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Phuket Markets

    Phuket Markets

    Fair on Thalang street in Phuket Town

    Markets Phuket - Fair Street Thalang Phuket Town Those who had not been at the Festival of Old Town (Old Town Festival) or on the street show in Phuket (Phuket Street Show) in Phuket Town or area of ​​Kathu, be sure to visit the street Thalang, which is Sundays from 16: 00 to 22: 00 can say belongs to pedestrians. IN A ... Details

    banzaan (1)

    Banzaan Fresh Market

    Many resort towns are famous for their markets, and Phuket - is no exception. In the markets of Phuket find anything soul tourist: a variety of souvenirs, trinkets, clothing, fresh fruit, vegetables, seafood and even ready-made local dishes. However, there are special among these markets, which not everyone will be able to get at least because ... Details

    nanai_market (3)

    Makro food service

    Here you can stock up on fresh produce, New Market and Old Market, and in the second of the markets is not very pleasant aura, although the name and so speaks for itself, but the choice of goods there a decent enough. Makro food service

    chatuchak (8)

    Chatuchak Weekend Market, เขต จตุจักร จังหวัด กรุงเทพมหานคร ไทย

    There are still in Phuket night markets and weekend markets, which, oddly enough, is also quite popular among people. Phuket Chatuchak, working only on weekends, the buyer provides a huge selection of clothing, which is mostly fakes of famous brands, which, by the way, does not take away customers. Also in this market, you can try ... Details

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