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    Upside down house in Phuket

    + 66 (0) 76-376245 + 66 (0) 844-56-52-79

    51 / 11 Moo 5, Bypass Road, Ko Kaeo, Phuket Town, Phuket 83000, Thailand

    10.00 - 18.00 Daily

    Upside down house in Phuket - one inverted house in Thailand. On three floors of the house are located all inverted, that is in a normal house: kitchen, living room, bedroom, attic and garage. Walk around the house takes a lot of fun, both adults and children. Funny pictures remain on the memory of a lifetime, and the new experience will give a great mood.

    Kao-Käo or Monkey Mountain

    "Kao-Käo" or "Monkey Mountain"

    "Kao-Käo" or "Monkey Mountain", "Kao-Käo" or "Monkey Mountain" is in 30 km north of Pattaya. It really mountains, but what! .. It is a natural zoo in 1200 acres. Rather, reserve, where freely live African and Asian animals. They easily can be photographed on the loose, and even for free. Many of them… Details

    Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardens Botanical Gardens Queen Sirikit

    Botanical Garden Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden, Queen Sirikit was designed around 20 years ago as a gift to Her Majesty. His contours it is exactly the same outline map of the Kingdom of Thailand. It was decided to place near the northern capital of Chiang Mai, at the foot of the mountain massif of Doi Suthep Pui. The journey time is less than 20-ti ... Details

    Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand

    Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand

    Kaeng Krachan National Park of Thailand impresses tourists not only with natural virtues, but also with architectural ones. It was the first in Thailand to create an earth dam, more than thirty years ago. Which is located in the middle of the eastern part of the park. An interesting fact is the following. At times this dam was visited by King Bhumipol, after the visit, he gave a clear decree on the preservation of forests, which serve as the basis for the creation of the Petchaburi River. It also stated that the obligation of all foresters in the region is to keep these forests from a person. After all their cutting down can negatively affect the ecology of the whole region. Already in January 1979, a government decree was issued to protect this greener part, as well as the creation of a national park. The construction of the park began with the collection of information about the forests that the Petchaburi river plows. Ultimately, the study ended successfully. The result of which was quite positive. It turned out that the forests that surround the Petchaburi and Panburi rivers were perfectly preserved, and are ecologically clean.

    fantasea_phuket (3)

    Phuket Fantasea

    Fantasea Show This fascinating tour, designed for the evening program of rest in the park. The tour includes a tranquil stroll through the magnificent park, watching a colorful show and a great dinner at the best restaurant of the park. The whole program is so full of exciting animal shows and the beautiful tropical landscape of the park, that the tour will be interesting for both adults and children. With ... Details

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