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  1. Tatyana
    15.06.2014 at 21:00 Reply

    In May this year they rested in Phuket. A place to relax was chosen just on the best beaches of Phuket. The choice fell on the lagoon of Bang Tao. Here are concentrated one of the best hotels of the island. At the same time, the place here is quite calm, having a quiet and secluded rest. Infrastructure Bang Tao is not as diverse and developed as it is on Patong, but this is the factor of a comfortable beach holiday for tired of troubled work of the inhabitants of megacities. The beach is really clean and one of the best in Phuket. Sand is small without debris and pebbles. The entrance to the sea is gentle and comfortable. The water is clear and in May it was very warm. On the beach there are several good restaurants offering both local cuisine and European and even Chinese menus. The hotels work on a club principle, there is a free shuttle between hotels and spa facilities. There is a supermarket with everything you need. The place is really clean, in contrast to the same Patong, beautiful and conducive to relaxation and quiet rest. I recommend to lovers of cleanliness and comfort!

  2. Elena
    15.06.2014 at 23:59 Reply

    Please note that Patong Beach is mentioned in two categories: the most popular and one of the most filthy beaches. This is not surprising. Patong - is the center of the active tourist life, here you can find hotels and budget level, and a good five-star hotels. Do not forget that the youth who does not express the special conditions to the level of comfort, and can stay with locals.
    A lot of places of entertainment, diving centers, nightclubs and shops attract tourists from all over the island. And in areas with large concentrations of people talk about the purity of the beach and the water is not even necessary.
    For those who want to get a comfortable stay, it is possible to choose another resort area on Phuket and Patong to come for entertainment value only. The beach can be reached by taxi or on a rented motorbike.
    But you can do, and vice versa: to live on the beach Patong, day leave in the quieter area of ​​the island, and in the evening to return to an active life rich tourist.

    1. Sasha
      16.06.2014 at 20:24 Reply

      The place is quiet, secluded, and not without charm pretty peculiar only to this place on the island. However, for the "beach" vacation unsuitable. This stems from the pronounced tides, shallow sea near the shore, a lot of boats, picturesquely standing in the water, as well as non-uniform line of the beach, which is often found stones.
      However, if you want here you can still find a good piece of secluded beach with sand, which is pleasant to lie in the shade of palm trees, thinking about eternity. And you can, slowly walking along the water's edge, collect seashells and stones, skillfully polished warm waters of the South China Sea.

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