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  1. Irina
    21.05.2014 at 09:27 Reply

    Really big and serious company. Periodically the case with her husband in Thailand, has repeatedly used the services of SI GROUP. Starting from the sale of tickets, finding housing and guided tours for the first time. Prices We were pleasantly surprised, and the service is simply magnificent. Thank you ...

  2. Irina
    21.05.2014 at 10:12 Reply

    Before buying tourist packages in one of the most picturesque and exotic places in the world, Thailand monitored a huge number of tourist companies that organize recreation, and chose this particular company. SI Group bribed us with my husband the highest level of approach when working with potential clients. The professional approach of company managers who competently and comprehensively described to us all the benefits of a holiday in Thailand, taking into account our wishes and interests, just left us no other choice. Holidays in Thailand left an unforgettable experience and only positive emotions, and extensive sightseeing tours to local attractions are photographed and videotaped. We share our impressions with friends and give positive recommendations on the choice of tourist tours to Thailand already verified by SI Group! Next year we plan to spend an unforgettable vacation in Thailand and its surroundings with the active cooperation and support of SI Group.

  3. Alex
    23.05.2014 at 09:55 Reply

    Good company, chose her as considered the best in its price range, the company itself is quite large and robust. I think they can be trusted with their vacation.

  4. Svetlana
    25.05.2014 at 19:22 Reply

    I like to travel a lot to different countries and have long wanted to visit Thailand. As nothing before the trip did not know about the country, read a lot of different companies organize vacation in Thailand. Company SI GROUP liked me and answered all my requirements. This helped the company and realize my dream and learn a great country with fantastic nature. I really enjoyed the trip, managers SI GROUP professionally and helped choose the best option holidays in Thailand.

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  7. Oksana
    21.07.2014 at 01:08 Reply

    At the end of May, they flew with their husband to Phuket, on the recommendation of friends initially decided to use the services of the SI GROUP company when planning the trip and remained insanely satisfied. Upon arrival, we expected a rented car in advance, which left initially a pleasant experience, the chosen variant of the apartment was again pleased, just enjoy the rest absolutely without worrying. I want to note that the prices for the services of the company are quite democratic, because Thailand is not a cheap country, but it's worth it. The managers of the company are very attentive we and with the help of our manager Igor quickly picked up a suitable option for us to rest, in addition, he called back a couple of times and refined the details to create more comfortable conditions for us. I tell one-we had a wonderful rest, we walked a lot, went on interesting excursions and just enjoyed Thailand , the next year we are planning a trip to Phuket again. Thanks to SI GROUP for a well-organized rest, we hope to use their services more than once.

  8. Sergei
    21.07.2014 at 01:17 Reply

    First time I flew to Thailand with a friend. We are both athletes, recently began to get involved in Thai boxing, so we went for two weeks of training. Travelers we are inexperienced, but thanks to SI Group everything went great. From our side, almost nothing was required, only the desire to fly, the rest was done for us by the company. Competent managers explained all the pros and cons of various types of recreation, helped to choose the best option and all arranged for the highest category (accommodation, hotel, food, and of course entertainment ... In Thailand there is where to have fun, beaches, sea, parties, as well as a lot of excursions not tedious and boring, but really cognitive, and fascinating). If they say that it's dangerous to go to Thailand, it's all nonsense, you just need to know how to organize a holiday without any consequences. The rest was wonderful. And the budget was not bad. If you want to go to Thailand and do not worry about anything, this company will help you. Next year, if I get to go necessarily, now I know who to turn to for help in organizing the trip.

  9. Olga
    21.07.2014 at 01:27 Reply

    I used the services of this company and was satisfied. Repeatedly I advised my friends for what I received gratitude and wonderful photos from their rest. Quality service, everything quickly and easily became. The prices are favorable, which is very pleased! I was well rested and almost all problems entrusted to the company, when she herself fully enjoyed the rest. In Thailand it was just great! I will be glad to continue cooperation and this time to go to Thailand with my young man having made him a surprise. Thank you that everything is so simple and accessible. Those who doubt, also I advise you to take risks, I guarantee you will remain as enthusiastic as I am.

