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  1. Dimasya
    21.07.2014 at 01:17 Reply

    I really liked the article, may really try. You need to pay, but it is very boring to sit at home.

    1. Mark
      25.07.2014 at 20:04 Reply

      Oh, Dimasha! I'll tell you so. I was sitting at home, bored, until my wife persuaded me to fly to the sea, to rest from the gray routine of the coked city. I agreed. After a little thought, we decided to fly to Thailand on the island of Phuket, as friends there were and brought with them a bunch of positive emotions. They used the services of this company and were very pleased with it. We decided not to rack our brains and take advantage of their services. My wife was pleased. And you know: the wife is happy - the husband is happy)) We were met at the airport, however, we missed each other a little, but it's our fault. On a comfortable minivan with air conditioning, we were taken to the place of our rest)) It turned out to be a cozy house near the coast. Clean, with all accessories (I mean bed, shower, toilet, refrigerator, air conditioning). We took advantage of the sightseeing tour. We were satisfied. Guide took us in the morning, put on a sightseeing bus and we went to see the sights of the island. We also went for a ride on water motorcycles, a service of the same company. Motorcycles are new, fast. It's a pleasure to ride. Also they are fed)) In general, we were satisfied with the service and services of this company. Sorry for the helicopter did not fly, they took little money with themselves)) But next time I'll definitely use this service.
      Well done guys, thanks to them for this memorable vacation!

    2. Tanya
      27.07.2014 at 08:06 Reply

      Of course, you do not need to sit at home and be bored. I say so because I myself lost a lot of time thinking: is it worth it or not ... and then took a chance and turned to the services of SI Group and went to the island of Phuket, because I wanted something exotic and unusual. These were the most delightful days in my life, the places and types of stunned and the help of this travel company at the highest level, there will be no reason to worry because the staff helps, advises, provides 100% comfort on all issues and problems. Especially it was pleasant to look at the beauty of Thailand from the sky, so to say "bird's eyes", and excursions around the island left a lot of emotions and delights. Indeed it is a paradise on earth .... Although it is better to try than hear a hundred times.

  2. Polina207
    21.07.2014 at 01:34 Reply

    I would like to thank the staff of the company for my wonderful holiday in Phuket. Special thanks for the free tour - is the strongest first impressions of a trip that I will remember for a lifetime! And not least, the staff answer any question and so carefully study all client requests that can only admire!

  3. Julianna
    21.07.2014 at 01:50 Reply

    Phuket Island is truly paradise! Getting there I want to stay forever. Forget about work, home and gray days in which everything is the same. I visited many parts of the world, but since the first time I was on the island of Phuket, I'm more worried about is nothing that is not captured. Just an incredible feeling!
    So, my first trip took place just this company. I would like to share their experiences and express my gratitude!
    I describe all briefly and suti.Informatsiyu on the island can be found in abundance on the Internet, but on the work of the company, I would like to dwell. Here are the pros for myself, I identified:
    1) Exclusivity. Many organizations and firms simply do not engage in such trips, but in vain!
    2) Affordable cost of the tour. (In many travel companies price of such tours and services is much higher, and sometimes two -. Three times.
    3) Attention to the customer and an individual approach. I explained in detail all the information, the approximate travel plans, told what to see and answered all my questions. It was nice to talk with a staff member.
    4) A wide range of services and interesting proposals.
    Cons, frankly, I have not found. there were no unpleasant surprises. It is most important.
    Thus, my vacation was the perfect, interesting and memorable!

    1. Svetlana
      21.07.2014 at 19:43 Reply

      It heard a lot of positive feedback about the trip to the island of Phuket, and here I saw this article, read carefully your comment wanted even more to get it on this wonderful island !!! Thank you all very accessible and understandable! I would like to work with in this kompaniey.Dumayu soon, too, I write your positive impressions!

    2. Daria
      21.07.2014 at 20:09 Reply

      Rested this year with her husband, very much. Before leaving, our friends and parents scared us with rains and floods. For all the rest, as it is not paradoxical we did not meet with these elements. The sun, the sea, beaches and exotic. I can not describe my enthusiasm about what can be seen in Thailand. By calculation, the trip cost us, I would even say cheap, if you compare it with all the unforgettable emotions experienced on vacation. Managers told us everything in detail and helped us to choose what was most interesting and profitable for us. I agree that we did not wait for unpleasant surprises upon arrival to the island. And importantly, they helped to choose a hotel with hospitable staff. Cozy atmosphere, internet, extra services, laundry, bike rental, it was all in the hotel. The agency has thought through every detail and healthy food and fitness (daily Aqua aerobics, yoga and Thai massage, and excursions to the sights of Thailand, managers are thinking through individual programs for each client.

