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Islands of Thailand, a detailed description of the islands of Thailand. Survey excursions on the island of Thailand. Features Thai islands. Thailand island. Read more about sostrovah Taydanda

    Rayong, Thailand

    Rayong, Thailand

    Rayong, Thailand on the north shore of the Gulf of Thailand in Thailand is a beautiful resort - Rayong. This sandy beach stretching 100 km, which are small fishing villages, palm and tropical forests and groves. Clean sea surrounded by coral reefs and cozy coves. There are also thermal and mineral springs, which are not ... more Details

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    Phang Nga Bay near Phuket

    Phang Nga Bay near Phuket Let's fast forward to one of the most beautiful places in Thailand, in Phang Nga Bay. It is located near the island of Phuket, and because of it he became such a popular place for tourists as well as a lot of people goes there to go to the bay. Phang Nga Bay near Phuket now ... Details

    Phi Phi Island - Thailand Islands

    Islands of Thailand - Phi Phi Island - Phi - Phi island group bearing the name of Phi Phi are located in the water area (Islands of Thailand) Andaman Sea between the island of Phuket and the mainland coast. The islands are administratively to the province of Krabi. In 1983 the islands of the archipelago was declared a national park area and then taken under guard ... Details

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    Kradan Island (Koh Kradan)

    Kradan Island (Koh Kradan) south of Koh Lanta there are three other major islands - Ngai, Muk and Kradan. Kradan (Koh Kradan) among them - the least assimilated and most beautiful. In this island Kradan and size less than two adjacent, wide it is not more than 500 meters, the length of the island - ... Details

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    Island Kradan Koh Kradan

    Be on the island of Kradan can not only by sea, but also acquiring the plane ticket, which is a province of Trang will take passengers to the island. The cost of this transfer is 600 baht. On the way to the plane flies Krandana following path: the island's airport Trang - Trang Town - Pier Kuan Tungku - Mook Island - Island Kradan. Back plane returned to the airport of the island Trang on the same route.

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    Koh Samet - Koh Samed

    Koh Samet - Koh Samed
    One of the most beautiful islands in Thailand - Koh Samet (Thai name - Koh Samed) - characterized by the fact that to get to it yourself, you can quite easily. Therefore, if the "package" holiday options you are bored, you should definitely consider the possibility of an independent trip to Koh Samet.

    First of all, you need to choose at what time you plan to come to the island. It is believed that the weather on Samet is always beautiful. Indeed, this is one of such places in Thailand, where you can rest all the year round. However, off-season is also evident here. Beaches on Samet are coral, snow-white, and the sea is very calm. But in the off-season the waves are still there. As a result, the sand rises from the bottom, and the water is no longer so transparent. However, it remains warm all the same, and you can still swim. Jellyfish is another nuisance. In the sea, they appear from the end of September, so it is worthwhile to postpone the trip for another time, if the company of jellyfish is not quite pleasant to you. At any other time, you can go to Samet safely.

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    The island of Yao Noi Koh Yao Noi

    The largest islands in the Bay of Phang Nga, you can call the island of Ko Yao Noi (Koh Yao Noi). Until it is possible to reach by ferry in less than an hour from the island or from Krabi. The real island of Yao Noi is a luxurious decoration of all of the Indian Ocean. On it you will plunge into the primeval forests of the tropics, swim in a perfectly clear bright-green sea, sunbathe on the amazing white sandy beaches. Stopping the choice on this island, tourists will be able to see its historical condition of many centuries. This is due to poor infrastructure, unlike Phuket or Samui.

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    Koh Tao - Koh Tao

    In the province of Surat Thani in Thailand, in the middle of the Gulf of Siam, is the island of Koh Tao. The literal translation of the name from the Thai - Turtle Island.

    With up to 1933 1947 years on Koh Tao located the famous prison for political criminals. Today he is best known for being the beautiful sea and DIVING resort. There is no hustle and bustle of Koh Samui and Phuket. The island is very small - about 21 square kilometer, living in this area of ​​about 1 500 people.

    Tourism - a branch that defines all of the island's economy. The underwater world at Koh Tao is very diverse and colorful, which gives every reason to believe it one of the best learning dayvigu and training places them in Thailand. The course is practically nonexistent, and the whole island is a huge number of dive schools and shops. Therefore, to buy all the necessary equipment can be on the spot.

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    Koh Phangan (Koh Phangan)

    Koh Phangan (Koh Phangan)
    Koh Phangan (Koh Phangan) is one of the three islands of Koh Samui - Phangan - Tao, nestled in the Gulf of Thailand. In its own way the island is unique, due to which it attracts tourists from around the world each year.
    It should be noted that recently Pangan became available for a less civilized holiday, just 20 years ago. After all, tourists used to be here only occasionally, in search of seclusion. At the present time, everything has radically changed. And especially during the holding of the Full Moon Party on the island. They say that such parties are the most colorful here. Some part of the truth in this is. It's not for nothing, on the eve of the holiday, on the island it's almost impossible to book anything. If you get to the island by ferry, you can witness an interesting picture - almost all passengers will go ashore precisely on Pangan. Full Moon Party is held monthly on the beach of Had Rin. And by the way housing can be booked right on this beach.

