official name - Phuket Trick Eye Museum or 3D Museum. Creator attractions miracle - born in Korea. The first attraction of such a plan, he opened in Seoul and saw that ... Details

phuket_mining_museum (7)

The Museum of Mining in Phuket

The Museum of Mining in Phuket If you have never been to Thailand, you might have lost much. It is worth at least once in life to go on the Thai island of Phuket, to be able to enjoy a chic, nezapolonennymi touristy beaches, azure sea of ​​extraordinary beauty and historical beauty of the island. Tired of beach relaxation and tranquility, ... Details

tiger_kingdom_phuket (12)

Tiger Kingdom noteworthy new extravagant and unusual attraction in Phuket 2013 year was (Tiger Kingdom) Tiger Kingdom. For tourists opened the opportunity to meet personally with the tigers of different ages and sizes. As a very young cubs and adults with wild cats. Kingdom of tigers on the island is a subsidiary of, the project ... Details

siam_niramit_phuket (1)

Since the end of 2011 years on the west coast of Thailand, on one of its largest island of Phuket, started a delightful show. Welcome to Siam Niramit! "History of Thailand" - a great show and a terrific location! Something similar can be experienced in the park Phuket Fantasea - there passes theatrical show Fantasy. What to choose a tourist to visit? ... Details


Thailand, Phuket, Ta Lat Hye Ny, Thungkhar Road

Lake fireballs Nong Kai
There Thailand is a place where everyone can become an observer of a miracle, namely the phenomenon of which no justification is to give scientists simply can not. It's about the place where the lake Nong Kai, known to many as the "Lake of ball lightning" flows of the Mekong River, near the border with Laos.

bangla_road (7)

Bangla Road on Phukte order not to bore the reader with numerous descriptions of how I spent the holidays, it is better to get down to business. In this guide, I will try to convey all that I saw with my own eyes, and how you can describe in detail all the charm of Bangla Road. Frankly, photos, represented here, are not made by me, so ... Details

patong_beach (1)

patong beach

Patong Beach This is a great choice for anyone who is tired of everyday and dynamic working perfectly willing to relax and have fun. It is the most popular with tourists because of the lively, beautiful and exciting beach on the island will no longer be found. Here is a good infrastructure - many first-class hotels, massage parlors, cozy ... Details

musem_seashells (7)

Phuket Seashell Museum

Seashell Museum - Phuket's famous attractions, conveniently located close to Rawai Beach. In 1997 the museum starts and puts on display the sea pride for everyone. Interesting and curious about its history. The museum was opened through the efforts of the brothers, for Pathamantin names. Their life journey occupied a prominent place. The desire to understand the world and gives ... Details


Thalang National Museum

The sunny city of Phuket, in addition to beautiful scenery and paradise beaches there are also many cultural monuments, one of them is the Thalang Museum. This architectural structure was in the sunny city of Phuket, in addition to beautiful scenery and paradise beaches there are also many cultural monuments, one of them is the Thalang Museum. This architectural ... Details

Philatelic_museum_phuket (5)

Phuket Postage Stamp Museum

philatelic Museum
Along with the historic attractions in Thailand are modern and museums. That just is not done for the development of the tourism industry. Now you can find entertainment for all tastes and on the island of Phuket. And if before you collect stamps, sitting at home, but now you should definitely go there. More recently, there has opened a new museum dedicated to the postage stamps - "Philatelic Museum, Phuket."

zoo_phuket (4)

Phuket Zoo

It is a place to remember the riot of colors, exotic animals and joyful laughter of tourists shouting. Colourful parrots, funny monkeys, giraffes and elephants natured deliver positive emotions to children and their parents. At the zoo, apart from the usual animals, more work, and real animals-artists. Menacing crocodiles, elephants and monkeys funny every day appeared before the audience ... Details

fantasea_phuket (3)

Phuket Fantasea

Fantasea Show This fascinating tour, designed for the evening program of rest in the park. The tour includes a tranquil stroll through the magnificent park, watching a colorful show and a great dinner at the best restaurant of the park. The whole program is so full of exciting animal shows and the beautiful tropical landscape of the park, that the tour will be interesting for both adults and children. With ... Details

aquarium_phuket (8)

Phuket Aquarium

For those travelers who loves nature and enjoys union with her ideal excursion to Phuket Aquarium. Of course, it is not included in the list of the largest aquariums in the world. Nevertheless, there is quite prominent representatives of the Andaman Sea, the deep sea and watching them take a lot of fun for children and adults. The inhabitants of the aquarium is not ... Details

butterfly_garden_phuket (2)

Butterfly Garden

One of the most beautiful and memorable excursions in Phuket - a visit to Butterfly Garden. The abundance of bright colors and a variety of species of tropical beauties will impress even the adults. And if the trip and went to the children together with their parents, then a visit to this place comes to the fore. Amazing butterfly garden - a ... Details

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