  4. Svetlana
    21.07.2014 at 21:55 Reply

    Just this year we decide where to go to rest, search for the Internet a lot of information, friends advise to Thailand on the island of Phuket. Of course there were doubts, but after reading this article and comments that were very inspired, immediately decided and now a great desire to get there. For me it is important relax with benefit, get a lot of emotions and impressions, charge so to speak for the whole year! I want to see amazing places! Beauty and exotics! And since I do professional sports, even on vacation I can not forget about training and healthy nutrition !!! And it is important that just here all this is taken into account !!! thanks for the info

  5. Lena
    21.07.2014 at 23:52 Reply

    To me, to a man who, apart from the Russian language, does not know anybody else at all, it was always difficult to travel, the language barrier prevented not only a full rest, but even an elementary temporary life outside the Motherland. When I went to Phuket, I was very worried about this, but I rummaged on the Internet and found a way out. The SI Group company presented the complete list of services in the field of organization of rest on the island of Phuket, with the company's employees everything was quite easy and simple. Starting from the first moment of buying tickets, meeting at the airport, exchanging money, settling on the habitat, sightseeing tour. On all issues that interested me, I was referring to the employees of the company who kindly provided me with services and in the most difficult moments for me helped in word and deed. Thanks to the company and highly qualified employees, my vacation was without a problem and unforgettable, on a five-point scale I rested with the SI Group company on the mark "excellent"!

  6. Oksana
    22.07.2014 at 03:00 Reply

    My first trip abroad was due to SI GROUP. We chose the tour operator and the itinerary for a long time, finally, the choice was made and we did not regret it. The island was simply struck by its pristine beauty. Extremely beautiful, emerald sea (the Black Sea coast, where we used to rest, is in no comparison), golden beaches, magnificent, unobtrusive service, and this is just the beginning ... A trip to Monkey Mountain left an immeasurable amount of terrific impressions. From the mountain, which in Thai is called Khao Toe Sae, offers a stunning view of the Buddhist temple, and on the way to the top amusing monkeys beg for food from tourists (I recommend stocking up bananas or nuts). These same merry little animals we met on the way to the temple of the tiger. According to the local legend, in these parts, in the cave lived a huge tiger, the roar of which was heard by all the inhabitants of the surroundings. Later, this place was chosen by Buddhist monks for meditation. The temple needs to climb overcoming the 1237 steps, but on top of the mountain you will find an unusually beautiful Buddha statue and a stunning view of the palm plantations. Many thanks to the employees of SI GROUP for the amazing rest and a lot of positive from their excellent service !!!!

  7. Anna
    22.07.2014 at 19:53 Reply

    Mom thinks for a long time to go to rest in Thailand, but does not know where exactly, what, where and how. Now I will advise her Phuket! Read here about the services provided! Very much, everything is there! And tickets, and the hotel pick up, and there will help to understand everything and not get lost! Here it is rest, so rest! All will do, but you rest and do not worry about anything! There are few such companies that provide all services at once! Now either tickets or help at the place of rest offer! Now, break your head, which is better: it's good to fly, or on the spot to help sort it out! And the reviews are very good, everyone praises, not a single negative feedback! Inspires confidence! So I will advise my mother, and maybe she herself will be torn there, well, that's a very tempting offer !!!

  8. Anton
    22.07.2014 at 20:07 Reply

    My wife and I travel a lot and are all looking for that piece of paradise, where ever meet in your old age :). And even if the map has a lot of places where we have not been able to visit, we are now convinced that heaven on earth - it is an island of Phuket.
    Let the fans do not frown Dominican Republic, the Maldives and other concerns of the heart and soul of the resorts, we have made our choice and helped us in this company's employees SI Group.
    It is thanks to them that our two-week vacation was like a Honeymoon (like the way they think of us first staff). Guys, thank you for everything!
    Recently friends brought from Thailand bottle of San Soma - drinking with Vikulov and remembered you.
    PS Seriously thinking of buying a condo in Phuket!

