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  1. Angelica Ivanova
    Angelica Ivanova
    31.08.2014 at 20:55 Reply

    I am a lover of bridges. If I happen somewhere, always visit them. Therefore visit Sarasin Bridge to Phuket was part of my mandatory program during our stay in Thailand. I liked the very construction of the bridge, it is unusual and very convenient for walking., As a separate part of the pedestrian. A species that are opened from the bridge are not subject to verbal description. This is what you need to see with your own eyes! Recommend :)

  2. Vasilisa Protaskina
    Vasilisa Protaskina
    31.08.2014 at 21:06 Reply

    I'm a lover of bridges. If I'm somewhere, I always visit them. So visiting the Sarasin Bridge in Phuket was part of my compulsory program during our stay in Thailand. I liked the very construction of the bridge, it is unusual and very convenient for hiking. Because it has a separate pedestrian section. And the species that open from the bridge are not subject to verbal description. This is something you need to see with your own eyes, because the place is very beautiful. This bridge connects the island and the mainland - respectively, if you look at one side, then you will see the strait, and on the other side the ocean. I also liked the market in front of the bridge, where they sell seafood and local fruits at low prices. The owner of one restaurant, where we had lunch, said that on this bridge, many people committed suicide. This information, of course, depresses, but still does not stop my desire to recommend visiting it to my friends and acquaintances who are going to visit Thailand in the near future.

  3. Elena
    07.09.2014 at 15:04 Reply

    A little ashamed to admit now, but before reading this article Phuket imagined it like some exotic island in the middle of the ocean, even making plans for the future rest there with his family, but was completely convinced that from the mainland to the island you need to get on a boat or on helicopter. Implies a high cost for such a transfer. Turned out to be so simple: drive or walk 400 m across the bridge and you're in Phuket. This information is urgently needed to extend to the masses! Not sure that only one for me, it sounds like a sensation.
    In addition, the bridge Sarasin performs an essential communicative function, it is beautiful in itself, and the landscape that can be enjoyed from here are stunning. For fans of such grandiose building walk or a trip over the bridge can serve as interesting excursions. Interestingly, this bridge is an extra charge? And how much is it to drive? It would be interesting to learn from the personal experiences of tourists walking on the Sarasin. Or maybe someone has even survived a photo?

  4. Novel
    09.09.2014 at 15:28 Reply

    It is very striking that in those days a bridge was built and to this day it serves both local and newcomers. The question is asked how in those times, without any heavy machinery, without adaptations and other various details, it was possible to build such a bridge. This largely emphasizes that the Saraci Bridge in Phuket, was designed and made intelligent people. In contrast to today's buildings of bridges, people used to build with taste and uniqueness. The fact that they are building an ordinary bridge now, without any excesses. The beauty of the Sarasi is very impressive, as there is the possibility of a good car journey, and you can walk and not worry about the movement of cars. Because you are on a separate section of the road. And the most interesting and important thing is that you can go down to the water by a special staircase that leads to the water. The engineers did not forget about the beauty of the whole bridge, as minor improvements in the fencing and covering of places for rest very much emphasize the beauty of the Sarasy Bridge in Phuket. When you go to Phuket, pay attention to this bridge.

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