  10. Paul
    21.07.2014 at 01:29 Reply

    After a trip to Thailand left a lot of impressions from our wonderful holiday !!! company showed his best side, managers are told pokazali.Teper plan to send their parents to rest, and help us in this SI GRoup.

  11. Vladislav
    21.07.2014 at 01:55 Reply

    My family and I really love to relax at various resorts .Posledny times all together went to Thailand. For a long time I was looking for a good and reliable travel agencies. You know, now a sham around. But week search has not given me any results. Friends advised me company SI GROUP, said that the best travel agency, which they use. I turned to him for help and was pleased with the result. Rested on the highest level. After the rest left a lot of positive emotions. Many thanks to SI GROUP.

  12. Vladislav
    21.07.2014 at 02:04 Reply

    I like to relax with my family at various resorts. Last time all went to Thailand. For a long time I was looking for good and reliable travel companies. You understand, now there is a complete deception around. But a one-week search did not give me any results. Friends advised me the company SI GROUP, saying that this is the best travel company they use. I turned to them for help and was pleased with the result. Separately, I want to pay attention to the company's staff, who brightly and colorfully described to us our future trip in Thailand. Have told about all magnificent places of this resort where it is by all means necessary to glance. At the same time we took into account our financial situation, which is not so common in other companies. Relaxed at the highest level. After the rest, there were many positive emotions, which were shared with all relatives and relatives. I'd like to take a trip to the Tajlayd more than once. Another time we will contact your company. You gave us our dream of a perfect holiday. Many thanks to SI GROUP for unforgettable memories.

  13. Anna
    21.07.2014 at 08:53 Reply

    My husband and I planned to go on vacation for a long time on. Phuket, as there were many heard about the rest on this island. At the planning stage of our excursions, we accidentally learned about SI Group, looked at the site and decided to write down the address and phone number of the company just in case. Arriving at the site, we realized that it would not be very profitable to travel independently, we decided and called the company. I must say that on the phone we were very intelligently and clearly explained how to get to their office, we found it without any problems. As it seemed to me, the staff like their work, so they enthusiastically describe the places that you can visit, and what better not to do in this or that place. Also advised where it is more profitable to eat and gave a lot of useful advice. The choice of the tour did not take long, we sat in the office for about an hour. But during that time they learned a lot. Next year I plan my vacation in Phuket again, and I think that the SI Group will not bypass it. Thanks to the great staff for the organized wonderful rest and a lot of unforgettable emotions!

  14. Taya
    21.07.2014 at 19:32 Reply

    My husband and I want to say a special thanks to the company SI Group and its employees, a real, professional. The company has provided us not only quality tours in Thailand, but also helped us with
    rent a bike and a car at good prices in Thailand, also provided legal services, with the help of this company we ordered an individual guide who showed us interesting places and told us a lot of interesting and useful information, through this company we were insured. Purchase tickets for the plane, too, was made with the help of SI Group. Thanks to this company, we had the most unforgettable vacation. which I remember in my life, we had a great pleasure from nature, comfort and the general impression of the new place where we visited our life. I also want to say thank you to the person who advised us to use the services of this company, this is my boss Elvira Stepanovna, she is the constant customer of the company, did us good, giving useful advice.

  15. Maria
    21.07.2014 at 19:53 Reply

    Sometimes I want to distract myself from everyday bustle and relax in some paradise of the world, such as the city of Phuket in Thailand. In preparation for the journey, there are many problems and issues that need to be addressed. The SI Group helped me organize the trip. It should be noted the high level of professionalism and responsibility with which the staff of the SI Group approached the organization of my trip. I could not decide for a long time about the choice of the hotel and the excursion program, but due to my experience and I know how to work with clients, the staff quickly picked up the suitable option suiting me for both price and content. Also I was helped with renting a car abroad and issued all the documents quickly and efficiently. SI Group not only saves time and money for its customers, but also cares about their safety and comfort. I got a lot of fun, positive emotions. My family was very happy with the tour. And all this merit SI Group. I want to say a big thank you to the staff, administration and management of the company.

