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  1. Christina
    29.05.2014 at 14:01 Reply

    Very useful article in terms of driving safety in Thailand. Some items, very much even, are similar to the points of safety rules when driving a car in the CIS countries. For example, carry documents certifying the driving license, binding belt fastenings during the trip. But some points are alarming and incomprehensible for me. Well, with the left-hand traffic and the influx of motorcyclists you can reconcile and get used to it, but how is it allowed not to fasten the child, instead of the emergency signs to place tree branches, if you violate any rule, law enforcement officers will side with the Thai - all this is very strange. Although, with someone else's charter in a foreign monastery does not climb, so all the rules of traffic in Thailand, we, foreigners, you need to learn, well, or at least get acquainted, that would be in any case be aware of the case. And argue at the expense of the shortcomings of these rules is not necessary, because the rules of the road in our countries, too, may be shortcomings and questions

  2. [...] 3. Imitate Thai driving style bike in Phuket. If they can, that means you have the first time will also masterly drive a motorcycle. So what that the indigenous population begins to move on this vehicle almost from birth. Worse than you ?! [...]

  3. How to buy a bike in Thailand
    09.06.2014 at 12:31

    [...] How to buy a bike in Thailand. If you - a lover of motorcycles, the Thailand - a great place to ride them. But before you buy a bike in Thailand, you need to make sure that all documents on a motorcycle decorated according to the rules of the local law. That you are not fined on the road, not only enough that you'll be behind the wheel of the rights in the pocket, helmet and sober, read the basic rules of the road in Thailand! [...]

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