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    Samui Island

    Samui Island
    Would you like to be in a wonderful and unforgettable corner of nature, soak up the sun on the white sand under the warm sun and warm, fully imbued with feelings of Robinson Crusoe on a desert island? Then you should choose holiday in Koh Samui. Unhurried pace of life in the luxury apartment hotel will allow to relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Wild nature and natural surround vacationer from all sides.

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    Archipelago Ko Rok

    The Rock Archipelago consists of two islands, one of which consists of rocks with coral reefs and beautiful beaches between them, bearing the name of Co Rock Nye and the second - Ko Rock Nok with white soft sandy beaches and shallow waters, located in the southeast among the wonderful coral reefs. Contacting a tour operator, any visitor can book accommodation in comfortable hotels or ascetic bungalows on Koh Lanta Yai. And then on a speedboat, you can make a visit to Koh Rock. All tourists are not recommended to go there aboard a long-tailed boat.

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    Similan Islands

    Similans occupy nine paradise islands that are hidden in exotic jungles, surrounded by the cleanest, clearest and warmest waters, and here is one of the most beautiful and unforgettable beaches that the tourist has ever met. The proper name of the islands from the Malay language or the Yavi language is translated as "nine" and this is not surprising, because the Similans have nine islands, each of which has its own number one to nine, in addition to the number, each island also has its own name: Hawk , Payu, Similan, Bangu. Later, Hyung, Payang, Payan, Miang, Ha, Bon, Tachai. The Bon and Tachai islands joined the Similans in 1998 and rightfully became part of the Similana National Park. The entire area of ​​the islands is about 140 square. m.

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    Ngai Island

    Ngai Island
    One of the most attractive tourist destinations in southern Thailand is the island of Ngai. Amazing beauty beach stretches for two miles. With extraordinary views of the island open to its neighboring islands and mountains.

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    James Bond Island James Bond Island
    On Earth, there are islands that not only captivate its unreal beauty, but also differ in that they are named after famous people. In Thailand, these islands are Koh Tapu Ko Khao Ping Kan, better known as "James Bond Island", which has recently become very popular among tourists who want to enjoy the islands famous hero of the movie. Islands are only about forty meters apart.

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    Koh Tarutao Koh Tarutao

    Koh Tarutao Koh Tarutao Among the islands of Thailand, located in the south, Koh Tarutao Koh Tarutao is the same less visited by tourists. For this reason, it is possible to find everything in the human notions associated with the word paradise. Absolutely empty wild beaches, lots of RA notsvetnyh with any shade ... Details

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    Chang Koh Chang Island

    Chang Koh Chang Island
    If there is a desire to plunge into the exotic of the almost primeval nature of the tropics and plunge into the crystal and clear water of the sea, then Chang Island is exactly the place that you need. Chang Island is the second largest island of the Kingdom of Thailand and unlike the bustling Phuket, it is quiet, calm and serene. You can get to the island by ferry. At the entrance to the island, the tourist feels himself the hero of an adventure film. This contributes to the virgin nature, which appears before the eyes of the traveler. Only the large inscription "Welcome to Koh Chang", which towers above the primeval forest of the tropics, suggests that the island is inhabited.

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    Phra Nang Beach Phra Nang

    Phra Nang Beach Phra Nang Beach Phra Nang Phra Nang is one of the beaches of Krabi, which is perhaps the most beautiful place in the South of Thailand. The unique look of this beach create huge rocks that hang over the beach. Among all the rocks you can highlight the rock Thaiwand Wall, having a height in 150 ... Details

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    Islands Hong Koh Hong and Koh Pak Bia

    Islands Hong Koh Hong and Koh Pak Bia Hong Islands (Koh Hong) and Koh Pak Bia .Gruppa very small islands, the size of tens to hundreds of meters, are National Park Than Bok Khorani. These sixteen islands are located in the vicinity of the gorgeous beaches Tub Kaeki Klong Muang, on the coast of Krabi. It is worth ... Details

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    island koh kood

    Koh Kood (Koh Kood)
    Koh Kood (also Ko Kut) - fourth largest island in Thailand. But its size did not affect the untwisted. Today it is a cozy, quiet, green (70% of the territory is rainforest) malotronuty Area, the most eastern of Thailand (from then on Cambodia).

    Until Ostoro Koh Kood (as well as English. Koh Hood, Ko Kut, Ko Kood), we have not reached yet. But accumulated enough information. Much know themselves (since held several nedelel in those places), much has been found in the network, many have read in guidebooks. Decided to put all of it to be the most informative and detailed article about this island.


    Koh Lanta is one of those places where you do not often see Russian tourists like to come here more Europeans. Koh Lanta located near Krabi

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