  16. Andrei
    21.07.2014 at 21:26 Reply

    People who have long wanted to wave for a week in Thailand, but did not dare, listening to silly rumors and prejudices, the SI Group company will give a sure guarantee that your leisure will not be clouded by unpleasant surprises and after your arrival the doctor will not give you an exotic diagnosis. My trust in this company is confirmed by personal experience. Particularly pleased with the increased attention to the most demanding desires and interests of the client, the desire to find an original approach to everyone who has resorted to the services of SI Group. The company's policy is built in such a way that the employees will try to do everything possible so that you do not feel deceived and deprived and do not suffer from unnecessary worries about organizing your holiday, which, believe me, will be unforgettable.
    About the SI Group learned from friends who a little earlier I managed to visit Thailand. They simply showered me with a cascade of positive emotions and vivid impressions, interrupting each other telling about their recent trip to this country and how they were surprised and delighted with the excellent service of the company, its polite (and, most importantly, professional) employees. I confess that if I had not known them for a long time, I probably would not have believed their stories. However, now, personally using the services of SI Group, I understand them very well and I also want to express my gratitude to this company for its excellent work. .

  17. Yuliya
    21.07.2014 at 22:24 Reply

    We wanted to say a huge thank you to the beautiful SI Grour company, so to speak, for a wonderful holiday! SI Grour is a professional team that really does a wonderful job! About the company we learned from a young family who also went to rest, the guys left only good reviews! It seems to me that no one could provide such a choice of different excursions to Phuket, which the caring staff gave me! They told me about each vacation place in great detail, explained the features. Also we were helped to choose that perfect hotel that would match my and Anin's fault-finding. SI Grour does not do it to offer anything, just to "cut" more money, but really responsibly treat each client!

  18. Yuliya
    21.07.2014 at 22:28 Reply

    We wanted to say a huge thank you to the beautiful SI Grour company, so to speak, for a wonderful holiday! SI Grour is a professional team that really does a wonderful job! About the company we learned from a young family who also went to rest, the guys left only good reviews! It seems to me that no one could provide such a choice of different excursions to Phuket, which the caring staff gave me! They told me about each vacation place in great detail, explained the features. Also we were helped to choose that perfect hotel that would match my and Anin's fault-finding. SI Grour does not do it to offer anything, just to "cut" more money, but really responsibly treat each client!
    Every day, full of different excursions as informative and just plain fun. The company told us about the best cafes and restaurants of the island, where you can relax well and inexpensively.
    Thank you for a wonderful holiday!

  19. Mari4kam
    22.07.2014 at 19:29 Reply

    I want to express my gratitude to SI Grour, for the quality of services provided. We went for a vacation with her husband in Thailand (Phuket). Before the trip, please contact the company which helped us with absolutely everything - air tickets, accommodation, car rental, tour guides and excursions. Despite the long journey, we were satisfied with the airline that brought us, the hotel, which was right on the beach, as well as all the tours that we recommend.
    Full service package that has been designed and matched with the soul, we were delighted. We spent our vacation is not just sitting out on the beach all the time, we were able to visit the many attractions and mysterious places in Thailand. Furthermore guides, which again advised the company gave us tips and recommendations as restaurants and cafes worth a visit to taste the most delicious and exquisite dishes of national cuisine of Thailand.
    SI Grour recommend to all my friends and acquaintances, because I'm sure they will appreciate their quality services to all 200%.

  20. Yuliya
    22.07.2014 at 20:14 Reply

    I want to say a big thank you to SI Grour! Withered at work and decided to take a vacation and fly off to rest. Unfortunately, we were released from work at the last moment, so there was no time to organize the trip. Very much helped this company, they organized a wonderful vacation "from" and "to", taking on literally everything. I was afraid that all vacation payments for services would go away, but no, prices were much lower than I expected. During the holidays there were no problems, everything was organized competently and professionally. SI Grour managers told us in detail about the country, about the people, about the traditions, advised some cafes and shops that are worth visiting.
    Initially thought that just going to sunbathe on the beach all 10 days, but after a day wanted to outdoor activities, so called for help. We picked up a choice of excursions. We chose three trips a day - and do not regret it! A lot of emotions! Now reviewing photos and so want to go back 
    Thanks you very much! With you pleasure to deal with! Be sure to turn to you next time!