  9. Larissa
    22.07.2014 at 20:29 Reply

    Among the many tourist companies that I had to contact, SI Group definitely takes first place. Due to the highest quality of the company's employees, my vacation brought me a lot of unforgettable emotions, stunning discoveries and simply delightful pastime. I was helped to choose one of the best hotels on the island of Phuket, the service and service of which I was very pleased. A lot of excursions to various corners of Phuket were able to pick up according to my personal preferences and tastes. I managed to try the exotic dishes of Thailand, to participate in national festivals in Phuket.
    Before leaving I was very worried about his safety, but the company's employees have convinced me that I had nothing to fear, because my life is insured. Indeed, I was worried for nothing as everything was at the highest level and I was very pleased with his journey. Of course, all of this - the result of the qualitative and responsible work of staff travel company SI Group.

  10. Milan
    23.07.2014 at 00:41 Reply

    Completely and without looking back trusted SI Group in the efforts to translate into reality its long-awaited trip to Thailand on the island of Phuket. When choosing his operator, for such an event, he did not even climb into possible reflections about this. Most of my associates for work and office have already experienced the care and reliability of the company presented above. The whole web of cares fell on the firm, my responsibility was only in the description of pictures in which I would like to materialize and relax, and also in determining the timing of the convenience of departure. At the end of time, it turned out that way. My relaxation in this lovely place has flown by with a bang. SI Group is a handsome man in his offers. Fun, not forgetting exex excursions around the island, a constant but unobtrusive care and anxiety about the living conditions provided in the hotel room and possible inconveniences at the same time. Specialists of the company are really literate, cultured and creative in their children. This provision of recreation, which could only be imagined in rainbow dreams, but it was in reality. I do not regret about the spent happy days and about the acquaintance with the professional team of SI Group employees. Now plans for the upcoming vacation period and again together.

    1. Oleg
      23.07.2014 at 20:35 Reply

      I want to join the review about SI Group. I just returned with my daughter from a holiday in Thailand. From the airport they took the bus with air conditioning, they did not force to wait for a long time. The room had both high-speed internet and good food. Permanent cleaning and changing of towels. The hotel area is clean, well-groomed, clean beach. Nearby was a souvenir market, where for a penny bought a bunch of beautiful trinkets and ate a bunch of tropical fruits, such as carambola. Managers gave us a catalog of excursions, the prices were pleasantly surprised. Enjoyed with the daughter's wellness procedures with herbal therms and a swimming pool. Visited the waterfall of Khao Chamao, the Kwai River, Bangkok, the crocodile farm and the Garden of Stones, the Khao-Kheo Zoo, the Museum of Hell and Paradise. Also visited in Pattaya, the pharmacy "House of Health", they bought first class green tea. I really liked the careful attitude of SI Group employees to our requests. Settled in a hotel away from night life and discos. In general, there was a sea of ​​entertainment, excursions, and on a clean beach you can sunbathe. That was a real family vacation!

  11. Catherine
    23.07.2014 at 23:43 Reply

    Thailand is truly one of the paradises of the planet. My husband and I traveled to Thailand for their honeymoon on the island of Phuket. We were very pleased, because the impressions were only good. In the short time that we spent there, we were able to visit the hot springs, diving, walk in the National Park at Cape Panwa Phuket, go to the aquarium, which is located on the same promontory., Visit the Butterfly Garden, and of course Ton waterfall Pry. I then another month could not move away from the experience. I'd love to go there again.

    1. Catherine
      24.07.2014 at 00:18 Reply

      Just wanted to tell employees SI GROUP Company special thanks for what they have. recreation organization was at the highest level. We were really welcomed and taken to our hotel, which was very good. Revealed Phuket and helped pick up interesting tour given our interests. These people are constantly trying to provide us with all possible assistance. It is thanks to them that my husband and I spent our fabulous honeymoon very well rested. Thank you!

  12. Lily Ivanova
    Lily Ivanova
    24.07.2014 at 22:18 Reply

    about such a paradise town like ISLAND PHUKET I heard quite recently, somewhere from a year and a half ago. Honestly, I read about it in one tourist forum, where tourists shared useful information about how they spent their vacation. You know, I doubted for a long time that this island is truly a unique place, but I also happened to see one private collection of photos from the island in order to make sure that I want to go there too. On the advice of the same tourist forum, I applied to SI GROUP, where I was given full information about the tourist route, the hotel in which I will stop and the prices for a variety of offers. In general, I came up with an option that was average for the price, and you know clearly did not lose. In addition to the fact that I had a whole week to visit the most heavenly place on earth, I also saw a lot of sights that I remember with my unusual architecture and rich history. Honestly speaking for a week, I never regretted that I spent quite a lot of money on vacation.

