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    Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand

    Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand

    Kaeng Krachan National Park of Thailand impresses tourists not only with natural virtues, but also with architectural ones. It was the first in Thailand to create an earth dam, more than thirty years ago. Which is located in the middle of the eastern part of the park. An interesting fact is the following. At times this dam was visited by King Bhumipol, after the visit, he gave a clear decree on the preservation of forests, which serve as the basis for the creation of the Petchaburi River. It also stated that the obligation of all foresters in the region is to keep these forests from a person. After all their cutting down can negatively affect the ecology of the whole region. Already in January 1979, a government decree was issued to protect this greener part, as well as the creation of a national park. The construction of the park began with the collection of information about the forests that the Petchaburi river plows. Ultimately, the study ended successfully. The result of which was quite positive. It turned out that the forests that surround the Petchaburi and Panburi rivers were perfectly preserved, and are ecologically clean.

    ton_sai (4)

    Ton Sai waterfall

    Located in the national park of Phuket. Unspoiled wilderness of the jungle is not conducive to long walks, as the territory except old trees and a huge number of interesting birds and animals, there are also dangerous scorpions and snakes. On the territory of the waterfall, the entrance to which is worth 200 Bat, there is ample parking for cars, ... Details

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    Bang Pae Waterfall, Thailand

    Phuket Island, annually attracts a lot of tourists, is also known for its waterfalls. On the island you can see the main natural attractions ostrova- three relatively large waterfall, which are most popular among locals and tourists alike: Ton Sai Waterfall (Ton Sai), waterfall Bangpea (Bangpea) and waterfall Kathu (Kathu). It waterfalls are the most attractive for tourists in ... Details

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    Kathu Waterfall, Thailand

    Despite the smaller size, a popular tourist destination. Access to the waterfall is free. Along the rapids waterfall is groomed staircase, on the territory of a gazebo for relaxing. Excursions to the waterfalls of Phuket is very popular not only among tourists but also the local population. They attract a lot of that here you can take a dip ... Details

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