  21. Taya
    22.07.2014 at 20:52 Reply

    I use the services of the SI Group and was very pleased, this company provides quality services that are related to travel to Thailand, I liked the fact that SI Group employees are always very polite and attentive to their clients, always listen to all wishes and help determine the final choice . Through this company I visited many exciting sightseeing tours around Thailand, studied the culture and history of this place, saw many beautiful landscapes. I liked very much that the company gives free consultations, it is not a little important, because in the process a lot of questions arise, to which the company can give exact answers. Upon arrival from the trip, I decided to learn more about the SI Group and learned many interesting facts, for example, I did not know that the SI Group is the official representative of the developers of Thailand on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS, this is another weighty fact because of which it is worth cooperating, this proves that the company is serious with a fairly good reputation.

  22. Michael
    22.07.2014 at 20:53 Reply

    Like any bachelor - I have long dreamed of a trip to Tai. The first impressions of this country were received from the Internet. Also it was ill. Eagerly searching for and absorbing information about "heaven on earth", I was surprised to note that there were many negative reviews on the Internet about staying in Tae. So - not so good? This made me a little cooler to the desired trip ... But still curiosity prevailed and I began to search (according to reviews on the Internet) companies that would help not stumble at the very beginning of the journey. Of course, there was a lot of information about trips to Tai by the "savage", but I decided not to trust in the will of the case, but to find someone to ask if there were any problems. The circle of the companies studied was melting (the screening was hard: vague answers of managers, long silence, lack of guarantees - immediately in screenings!). The choice fell on SI GROUP. It was bribed that when communicating with the staff it was not felt that they were trying to cram me into Ty with all their might. No, I was given time to meditate, advised .... The guys really wanted to organize my trip in a qualitative way. And yet I made up my mind!
    I can write a lot about my trip, but I will publish my own travel notes with photographs in a separate article. In the meantime, I can say one thing - thank the staff of the company for their help! At least - everything that depended on them in matters of organizing my trip was fulfilled for 5 points! If there were any kosyachki - then only through my fault and the company I do not blame them. Accommodation, excursions, exotic - all as the doctor prescribed! And the kitchen! Like any bachelor, I cook it myself - and therefore the culinary courses that I attended - added many new exotic dishes to my collection of recipes. Will than surprise friends ... And girlfriends ...
    Rested on the glory. If you would go "savage" - hardly so all would be well formed.
    I want to go back and take it with friends. Especially - "zhenatikov", let understand the benefits of celibacy. At least - advise them to apply it in this company - even as they thanked the guys for the smooth organization of 7 most unforgettable days in Tae ...

  23. Maksim
    22.07.2014 at 20:56 Reply

    To begin with, I would like to say a special thanks to the Si Group community. It's not just a team, it's a team that copes with its work quite qualitatively and quickly. Workers of this group told us about all the benefits of recreation in Thailand. We were told about each corner of Phuket, told about the best places, told us about the main features of Phuket. Employees we chose the perfect hotel at the price that we offered. And, you know, they did not let me lie, the hotel was perfect. It had everything: comfort, good workers, cleanliness and order. Si Group helped me and my family to spend an unforgettable vacation in Thailand. Every day we had a schedule, where and what to visit. In that, to visit, again, we were helped by the Si Group. I am very glad that the price paid for the rest really corresponded to the rest. I would like to express my special thanks to all the participants of this group. As for the rest, it was unforgettable, every day we visited any sights, were on many excursions that were conducted by the guides of Thailand. Thank you for my best vacation.

