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    Hram_patong (4)

    Phuket Temples - Temple Temples Patong Phuket - This is a typical Buddhist temple, executed in traditional style. The historical name of this temple - Wat Suwan Khiri Wong, and Patong its nickname because of its location near Patong Beach. Wat Suwan Khiri Wong was built in the old days, when there was located a tiny village, ... Details

    hram_paratong (2)

    Wat Phra Thong

    This temple attracts the attention of tourists with its mysterious history. According to legend, on the site of the temple, it was a pasture, on which the boy from the neighboring village pass buffalo. Once he tied the animal for a peg sticking out of the ground. On the same day the boy died suddenly, and behind him, and buffalo. The villagers in search of ... Details

    wat_chalong (4)

    Wat Phra Thong

    We held a wedding in October, it was cold, but would like some heat, fairy tales, something magical and unusual. We chose a very long time with her husband resting place, wanted to visit a temple kakoy-. I stumbled upon this place quite by accident, but did not expect that we all enjoy so much on. We did not notice ... Details


    Wat Si Sunthon (Lipon)

    It is impossible to ignore, because its territory is the largest in Phuket lying Buddha statue, which towers over the peacefully located around the buildings of the temple. Next to it there is a statue of a demon Pret, which according to legend was fed the blood of people who have sinned in my life. However, the decoration of the temple of Sri Suntorn ... Details

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