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    Apartments at Patong Beach

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    Apartments at Patong Beach

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    Apartments at Patong Beach: Let me bring to your attention a very attractive project The Park Condominium Patong! This is one of the most promising projects, which are now being built on the island! The main advantages

    Layan Beach Phuket (Layan beach)

    Layan Beach Phuket (Layan beach)

    Layan Beach Phuket (Layan beach). Layan Beach Phuket is located in direct proximity to Bang Tao Beach, on the north of the island. Airport Phuket Layan Beach by at a distance in kilometers 9. Features: Layan Beach - a very comfortable place to relax. Though the beach and is large in size, there can be good

    Beach Mai Khao (Mai Khao beach)

    Mai Khao Beach Phuket (Mai Khao beach)

    Mai Khao Beach is not far from Phuket International Airport, in the northern part of the island. Landscapes Beach Mai Khao Beach The area is part of the national park of Thailand. The coastline - about 10 km, making Mai Khao longest among all the beaches on the island. The sand is clean, granular, recreation area - wide enough. We ... Details

    Bang Tao Beach (Bang Tao)

    Bang Tao Beach (Bang Tao)

    Bang Tao Beach (Bang Tao). For wealthy people, who do not think: "What would be saved" - are ideal vacation and accommodation in 5 * hotel on the beach of Bang Tao. Bang Tao located between the airport and the beach of Patong. He is among the top five longest and comfortable beaches of Phuket. The strip of white clean sand ... Details

    Karon Beach Phuket (Karon beach)

    Karon (Karon Beach)

    Karon Beach. Karon beach area is situated in the south of Phuket, in 30 km from the island's international airport. Nature beach Karon Beach stretches for 3,5 km. The singularity of this beach is that the sand is called "singing." This is explained by the fact that the composition includes quartz sand that can emit whistling while ... Details

    Nai Yang Beach (Nai Yang Beach)

    Nai Yang Beach is not far from Phuket International Airport, in the northern part of the island. Nature beach of Nai Yang Beach is fairly wide, filled with grainy sand and seashells. Log into the water quite easily thanks to a smooth slope from the shore. The abundance of green and spreading trees along the shoreline lets you cool off in the shadows, hiding from the heat .... Details

    Three Trang Beach Phuket Tri Trang Beach

    Three Trang Beach Phuket Tri Trang Beach

    Tri Trang Beach Phuket Tri Trang Beach want to spend time on the beach Tri Trang (Tri Trang) should know that it is a delightful place is located between the spa seating area on the coast of Paradise (Paradise) and Patong (Patong). Every holidaymaker who was on Tri Trang can mention cleanliness and grooming of coastline. Thanks to,… Details

    Freedom Beach Freedom Beach Phuket

    Freedom Beach Freedom Beach Phuket

    Freedom Beach Freedom Beach Freedom Beach Phuket - According to the tourists, among Phuket's most amazing beaches and charming beach is Freedom. Original its name sounds like «Freedom Beach» and means "Beach of Liberty." It's a small little corner of paradise. His slowness of a total of about 300 meters. Overland get on Freedom Beach ... Details

    Beach Merlin, Merlin Beach Phuket

    Beach Merlin, Merlin Beach Phuket

    Beach Merlin, Merlin Beach Phuket Beach Merlin, otherwise known as Merlin Beach, considered one of the best places in Phuket for scuba diving, is located at a distance of about 3 km from Patong Beach, almost in front of it, and its length along the coast is just 150 meters. Nearby is the famous ... Details

    Paradise beach Phuket Beach Paradise Beach in Phuket

    Paradise beach Phuket Beach Paradise Beach in Phuket
    At the mention of the beach Paradise beach immediately seems a piece of paradise, the unknown and virgin place on Earth. And in part, it is. The water at this beach is crystal clear and transparent, pure white sand and coves along the waves peacefully rock the boat. This beach is really remote, and need to make some effort to find him. It really can be compared to paradise, though its location is not in the area of ​​the island paradise. Paradise beach is located near Patong (5 km away). To get to this paradise can be by car, bike or boat.