  24. Elena
    22.07.2014 at 21:03 Reply

    For a long time we do not use the services of ordinary tour operators, because many individual services are simply not available or very expensive. For example, organize a car rental directly from the airport and individual excursions. The second time we went to rest in Thailand with SI Grour. Both times were satisfied. Themselves were not engaged in not renting a car, not searching for a hotel. All the professionals of SI Grour. Organized perfectly! The hotel is large enough, but in a quiet bay, the exits are in different directions, so we hardly saw other tourists. There was a feeling that we were there almost alone)) In advance, even at home, booked excursions and walks by the sea. All 14 days were painted. Thank God, there were no excesses with us, medical help was not useful either. But I'm sure that if something was needed, then we would be helped to solve all the problems. Phuket Island is a fabulous place, so it is better to inspect it by car. You understand that it's dangerous to rent a car. Moreover, in Thailand in case of deceit, the police will always be on the side of local residents, so they have an unspoken law ((Therefore, they decided not to risk this issue and turned to SI Grour experts.) Thank you very much for your professionalism, attention and excellent rest We will recommend you to friends. And we plan to contact you again more than once !!!))

  25. Elena
    22.07.2014 at 21:09 Reply

    My parents gave my husband on the anniversary of living together on a ticket to. Phuket. and they turned to the company SI Group (for which I am very grateful). Everything was thought out in every detail, from the first trip to pitaniya.Vo us fascinated by nature, this is just a fairy tale. And I was just fascinated by the sea, such beauty, I never in my life did not see the color of water is simply not real
    Send us like service "personal guide.", As it bored crowd "deer" are just in the way. In such places you want to come and never leave.
    Any "force majeure" we did not have, for which many thanks Company SI Group.
    What could be better for a wonderful holiday. This is the island where it is necessary to go back to every time udivlyatsya.Ogromnoe thank your company, move in the same direction.

  26. Eric
    22.07.2014 at 23:31 Reply

    Initially, they had no idea about the functioning of organizations in our market, in terms of the direction related to the rental of real estate in such a distant country. Having read the dossiers and reviews about the SI Group, they came to the conclusion that our long-awaited search is over. By the nature of our and my husband's activities, it was required to organize a long-term lease of housing in Thailand, in its resort part. The firm coped with our requests in the best way. Not presenting to us any even small scanty doubts. All the paper baggage of this event with different formalities and legal problems, difficulties with language barriers and reading of documents, all this routine fell on the staff of this company, adequate and honest guys. Worthy to break all the confusion, we got a satisfactory result for us. The company is strong, having authority and understanding the right use in the services it offers. We were convinced with our own close cooperation. You can safely be trusted and not nervous about the resolution of the hard questions to be solved. In occasion of financial costs, it is quite adequate for such work. Are satisfied with the choice.

  27. Janis
    23.07.2014 at 19:40 Reply

    Kind time of day people))) I used the services of this company twice, the process went smoothly, everything suited me. Well, like everything, I would like the prices for some services to be reduced. The first time, it was 3 a year ago, I decided to go savage to Thailand, knowledge of the Thai and Thailand is minimal, so I took advantage of the services of these groups)) We picked up housing, rented a car, found a company for me, you can do it separately) )) The second time, there was a need to buy a home in Thailand, on the island of Ko Samui, the opportunity to go and myself to choose suitable housing was not, began to look for options, again stumbled upon this resource, took advantage. Surprisingly my situation was taken as an ordinary one and literally by phone made an order) first experienced, frankly, the transfer of money, etc. The amount is not small, But when he moved into a new apartment, the experience as a hand took off)) Again, I repeat, just a little bit of the price of services :) I'm joking :)
    Put bluntly, the company is reliable, relatively cheap prices for services, service at the height of an individual approach to each client, as they say)) next time I'll go round) like preparing any action, we will wait)
    Your regular customers.

  28. Zarina
    23.07.2014 at 19:53 Reply

    I was rather skeptical about the life of travel companies, I always believed that I could handle everything myself, never used their services, traveled by myself, found accommodation and explained myself with the local people myself. But when I gathered in Thailand, I realized that there was nothing I could do on my own, I thought about finding friends who had already laid the path there, but as there were no such brave souls in my environment. Friends advised to use the services of SI Group. For not having other options, I turned to the company and was satisfied with the result of our quite fruitful cooperation. This is where my polite and professional staff provided the highest level of service and the fullest assortment and it's all at sane prices. The guys individually approached all my requirements, as a result of which I was completely delighted with my most unforgettable trip, which I spent without any problems and with the best comfort.