  13. Nicole
    25.07.2014 at 02:36 Reply

    I really wanted to visit this fabulous island of Phuket. Very worried because her son flew nine years.
    Familiar prompted SI Group, the employees of this company so attentive and reliable that all fears as hand snyalo.Priyatno was then treated with some attention to detail regarding the organizational issues and selection of entertainment and ekskursiy.My received a lot of positive emotions. Many thanks to the staff of the company for all the, the care they have shown during our Do not forget to rest.

  14. Ira
    25.07.2014 at 03:11 Reply

    For the first time I flew abroad, I was very worried, and even frankly I was afraid. But I really wanted to visit Thailand. I learned about the SI Group from friends and trusted them with the organization of my holiday. I was very satisfied, me that all the worries that I experienced were only from unforgettable impressions. All the questions that I had during my stay on vacation were solved very quickly and qualitatively. The excursions that were offered were perfectly organized and organized of superb. Employees of the company for the first time flew abroad, was very worried and even frankly afraid. But I really wanted to visit Thailand. The SI Group learned from the acquaintances and entrusted them with the organization of their vacation. And I was very pleased with the staff. This company is so attentive and careful reacted to me that all the disturbances that I experienced were only from unforgettable impressions. Huge thanks to all the employees of the SI Group company, who surrounded me with such care and attention that I miraculously rested and did not worry about anything.

  15. Ilya
    26.07.2014 at 03:29 Reply

    Listen, it is very interesting. Have long wanted to visit the wonderful city - Phuket. Since already reviewed a lot of videos about this cool city, reviewed many sites with this city. So just recently still dare to fly there and here began to search for a company that organizes a wonderful and memorable vacation. Now I think, is a sin not to use such services of this company, because the most important thing is that the company is based on the preferences and interests of the individual. In general, just wonderful!

  16. Angela
    26.07.2014 at 05:19 Reply

    For a long time already dreamed to visit a wonderful city - Phuket. Since I've already reviewed a lot of videos about this cool city, I've reviewed a lot of sites with this city. But for me it was the first flight and of course I was very worried and afraid, I think like everything else) I chose the company, of course, on the advice of friends and as a consequence I was very pleased that I trusted the advice of friends. Very good service, I was very pleased and impressed. In general, chic, wonderfully rested. I advise everyone, and it's also a sin not to use the services of this company, because the most important thing is that Sl Group relies on people's preferences and interests. And I was very pleased, the employees of this company treated me so carefully and carefully that all the unrest I experienced was only from unforgettable impressions. Thank you very much to all the employees of SI Group, who surrounded me with such care and attention that I miraculously rested and neither than not worried. In general, everything is wonderful, I advise everyone!

  17. Madina
    26.07.2014 at 19:43 Reply

    Thank you very much for the company's unforgettable vacation in the beautiful city of Phuket !!!! I first visited abroad and am very glad that retained the services of this company, which employs a friendly, helpful staff !!!! I spent an unforgettable holiday !!! I advise everyone to ... Stop ..Vy necessarily happy)))))))))))))

  18. Milena
    26.07.2014 at 20:23 Reply

    We all could not choose where to spend our vacation !!!! We chose a lot of place for a long time, I wanted something especially, and on the Internet I came across a company called Sl Group, and we decided to use its services. About a city like Phuket, we never we heard it, but I read that it is a very beautiful place to rest! We spent unforgettable days! In the company of Sl Group there is a team of helpful people who always helped us! No problems or stresses, everything went smoothly! My husband was pleasantly surprised, for us this the city turned out to be a paradise! We visited the Crimea asyvas beach and went to a wonderful restaurant where very tasty food was prepared, on the wound they bought beautiful souvenirs for our relatives and friends! In general, the rest was impeccable! According to my recommendation, the services of this company were also used by my colleagues who were also satisfied with thanking me for good advice! Now we know how to spend your vacation without any incidents and to get positive emotions for the whole year! I advise everyone this company, you will be satisfied with both service and leisure)))

  19. R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№
    R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№
    27.07.2014 at 02:34 Reply

    My wife has long wanted to, I was away from the permanent job, and giving her attention. We did not go anywhere for a long time and the Search opportunity to rest abroad found this listing. At first, we were unsure of the validity of this information, but you can not miss this chance! The decision was made - I immediately take a vacation, we book tickets and get ready to enjoy the resort

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