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  1. Andrei
    23.05.2014 at 11:58 Reply

    Although something like here is ours :) Prostitution, although prohibited, but it develops in a geometric progression. And where does the power look? And he looks at his wallet, it's their main income. Girls, guys, and even people of the third sex, the so-called lady battles, which in recent times became very numerous, and this is also associated with the development of prostitution, sell themselves in various institutions, and these owners pay a "commission" to officials. And all is well, no one sees anything. HIV spreads with lightning speed. And this is due, as already mentioned above, from a simple misunderstanding of the dangers of ZPP. Well, as for us, future vacationers, then we should just enjoy the rest. It is a rest and not sex with someone horrible. In Thailand, there are many places where you can go and have a good time without risk to health. If tourists do not buy prostitutes, prostitutes will not be sold. Everything is interconnected. Everything, good rest to you and good health. Remember your life and health is in your hands. Good luck.

  2. Vinnitsa81
    02.06.2014 at 18:41 Reply

    We in Thailand, as they say, came with their samovars, that is, with girls and wives (originally, yes?). But to be in there and not to visit Phuket, the same thing that 5 days in Egypt and the bar did not go. Of course apogee of debauchery is Pattaya, but Phuket is the same Pattaya is only more compact. We walked all night, lots of interesting things. If you get away from generally accepted sex cliches like: half of prostitutes used to be male or refuse to husband who offers you a wife for use is not allowed, and then offended, etc., then I'll say honestly Phuket night is worth seeing to everyone, and especially those who are not there has come for sex. It's such a luminous anthill, nowhere else in the world. Workplace of Kazantip)) + a sea of ​​beautiful girls)). Sit in the to-knock (taxis are miniature) and for 10 bucks an hour trip. On the street Bangla - Road everyone will find what he is looking for. There are money - in the bar, there is no money for the posts). Prices from very few to "I for such money the floor of Moscow per ... u". Taiki is all with stunned figures but on the face of horrible, for this the nicer the higher the cost. Rousseau does not bargain touristily, but drinks thereby bringing quality closer to the price.

  3. Marine
    25.08.2014 at 10:22 Reply

    Yeah, in my observation Thailand about sex in general it was quite liberal. That is, if mildly. And to be honest - it is the world's brothel.
    Our hotel was on the outskirts of the city. When I first went to the city in the evening, then casually come on some streets. Very quiet, in the heart of the city. I thought that they sell souvenirs .. And there brothels :) Naturally, in every home.
    On the right bar stools along the facades sitting girls of different sizes, which make everyone without exception (ALL !!!), a variety of proposals. Thick European uncles - in a young Thai girlfriends.
    In the Land of Women somewhere 35% of the total population. For rural women ride in the resort region is considered to start in life. Prostitution is not condemned.
    A transvestite - is generally a happy family. Until recently, the Thai people since the childhood they were grown artificially. And now in this matter if self-determination prevails. But, of course, many are determined in this way, because transvestites other social status and other life prospects. Shemale - everywhere. Whereas, in massage parlors. Even sightseeing guides. So right away and do not even understand :)
    And, of course, all sorts of shows, coupled with the intimate aspects of the life of mankind. Transvestite show - the most we can say conservative. There are sex shows (softer) and porn shows (for strong nerves). It's right in the hotels sell guides.

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