  29. Paul
    23.07.2014 at 19:57 Reply

    When choosing the May tour, we were offered several options, settled on the island of Phuket and contacted the Si Group. The size of the island was not particularly impressive, but it gave an opportunity to get acquainted with almost all the sights during the rest. But as it turned out, 14-ti days are few, "unexplored trails" are many, we will come again. I liked the service "individual guide" with the man was very interesting to spend time. 14 days passed unnoticed. The hotel, proposed by the company, really liked. Value "quality" exceeded all our expectations. I just fell in love with this country !!! .. When the plane gained altitude, tears flowed involuntarily, there was a feeling that you were flying away from your relatives or from your Country. So again you want to inhale this pleasant, warm air, with a head to plunge into the atmosphere of the universal Happiness !!! So many impressions, which simply can not be expressed in words, you need to see all this with your own eyes! We will go again and we will certainly turn to Si Group for help. Thank you very much and good luck !!!

    1. Yuri Petrovich
      Yuri Petrovich
      23.07.2014 at 20:47 Reply

      Tears neither in me nor in my grandchildren, especially since the tired wife did not flow when we returned home, perhaps for one simple reason: visiting is good, but at home it is better. Nevertheless, I quite agree with you: thank the company Si Group for what. Let's start in order. We did not even have to worry about air tickets. It turned out that the main problem in preparing for the trip was my daughter-in-law, who was afraid to send children with elderly parents. But the company's employees convinced her that we, and children, will not be ignored for a minute. I want to note that it was so. Well, of course, I'd like to thank the company for the eastern fairy tale we visited, and, moreover, with our dear grandchildren, even though for an old age we could see what the 20 could not even dream of, what was available only on the screen. About grandchildren, I'm not saying. Every day new excursions, parks, attractions, beaches. Fairy-tale nature, animals, especially birds, exotic buildings, and people, too. Returned tired, but happy. From the grandchildren of the other I do not hear, like: grandfather, when will we go again? I send it to my mom.

  30. Alexey Ivanov
    Alexey Ivanov
    23.07.2014 at 20:10 Reply

    You know, I have been trading for a long time in the forex market and during this time I managed to accumulate a considerable amount in order to buy a small and cozy house somewhere on the shore of the azure shore. I have already looked closely at such an option as Thailand, but I was confused only by the fact that buying property in the territory of another country is fraught with frequent piles of completed documents, dealing with ignorance of laws and other situations. Nevertheless, I found an excellent intermediary in the purchase in the face of SI GROUP, most of all pleased by the fact that the company provides an absolutely free consultation of a professional lawyer who is well acquainted with the laws of one and the other side. What pleases this is the fact that the transaction was carried out in the shortest time, and of course the company had to pay a round sum for the work of the companies, but you know this was compensated by the selection of the best housing options, and most importantly they proceeded from my preference and desire. Now I'm spending my time on the azure shore, and you can not even imagine what a buzz it is.

  31. Ella
    23.07.2014 at 20:51 Reply

    I decided to give a gift to my parents. Long thought how to surprise them, and finally decided to give them a trip to Thailand. Mom often spoke about this, but she did not dare go to the travel agency and arrange a trip. My girlfriend, who already had experience in contacting SI Group, highly recommended me to go there, she assured me that this is the best travel company. I trust her and decided to go to SI Group. The staff quickly picked up a suitable tour for the parents, chose a villa, various entertainment programs, water transport rentals and much more. All documents were quickly and competently decorated, and my satisfied parents flew away to rest. Upon arrival from Thailand, they shared their impressions, and argued that everything went on at the highest level. SI Group met my expectations, I was very pleased. My parents express gratitude to all the employees who participated in the preparation of their wonderful vacation. I join them. I will recommend the SI Group to everyone I know.

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