    Beach Relax Beach Relax beach

    Beach Relax Beach Relax beach

    Beach Relax Beach Relax beach constantly attracts visitors with its unforgettable beauty and tranquility of paradise, especially attracts guests alienation of the area. This nature beckons romantics here and those people who want privacy or just an unforgettable experience. This beautiful beach is located on the territory of the bay and is therefore almost always calm sea here. Feature… Details

    Nai Yae Beach Phuket

    Nai Yae Beach Phuket

    Nai Yae Beach Phuket Phuket is Thailand's unique island, which is surrounded on all sides by the sea. It is because of such geographical features of life on the island has preserved its unique flavor. Phuket is famous for a variety of all kinds of beaches which, full of beautiful flowering shrubs and trees. It is impossible not to come swim in Phuket and once in ... Details

    Plyazh_Nakalay (1)

    Nakalay Beach Phuket

    Nakalay Beach Phuket bright, magical, exotic island of Phuket is the most famous island in Thailand. He won the hearts of many tourists from all over the world his imperturbable calm, friendly and hospitable people, an abundance of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. Its green hills, exotic vegetation, sandy beaches and surprisingly warm sea will help to relax perfectly and ... Details

    Ao_Sane_Beach (1)

    Beach Ao Sein Phuket

    Ao Sane beach phuket beach Ao Sein Phuket Did you know that there is a beach in Phuket Ao Sein? Not many people can boast of such extensive knowledge in geography, so try to arrange a small educational program and talk about this heavenly place. So, the very beach of Nai Harn is located more to the south of Kata Noi Beach, ... Details

    banana_beach (5)

    Banana Rock Beach

    Banana Rock Beach Until recently, the amazing and almost deserted Banana Beach, still called «Banana Rock Beach», was not the most popular holiday destination and a pleasant stay in Phuket. This beach is little visited by tourists who come to stay in Thailand because of its isolation from some other local facilities. Banana Beach is a beautiful place ... Details


    surin beach

    Surin Beach is a beach for the very wealthy tourists. It was in his first-class hotels Twinpalms, Amanpuri and the Chedi prefer to stay famous clients. The beach is quite known. And not only among the visiting tourists, but also local people who love the area, sheltered by pine trees unlike other palm beaches. Surin is located only thirty ... Details

    patong_beach (1)

    patong beach

    Patong Beach This is a great choice for anyone who is tired of everyday and dynamic working perfectly willing to relax and have fun. It is the most popular with tourists because of the lively, beautiful and exciting beach on the island will no longer be found. Here is a good infrastructure - many first-class hotels, massage parlors, cozy ... Details

    pansea_beach (8)

    Pansi beach

    Pansy Pansy Beach - this is probably the only area in which the hotel management may require any of the outsiders to leave the beach. Up Pansy less than an hour drive from Phuket Town, or the International Airport, and up to half an hour - from Patong Beach. However, despite the proximity of the active area is quiet and peaceful during the tourist season, ... Details

    Nai Thon Beach

    Nai Thon Beach: One of the most remote from civilization beaches around Thailand - this is the beach of Nai Thon. The bay in which it is located, is closed by the waves and winds beautiful rocky headlands. It's just a wonderful place for Fish and diving, it leads to a hidden path in the woods near the small village of Surin. Walk a couple of kilometers to the north of it, passing the turn to the Bank of Tao, and turn left at the next village. For himself Nai Thon are wild or anyone unexplored beaches.

    Laem_singh_beach (2)

    Laem Sing - this is one of the most beautiful beaches, which is located between Kamala and Surin Beach. In a translation from the local language the name means "cape", and indeed, the beach itself is a 150 meters of land in a hidden cove at a steep headland. The bay itself is filled with palm trees and huge boulders. The beach is not a secret ...? Details

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